2011 Smart ForTwo Facelift: first details revealed

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

Scheduled for launch during the autumn of 2010, the Smart Fortwo offers an engine that is friendlier to the environment plus a new look for the interior and an upgraded exterior. Customers can now pick from a selection of seven coordinated colors for the exterior and for the first time, it will have matt paintwork. Its tridion safety cell can now come in white while the cabrio soft top will include red and blue among its choices. The LED daytime driving lights, though optional, and the alloy wheels will give customers more room to customize.

The cockpit has a new design and with the use of fresh fabrics and new colors, gives the interior of this two-seater an atmosphere of high quality. There are also the state-of-the-art communication, entertainment, and information systems available for the Smart Fortwo. Powering this car is a petrol engine that is rated at either 45 kW or 52 kW. The engine is improved to the point that it sets new standards as it has CO2 emissions of less than 100 g/km.

The actual CO2 emission is in fact 86 g/km, making it one of the best. Having an intelligent city car that uses innovative concepts is a hallmark of the smart brand in addition to coming up with unique designs that have made it a lifestyle icon. It has, however, set the trend and even managed to redefine what individual urban mobility means for more than a decade.

This two-seater offering provides not just energy and fun but meets high ecological standards, ensuring that it remains to be committed to its environmental responsibility. The high-tech functionality and environment-friendly technologies allow occupants to reach their destinations safely and in a comfortable manner.

Since the first model of the Smart Fortwo was released in 1998, it is estimated that more than 1.2 million units have been sold to customers. At present, customers coming from 43 countries across five different continents have had the chance to take pleasure in driving the Smart Fortwo. Within 2010, the company expects this car to be released in Argentina and Indonesia, thereby increasing the total number of countries to 45.

These successes back up the claim that the company’s "smart approach" is in fact working. In terms of design for instance, the Smart Fortwo was honoured with the Red dot award for outstanding design. It even managed to be part of the New York Museum of Modern Art. The model enjoyed all these before it officially hit U.S. streets in 2008. With CO2 emissions levels of 86 g/km, the smart cdi clearly has the lowest fleet consumption and is the CO2 emissions champion.

Smart is generally considered as the pioneer in electric vehicles and redefined zero-emission when it comes to urban mobility. Since the Smart Fortwo works with the "car2go" project in Ulm and Austin, Texas, anyone can rent it anytime by paying a small fee. This approach to mobility has allowed it to win the ÖkoGlobe environmental award as driving this car is as simple as using a mobile phone. Smart also implemented the "smart urban stages" by having temporary platforms for exhibition in different cities both for future-oriented projects and for the future of life in the city.

Even with its new generation for the Smart Fortwo, the company has made sure not to veer away from the philosophy that it follows. This is the reason why this model is friendly to the environment and makes it more attractive. Smart brand Managing Director Marc Langenbrinck shares that the company continues to work hard and to ensure that its smart models are better and more attractive in all aspects. The latest Smart Fortwo is more than perfect as it has the look and style, he adds.

The Smart Fortwo makes use of materials of high quality, puts extra attention to detail, and enhances functionality and comfort, Langenbrinck continues. Since smart drivers always want alternatives and have a different way of thinking, the latest Smart Fortwo utilizes wide-ranging engines and offers drivers the chance to have customizations that suit their needs, Langenbrinck relates. To improve its look and to make it even more remarkable, the Smart Fortwo offers more variety in colors.

In the past, customers were only able to select from six exterior colors but this time there are seven colors to choose from. It even comes in a matt finish. The matt light green is the new color being offered and the blue metallic has been replaced with the light blue metallic color. For the Smart Fortwo, the mounted body parts can now be in the body color, as on option, in addition to the standard black grain. These parts include the front spoiler, side skirts, and even rear apron.

Its "bodypanel plus" package continues to be the standard feature especially starting with the pulse line and up. Eventually the company plans to have the fuel filler cap be in the same color as that of the body in order to blend with the body panels. The color choices will be expanded even further with the offering of the cabrio soft top in blue and red and the tridion safety cell in white. To match the color of the tridion safety, the door mirror surrounds and radiator grille will come in white as well.

The new colors being offered give the Smart Fortwo a new look as it results in having more color combinations. Though offered as an option, the LED daytime driving lights improve safety and at the same time increase its appeal as this feature is highly noticeable. Even the latest three alloy wheels contribute to the style and design. For the pulse line, the 3-double spoke 15-inch alloy wheel is the standard. As an option, the 12-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels are available and even come with an additional 3-double spoke 15-inch alloy wheel.

