2014 Lexus IS will be sportier and will offer an improved performance

Article by Christian A., on July 5, 2012

It has become obvious from recent reports that the next Lexus IS would be very different from its current appearance. Peter Evans, a marketing manager at Lexus Australia, said that Lexus can’t just be evolutionary, considering that it’s a challenger brand and is currently at No. 4 in sales. It’s expected that the new IS would be sportier and will offer an improved performance.

It’s possible that the new IS will be built on the GT86 platform, which could lead to a coupe variant that’s a lot sportier. Costs would be reduced if the current platform is used. In fact, revising the frame to fit the IS would be a costly process. He said that an IS F is likely to be presented in the future. It’s also probably going to use the GT86 chassis. Ketan Renade, Lexus product planner for the ES and LS, said that they realize that they have to focus on the IS.

He said that the IS won’t be like its rivals that have a great performance as well as luxury ride. Rather, the IS will get a wider more aggressive stance. It would also be its most drastically designed spindle grille so far. Due to its sales positioning, the Lexus designers now offer plenty of room that will make the IS totally evolutionary.

The European launch of the new IS model range from Lexus was made official following the presentation made during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The interior of the IS has all the quality and the class customers have long expected from a Lexus model. This time though, it also has that added focus on the environment of the driver. In addition, the space in the rear seat has been expanded to make it the leader in its segment when it comes to space.

Meanwhile, the luggage compartment was made more convenient and larger. Meanwhile on the exterior, one of the defining features is the Lexus spindle grille. For the actual models of the IS model range, it will have the IS 300h, which is the first IS model to have the Lexus Hybrid Drive. Then there is also the IS 250 which comes with a rear-wheel drive.

No matter which one customers choose, they will benefit from the improved F Sport package. Of course, driving performance is guaranteed to be present. After all, when customers of the D-premium class choose their new sports sedan, the main quality is always driving performance. Without a doubt, the new IS model range was created with the goal of being able to provide excellent driving experience and display exceptional dynamic capabilities.

IS Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama shared that the brand used a new methodology when developing this new model range. Lexus started with the notion that owners want a good driving experience. The brand developed the different components in order to make that original idea happen, he added. Furuyama said further that unlike what others are doing (which is to begin at the individual parts and hope that it will work well once it’s put together).

They give the expected driving experience customers want. Each part of the new model range was developed by putting focus on having an accurate response to the input of the driver and there is a high communicative feedback, he continued. Lexus also put attention on agile handling as well as a more athletic performance, Furuyama added.

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