2013 Lotus Evora S gets the IPS six-speed automatic transmission

Article by Christian A., on October 26, 2012

Lotus has started to take orders for the 2013 Lotus Evora S with the IPS six-speed automatic transmission. This is Lotus’ most powerful road car in North America. This is actually not new. This version became available in Europe more than a year ago. Lotus brought an Evora S IPS at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show but he only did so to demonstrate the IPS gearbox, which entered the U.S. lineup last year.

Lotus officials said that back then, it was the only IPS-equipped car the company could get access to. Even if the IPS transmission was offered in North American Evora models last year, it was only offered when it was partnered with the base 3.5-liter, 276-hp, V-6 from Toyota.

Buyers in the U.S. can ask for the model with the Evora S’ supercharged 3.5-liter V-6, which has an output of 345 hp and 295 lb-ft.

Lotus will release the Evora S IPS in North America after it started selling in Europe partly because of customer demand and partly due to a conscious decision. The company was worried that the Evora S IPS will hurt Evora IPS sales so it launched the latter first so that the normally aspirated car could get an opportunity to establish itself.

It’s believed that the staggered launch enabled Lotus to roll out a new product in both model year 2012 and 2013. This implies that there isn’t a new product that will be coming out soon.

The pricing for the 2013 Evora has slightly increased, about 1-1.3%, according to Lotus. A base Evora has a starting price of $66,285, which includes $1485 in destination fees. A 2+2 Evora is priced at $69,785. A two-seater 2013 Evora S has a starting price of $78,585, while a 2+2 model costs $80,085. Asking for the IPS transmission for these models will add $2850 more to the MSRP.

Function or style? You don’t have to settle with either one when you get the all-new Lotus Evora which features sleek and sporty fluid forms as well as crisp surfaces that convey agility, speed and sophistication. With proportions of a modern cab, robust rear haunches and a set of hip air intakes which are function-optimized; this sports car with a mid engine skillfully conceals the practicality of the car’s many capabilities.

The head of Lotus Design Russell Carr led Evora's design team together with Steven Crijns, the Design Manager who is responsible for improvements in the exterior, and Senior Designer Anthony Bushell, for the interior touches.

Carr said that the design is successful because they closely worked with the group’s technical team and established a package that allows them to get the right proportions. He also mentioned features such as the long front and short rear overhang, symmetrical wheel sizes and cab forward brim screen which contribute to the car’s agile stance and improved visual movement. This is of vital importance because the car is specially designed to let its physical attributes interact with its driving.

Living up to the Lotus heritage, the new Evora embodies complete balance between function and form. Carr also added that this model is especially designed to render practicality as sports cars are considered as emotional purchases and the customers had to be persuaded to buy these types of cars by its exotic persona and alluring look. To achieve this goal, the design team made use of all technologies necessary to apply design to the key areas of the model and produce distinctive features in its overall appearance.

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