Press Release

smart fortwo 2010: The new generation smart fortwo - exciting style, comfort and environmental friendliness

The new generation smart fortwo will be launched in the autumn of 2010 with a fresh interior look, an upgraded exterior and even more environmentally friendly engines. There is now a choice of seven carefully coordinated colours for the exterior including trendy matt paintwork for the first time. The tridion safety cell is now optionally available in white and the new colours red and blue expand the choice of colours available for the cabrio soft top. Optional LED daytime driving lights and new alloy wheels offer even more opportunities for customisation. Fresh fabrics and colours and a new cockpit design determine the high quality interior ambience of the two-seater car. The information, communication and entertainment systems available for the new generation smart fortwo boast state-of-the-art technology. The vehicles are powered by petrol engines rated at 45 or 52 kW that have been further refined and set a new benchmark with emissions of less than 100 g/km CO2. Emitting just 86 g/km, the smart fortwo cdi maintains its top position as the CO2 champion.

The smart brand does not only stand for an intelligent city car with an innovative concept and distinctive design that have long since made it an automotive lifestyle icon; as a trendsetter the smart fortwo has been redefining individual urban mobility for more than ten years now. It combines responsibility to the environment and high ecological standards with joie de vivre and a high fun factor. With its compact dimensions the two-seater takes up an unrivalled amount of road and parking space. It boasts state-of-the-art functionality and uses future-oriented, environmentally friendly technologies to bring its occupants to their destination comfortably and safely.

More than 1.2 million smart fortwos have been delivered to customers since the first model was launched in 1998. Today, customers in 43 countries on five continents are able to enjoy the popular car. In the course of 2010 the smart fortwo will be launched in Argentina and Indonesia – bringing the number of countries to 45.

Further successes confirm that smart is on the right track with its trend-setting "smart approach" - for example with regard to design: the smart fortwo received the coveted Red dot award for outstanding design and found a place in the New York Museum of Modern Art even before it took to the streets of the USA in 2008. Or with regard to ecology: emitting just 86 grams of CO2 per kilometre, the smart cdi is the CO2 champion and smart boasts the lowest fleet consumption. Furthermore, smart is a pioneer in the sector of electric vehicles and is redefining zero-emission urban mobility. Or innovative mobility: within the framework of the "car2go" project in Ulm and now also in the Texan capital of Austin, smart fortwos can be spontaneously rented by anyone around the clock for a small fee. This new mobility concept that won the ÖkoGlobe environmental award is extremely successful and makes driving in the city as easy as using a mobile phone. Or attitude to life: with the "smart urban stages" smart has created temporary exhibition platforms in various cities for future-oriented projects that relate to ideas for the future of urban life.
With the new generation smart fortwo the popular brand is uncompromisingly continuing this philosophy and making the innovative two-seater even more attractive and environmentally friendly.
Marc Langenbrinck, Managing Director smart brand says "We continue to work hard to make our smart models even better and more desirable in every respect. The new generation smart fortwo is perfect for our times. It is attractive and has style. It also boasts high quality materials, visible attention to detail, even more comfort and enhanced functionality. And don't forget that smart drivers often have an unconventional way of thinking and look for alternatives. The new generation smart fortwo with its wide range of engines and opportunities for customisation meets their requirements."

Colour your smart

A larger range of colours is available for the new generation smart fortwo for an even more striking appearance. Customers can now choose from seven exterior colours instead of the previous six – including a trendy matt finish. In addition to the new colour matt light green, light blue metallic will replace the previous blue metallic.

On request, the mounted plastic body parts such as the front spoiler, side skirts and rear apron that previously had a black grain can be painted in the body colour. The "bodypanel plus" package is a standard feature from the pulse line and upwards. In future, the fuel filler cap will be painted in the body colour, blending in with the bodypanels.

smart is further extending the choice of colours available for the smart fortwo in future with the new cabrio soft top colours red and blue and the tridion safety cell available in a brilliant white. In conjunction with the white tridion safety cell the door mirror surrounds and the radiator grille will also be painted white. The new colours for the soft top and the tridion safety cell result in more combination possibilities and modern colour constellations, giving the smart fortwo a completely new face.

The new optional LED daytime driving lights do not only enhance safety but also give the two-seater car even more appeal as a special eye-catching detail.

Three new alloy wheels also bring fresh ideas to the area of design and styling: a sporty 3-double-spoke alloy wheel (15 inch) comes as standard for the pulse line. An elegant new 12-spoke alloy wheel and a further 3-double-spoke alloy wheel are also available as options, both measuring 15 inches.

