2011 Vw Golf GTI Edition 35 coming in the United States

Article by Christian A., on June 26, 2011

Any news about Volkswagen’s Golf GTI is bound to elicit a lot of interest but U.S. fans are likely to get really excited since Das Auto is bringing the Edition 35 to the country. According to Car and Driver, the 35 Edition GTI will instead be known as the 30 Edition to signify the number of years that the model has been in existence. Of course, the 35 badging on the door sills, seats and fenders will have to be taken out.

U.S. buyers would get to experience the 235hp engine that VW claims is a detuned version of the one in the ‘R’. Compared to the regular hot hatch, it has an extra 50 hp. Or actually, it has 35 more hp since the US version Mk 6 GTI has an output of 200 hp.

The special edition has been given a set of visual upgrades like the revised front and rear bumpers, LED daytime running lights, smoky light lenses LED taillights, side mirror trim, glossy black plastic grille and a new set of alloy wheels.

On its interior, the ‘35’ pattern can be seen on the head rests, the door sills, and the center of the seats. A tartan theme was used on the standard model’s seats but the 30 Edition’s fabric upholstery has a honeycomb-like pattern.

For more than three decades, German automaker Volkswagen has been developing and refining its Golf GTI line. Volkswagen GTI has always been a fan favorite. It seems that it would be difficult to find a better car that could top the Volkswagen GTI's aesthetics and performances. Certainly, not at its price point.

The German car manufacturer has sought to continuously improve on everything, from its handling, its engines, and even the aesthetic aspect of its cars. And to celebrate its 35th year of producing its top-of-the-line Golf GTI offerings, Volkswagen has kept with tradition and introduced the Volkswagen Golf GTI Edition 35.

And what better way to celebrate 35 years of this wonderful car than to introduce an amped up version of its previous GTI cars that looks like it has been to the gym in all aspects. Take a closer look!

Looking under the hood of the Golf GTI Edition 35

One of the strongest selling points of the Golf GTI Edition 35 is its much more powerful engine, as compared to the earlier GTIs. It comes with 235 PS of power: that is more than 25 PS from the normal GTI. That translates to a maximum power ranging from 5,500 RPM to 6,300 revolutions per minute. It also gives you 300 Newton meters of torque, or at least 20 Newton meters more torque when compared with the older GTIs.

What do all these numbers mean? It is like driving a purebred sports car in terms of performance!

While its top speed is at 247 km/h and acceleration (getting from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in a little under seven seconds) is at par with other cars, the GTI does shine where torque is concerned. The Golf GTI Edition 35 delivers unparalleled torque no matter what speed range you are in. The pumped up engine also has an utterly manlier and stronger sound. That means that it does not only feel like driving a purebred sports car, but a car that sounds like one as well!

There is also the 1,984 cubic centimeters displacement. The Golf GTI Edition 35 has an EA113 engine series, which is a petrol direct injection, 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine. It gives more power with turbocharge, giving a 0.9 bar boos pressure when you rev it to 5,500 revolutions per minute. The pistons have reinforced gudgeon pins. This is primarily similar to the engine you find inside the Golf R as the two share the same base engine.

And then there is fuel consumption. Load up Super 95 RON premium unleaded fuel and go for 100 kilometers using only 8.1 liters of fuel. And if you opt for the DSG version, you use only 8.0 liters of fuel to travel the same distance. It might not be that good on fuel economy, but the aesthetics is well worth it!

Power transmission

The Golf GTI Edition 35 comes with a standard six speed gearbox, or you can opt for a six-speed DSG transmission. The GTI line has always been a front wheel drive car and it is in the front axle that the XDS electronic differential lock helps improve traction and allows you to make smoother turns. This technology further improves the Golf GTI Edition 35's handling properties.

Imagine this: when the car’s telemetrics onboard detects that the front wheel is excessively unloaded at higher speeds, the XDS would activate the hydraulics to give you more traction and reduce understeering. In short, XDS helps the Golf GTI Edition 35 to be more precise, faster, and sportier when navigating turns and bends.

Wheels - Two Varieties to Choose from

The standard Golf GTI wheel is the 18-inch Watkins Glen wheels, but you can opt for the slightly bigger Glendale alloy wheels. The Watkins Glen variety has 225/40 tires that come in either grey metallic or sterling silver. Meanwhile, the 19-inch Glendale wheels have machine-polished rim flange with five black spokes. The sporty and clean look of these wheels gives them the makings of a classic.

Nine Colors

Silver, red, white and black have been the staple colors for the GTI since it was first unveiled more than three decades ago. You can still find these colors in the Golf GTI Edition 35, but you might want to hold off on the decision until you see the additional five external paints that Volkswagen offers for the model.

Overall, there are nine different colors for the Golf GTI Edition 35, including three monochrome colors: black, tornado red and candy white, and four 4 metallic paints: carbon steel grey, united grey, shadow blue, and reflex silver. Pearl effect colors -- blue graphite and deep black -- round out your choices.

The Interiors

Not surprisingly, the beauty of the Golf GTI Edition 35 extends to its interior. The gear shift grip is a throwback to the first generation GTI's golf ball design. It has a decorative strip in the cockpit area as well as black array type panels for the door trim. Further, you have unique door sill plates that bear the distinctive "35" icon, which you can also find in the front head restraints of the seats. The safety belt also gets a makeover with red stripes incorporated to its look.

Volkswagen's interior design team worked hard to come up with a new type of upholstery for the Golf GTI Edition 35's seats. And they are offering not just one, but three variations. The standard Jacky pattern is a beauty, but you can choose from Favo or San Remo patterns if you prefer.

The front portion of the head restraints and the lateral seat supports sport a titan black Vienna leather covering, while the center seat panels have black microfibres with styling that is reminiscent of the honeycomb pattern you would see on the GTI radiator grill.

More "35" logos are integrated on the seats' backs, while decorative seams, the gear shift and hand brake trims, floor mat borders, and the three-spoke steering wheel are all red. And if that is not up to your liking, customers can opt to have their GTI Edition 35 fully upholstered in Vienna leather.

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