2011 Vw Jetta gets a $500 price bump, now available at $16,495

Article by Christian A., on May 25, 2011

Enthusiasts have come to take notice of Volkswagen’s marketing line that its 2011 Jetta is “great for the price of good.” Volkswagen had gleefully announced that its compact sedan has a low base price of $15,995 (excluding the $770 destination charge). However, VW has apparently given it a new price of $16,495, a $500 difference over the old price for the S base-level trim. If delivery charge is included, it means that the 2011 Jetta is now priced at $17,265.

The new price positions the Jetta towards the top of the compact-car pack when it comes to base price. VW’s offerings that cost more include the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, with a base price of $17,275 (including destination charges) and the 2011 Subaru Impreza (which is priced at $18,220 with) with destination charge.

It actually isn’t unusual for carmakers to increase the prices incrementally during a model year. Most often, the price change comes simultaneous with the re-shuffling or addition of equipment.

But when it comes to the Jetta, it appears that VW hasn’t made any significant changes to the sedan’s construction or content levels. It isn’t a surprise that VW is raising prices as there have been worldwide parts shortages and the cost of the materials for making a car continues to rises.

In terms of design, the Volkswagen Jetta could be considered as completely different from its predecessors. Compared to the Jetta models of the past, the latest iteration is larger and sportier. It is now also independent from the Golf, which had been sharing parts with the Jetta for some time now. Despite this development, the fully galvanized body of the new VW Jetta remains as safe as the previous model that was named "Top Safety Pick" by the United States-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In addition, the safety features of the new VW Jetta do not only involve its occupants, but also pedestrians.

With these attributes of the Jetta, the German carmaker was able to bring in new standards of quality to a vehicle segment. The new VW Jetta measures 182.7 inches (4.63 meters; European version: 4.64 meters) in length, 70.1 inches (1.78 meters) in width, and 57.1 inches (1.45 meters) in height. This means that the Jetta is around 3.15 inches (8 cm) longer than its predecessor. The careful yet curious interplay of these dimensions allowed the Jetta to sport wonderful proportions, with its styling made more prominent by the new Volkswagen "design DNA." Thanks to this combination, the new Jetta now sports neat precise lines and sporty muscular surfaces that allow the vehicle to position itself in a higher vehicle class. Its front end is marked by horizontal lines and a windshield with a coupe-like incline.

Its high-gloss black radiator grille is flanked by trapezoidal dual reflector headlights, as partitioned by a masking blade into two areas. The upper larger area houses the low and main beam lights while the narrow lower section features daytime running lights and indicator lights. The chrome masking blades serve as guide for the horizontal lines of the front end into the headlights, giving the new VW Jetta a wider yet more dynamic stance.

Low beam lights feature new H7 Longlife halogen discharge lamps known for offering a long service life. Also using Longlife or Super-Longlife technology are the VW Jetta’s parking and daytime running lights. The mounting height and size of the low-beam reflector have been optimally tuned to excellently illuminate the road ahead, with special emphasis on the driver's side. Lurking below the grille and headlights is a fully painted bumper.

The lower section of the front end sports a cooling air intake and a splitter-styled tray-shaped front spoiler, while the upper section features a dynamic transition from the VW Jetta’s v-shaped engine bonnet to its wings on the sides. When viewed from the sides, the new VW Jetta exposes a profile that is laden with design characteristics, adopting a reinterpretation of the "design DNA" created by Walter de Silva and Klaus Bischoff.

De Silva is the Italian Head of Design for the Volkswagen Group while Bischoff is the German Head of Design for the Volkswagen Brand. This was evident in the presence of the 'tornado' line as well as the dynamically prominent arches of the wheel wells. They features overlaps with the main volumes of the Jetta’s large harmonized surfaces, thereby conveying a powerful yet dynamic profile. Since the new VW Jetta has wide track dimensions -- 1,535 mm on the front and 1,532 mm on the rear – its wheelarches form a precise transition that could house wheels as large as 18 inches in size.

On the other hand, the door mirrors with integrated indicator lights feature styling similar to that of the VW Passat CC. In addition, the trailing edge of the door on the C-pillars tracks a straight line from the side sill back into the triangle window. This visually lengthens the door and provides the Passat with a larger, and more elegant appearance. Meanwhile, the rear end of the VW Jetta is distinguished by coordinated surfaces and athletic shoulders, with the wide and coupe-like rear window providing outstanding rear visibility while highlighting the vehicle’s dynamic lines. The interplay of the rear window with the C-pillars as well as the clearly sculpted shoulder section gives rise to a dominant yet imposing rear styling.

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