Harmonious interior with a fresh feel-good atmosphere

The interior of the new generation smart fortwo has been redesigned and greets the driver and passenger with a fresh and spacious feel-good atmosphere. The full fabric-covered instrument panel featuring new and harmonious styling and new fabric designs for the cockpit, door centre panel and seats of all lines are the main features contributing to this:

  • In the pure line black upholstery and black appointments will determine the style in future
  • The pulse line has a sporty look with leather optic on the side bolsters of the seats and the headrests
  • An elegant fabric pattern available in the colours design red, design black or design beige can be chosen for the comfortable passion line

Further equipment features shape the look of the high-class interior and underline the attention to detail. These include a redesigned dial with a contrasting dark central disc in the instrument cluster (also applies to the dashboard instruments), a matt chrome painted bezel for the 2-spoke leather steering wheel in the passion line and an optional fabric-covered folding centre armrest.
For the first time a 3-spoke leather steering wheel with cruise control function is available for the new generation smart fortwo. It is operated directly and safely on the steering wheel and provides for comfortable and relaxed driving, especially on roads with speed limits.

In addition, a trip computer is available as an option for the smart fortwo. On the clearly visible display of the instrument cluster it shows the current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, trip kilometres and useful service settings among other things.

smart buyers can opt for new ambient lighting to create a pleasant lighting atmosphere and enhance the sense of well-being in the vehicle interior. Dimmable LED lights are fitted in the interior for this – one in each of the door pockets on the driver's and passenger's side, three in the instrument panel, a console downlight in the trim of the headlining and two footwell lights.

Clever stowage facilities and practical details

The new style is complemented by a whole host of clever stowage facilities and practical details. They add to the smart fortwo's appeal as a car for everyday use. For example, there is now a large stowage box in the lower section of the centre console within easy reach of the driver and passenger. A rubber mat and a rubber band inside ensure that small items such as pens and mobile phones do not slide around. A clip on the lid of the optional glove compartment painted in matt chrome holds notes, for example, so that smart drivers do not forget anything. And seat pockets that are a standard feature on the side bolsters between the driver's and passenger's seats offer additional versatile stowage space.

The new one-hand operation of the tailgate is a further practical detail that enhances comfort. In future the tailgate will open as soon as one of the two release levers on the left or right hand side is pulled. Until now both levers had to be operated at the same time.

On the pulse of the times: information, communication and entertainment

Cutting edge communication and entertainment systems are available for the new generation smart fortwo. The new audio system navigation multimedia is a real multimedia talent with a large 16.5 cm display, an integrated navigation system and Bluetooth hands-free system. The touchscreen display enables intuitive and convenient operation of all functions of the radio, CD/DVD player, Bluetooth hands-free system and navigation. Music, videos or pictures can be fed to the system via the SD card slot. The audio system navigation multimedia has a USB and AUX port for external devices and an interface for controlling an iPod.

The new audio system basic also has a USB and AUX port for an MP3 or CD player. Navigation through the menu functions is simple with the large three-line display. A drawer featuring a chrome trim strip below the operating unit offers a useful stowage facility for small items such as coins, pens or cards.

The new optional surround sound system provides a superior sound experience. It boasts exceptional sound volume for this class. Impressive sound is provided by a multi-channel digital amplifier with output of 8x40 Watt, perfectly matched tweeters in the mirror triangles, mid-range speakers in the doors, rear-fills in the B-pillars and a subwoofer under the driver's seat.

BRABUS innovations

The most striking change for the BRABUS and BRABUS Xclusive lines is the new rim design for the Monoblock VII alloy wheels (front 16 inch with 175/50 R 16 tyres, rear 17 inch with 225/35 R 17 tyres). The BRABUS double-pipe rear muffler has also been modified.

The BRABUS interior design, too, has also been modified in line with the new smart fortwo interior design. The BRABUS 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift now has additional buttons for operating the optional cruise control function. Like the other lines, the instrument cluster has the new dial.

Engines with lower fuel consumption and emissions

The engines of the new generation work more efficiently than ever before. The 40 kW cdi turbodiesel is the CO2 champion with emissions of just 86 g/km. The optimised petrol engines also set new records with regard to CO2 emissions. Thanks to detailed work on the engine control unit and exhaust system both the 45 kW mhd and the 52 kW mhd consume 4.2 litres of petrol per 100 km (combined figure) – corresponding to CO2 emissions of 97 g/km (combined figure). The 62 kW version consumes 4.9 litres of fuel over 100 km (corresponding to CO2 emissions of 114 g/km). The power output of the BRABUS version has been increased from 72 kW to 75 kW. Despite this, at 119 g CO2 per 100 kilometres (combined figure) even the more powerful engine remains below the 120 gram threshold.

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