2012 Porsche 911 (991) teased in official video

Article by Christian A., on July 19, 2011

A teaser of Porsche’s new 991 incarnation of its famous 911 has just been released. This video, which lasts 1 minute and 22 seconds, shows the car being tested in Africa. The video says “48 years in the making,” implying that the new model will debut this year.

It shows a coupe version, with a new longer shape. It also shows off the convertible and the rumored Targa version, which features a huge glass roof that retracts back.

This is not the two-piece version that retro fans were anticipating. Even when heavily disguised, it’s obvious that this car’s interior is inspired by the Panamera’s center console. The engine bay is also covered up, and the opening where it shows that the flat-six has shrank proves that the unit is moving forward.

It’s likely that the new 911 will be powered by a 3.4-liter flat-six with 350 in the Carrera models and will be also offered with a revised 3.8-liter with about 400hp in the Carrera S and 4S.

The manual and PDK versions have a total of seven gears, as the stick-shift model improves the fuel economy, which will be cut by 12 to 15% on the European test cycle. The parking brake will switch to an electronic version and Launch Control will be used on both the manual and automatic versions.

The new Porsche 911 Carrera is probably the most important Porsche ever. The latest generation of the iconic Porsche sports car marks the new era by redeveloping and redesigning ninety percent of all its components.

The very lightweight sports coupé now delivers a more enhanced Porsche Intelligent Performance with its new improved suspension system. Meanwhile, the increased drivetrain efficiency complements all the new improved features to better enhance the driving. The new model now also comes with improved driving dynamics plus lesser fuel consumption and emissions by up to sixteen percent. As a result, the new generation 911 Carrera is quite practical to use for daily driving.

Along with the brand new technology, the newly designed exterior is one of the best things that ever happened in the all-new sports coupé. The slightly larger size makes a big difference particularly on the wheelbase where the Porsche 911 is much longer now at 100mm. As for the body, there is a noticeable increase on its length at 56mm even if the overhang is slightly shorter by 32mm and 12mm for the front and rear respectively. The roofline on the other hand is also a little lower by 7mm if compared to its original size. However, in spite of its lowered hood, it does not in any way change the maximum space for the headroom.

The all-new Porsche Carrera’s tilt-and-slide sunroof also makes up for the space constraint (if there is any). The new design now adds more headroom space by at least 15mm. As a whole, the latest generation sports coupé from Porsche is still one of the most compact vehicles of its kind, with its maximum width at 1.8metres and its overall length at more or less 4.5metres.

Porsche’s evolution of style is also very obvious in all angles of the new 911 Porsche Carrera. Each new feature seems to contribute to its all-new identity. These are quite obvious, starting from the enhanced convex outline on the windscreen, plus the overall new shape of the sports coupé and of course, the bigger alloy wheels. There are also the new headlamps, bigger air intakes, narrower LED taillights and new wider spoilers that add to the Carrera’s entire new appearance.

The latest Porsche is also the first and only passenger coupé to be equipped with 7-speed manual transmission. This standard feature is also founded on the PDK automatic transmission system otherwise known as the Module of the Optional Seven-Speed Doppelkupplungsgetriebe. While the 7th gear works in improving fuel economy, the first 6 gears on the other hand give an all-out acceleration.

The new Porsche is also equipped with the Auto-Start-Stop transmission function that significantly saves on fuel of up to 0.6litres/100km. The NEDC or the New European Driving Cycle supports this figure. This breakthrough is also a built-in standard feature on the car’s 7-speed manual and the PDK dual clutch automatic transmission.

Adding more advantages to its already impressive record, the car’s fuel consumption is further reduced with the newly added technologies from Porsche. These are the on-board electrical system recuperation unit and the joint thermal management system for engine and transmission. All in all, the new generation Carrera 911 is capable of saving more fuel at 0.35litre/100km.

Setting the new standards in Porche’s Intelligent Performance system, the new 911 only uses world-class quality components and high technology. Thanks to the new lightweight aluminum steel body, this new breed of car now provides better driving efficiency and an all -new and improved driving dynamics. Suffice it to say, the new air vents air distribution cooling system are also worth checking out in the all-new Carrera. Convincingly, the newly enhanced aerodynamics serves as the perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness.

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