2013 Honda Fit EV will lease for $389 a month

Article by Christian A., on July 3, 2012

The Honda Fit EV – the latest battery-electric vehicle to arrive in the market -- will be available in California and Oregon beginning on July 20. But it will be available in six East Coast markets starting early next year. Rolling out the model in stages is a strategy that is used on early-adopter markets by many automakers to launch alternative-propulsion models like the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf.

Those from California or Oregon who want to soon drive the EV version of the compact car has to be ready to spend more than $389 a month for a 36-month lease. Even if this figure is higher than other leases or comparable models like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, it has to be remembered that this figure is a zero-down lease.

The Leaf and Mitsubishi i electric only need a down payment as part of the lease. The Ford Focus Electric costs $439 every month. The one who got her also gets a $2490 down payment, $595 acquisition fee, and $3524 expected at signing. Similar to the Volt, the Fit EV lease is a closed-end lease, and the car can’t be bought before the term ends. What paying for an amount each month gets the customer is the current highest-rated fuel efficiency rating that the EPA has granted.

It offers 118 MPGe, exceeding the Focus EV’s 105 MPGe combined rating, as well as the 112 MPGe of the Mitsubishi i’s, and the 99MPGe of the Leaf. Recently, the EPA revealed that the high-performance Tesla Model S luxury sedan has a combined efficiency figure of 89 MPGe. Nonetheless, the 82-mile range of the Fit EV would fail to match the Model S’s range of 265 miles while using its optional 85-kWh battery pack.

The solid Honda Fit EV has a similar design, style and other characteristics with the petrol-run Honda Fit and Fit Sport. It also comes with aerodynamic improvements and distinct design enhancements that stand out. The exterior is made up of 56 percent strong steel that boosts stiffness without putting on more weight.

The Fit EV's 162.0-inch total length shows an exemplary amount of space inside, and the 98.4-inch wheelbase moves the wheels further to the sides of the body, which ends up in a wonderful combination of handling agility and driving quality. The 58.5-inch front/57.6-inch back track gives additional interior space and stability.

Aerodynamic improvements include a reimagined front end with better efficiency, lower fascia and grille. On the sides of the exterior, the rocker panels now boast of strong air-control curves at the back of the front wheels and also in front of the back wheels. The back spoiler and lower built of the car have been revised to cut down aerodynamic drag even further.


The smooth ride of the Honda Fit EV bonds with the road and excellent handling begins with its tough steel exterior, allowing accurate body control and superb handling. The MacPherson suspension at the front has been enhanced and the EV's H-shaped torsion beam at the back has been substituted for a multi-link system. The Fit EV's Lithium Ion batt is installed underneath the floor of the car, keeping the interior spacious.

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