2014 MG3 makes its debut

Article by Christian A., on April 24, 2013

Set to go on sale in the UK this summer, the European version of the MG3 supermini was recently unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show. The MG3 is much more stylised than the car’s Chinese version as it is more similar to the appearance of the critically praised MG Zero concept on which it is based. MG UK sales and marketing boss Guy Jones said that the company considered it vital for the design to be more obvious.

He said that this model is likely to go up against the Vauxhall Adam, Citroen DS3 and Mini. There will be more "substantial" interior and exterior customisation options available to the buyers. Jones didn’t announce the car’s pricing yet but sources said that it will cost from about £10,000 to £16,000.

It will be offered as a five-door vehicle and will exclusively come with the company’s 104bhp, four cylinder petrol engine and five-speed manual from the start. It will be offered with three trim levels: TS1, TS2 and TS3.

Jones also said that there’s no rush to offer diesel variants since there’s a small share for this type. The higher two trim levels will have more attractive features compared to those of its rivals, as with the MG6. The interior of the car seen at the Shanghai isn’t visible but according to sources, it will have a more upmarket appearance than the cabin used in the car meant for the Chinese market.

The chassis of the MG3 has been designed to reveal the fundamental value of being able to offer a fun drive. To make this a reality, the chassis itself has been perfected through testing conducted on the roads of Europe amounting to hundreds, if not thousands, of miles. The goal being that this feature should be able to offer exceptional levels when it comes to sharpness and body control.

Further, it should be highly capable of handling corners in order to attract intense drivers. In addition, MG has a world class team composed of chassis engineers. This team managed to offer an exceptional ride comfort with remarkable handling. All of these combined means that the MG3 is a good option for travel. Be it crowded city roads, the British B-roads, and even simply cruising on the motorways in Europe.

Now when it comes to style, a number of small sporty cars generally compromise when it comes to this area. For the MG3 though, this is not the case as it remains to be fun, easygoing, and even entertaining. Indeed, the MG3 offers enjoyment with style and combines it with practical spaciousness. The designers, working with the engineers, have managed to come out with a five-door compact package that offers remarkable amount of space mixed in with versatility.

On the inside, the front dashboard follows a “rolled and raised” design. This increases the legroom while being able to offer airy space on the forward cabin. It also ensures exceptional access to not only the primary controls but also the secondary one. This particular theme is also present in the rear. The way the seats in the front have been sculpted for instance, ensures that those sitting in the rear get the right amount of space in order to experience comfort while travelling.

That said, the headroom in the rear is clearly ahead of its class and is another feature that distinguishes the MG3 from the others. This is also where many models in the same class suffer in comparison. That is, the space on the inside, in particular in the rear. Indeed, the rear headroom for this model is generous, to say the least.

That the interior packaging of the MG3 exceeds its competitors, or even rivals them, is a result of the extensive work done by the design team working with the engineering team. This architectural package is 4 meters long and can easily fit inside a total of four 6-ft. individuals. This level of accommodation is one that is usually attached to larger models, like the MG6 range.

Press Release

2014 MG 3

MG has used the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show to preview the exciting new MG3 supermini, in advance of the UK and European launches in late 2013.

Carrying forward the styling cues first illustrated on the MG Zero concept vehicle, the new European MG3 is a distinctive statement of modern British style designed to target young and style conscious buyers, wanting something that's fun to drive and own.

This unique and contemporary style was brought to the super-mini segment by the design and engineering team at the MG Birmingham site in Longbridge, UK. The MG3 will become the second in a new generation of MG vehicles to leave the assembly line at the Birmingham factory.

At launch, customers will be able to personalise both the exterior and interior of this new supermini MG making it fun to buy and own, as well as the MG trademark of being fun to drive.

British Style fun

MG's UK-based design team have given the new MG3 a cheeky touch of flair from every viewing angle.

How do I look from the front? - With a flash of style from the 'hockey stick' LED daytime running lights on every trim level, a full-width black mesh grille, and black A-Pillar and 'visor' wraparound style windscreen, the MG3 is unmistakable on the road.

Is this my best side? The dual colour side skirts echo the design of the MG ZERO, lowering the stance of the car and hinting at just how much fun the MG3 could be to own. Diamond-cut, dual colour wheels give a real touch of class on the higher trim levels.

And from the rear? There is an echo of the fun and sportiness that lies at the heart of the MG brand. With a rear valance insert inspired by generations of MG racing cars, a unique superelliptic tail pipe finished in chrome and a body-coloured tail spoiler, the MG3 looks distinctly sleek and sporty - a designer's dream.


Normally this is where the compromise comes on small sporty cars - but not with MG3. Fun, entertaining and easy to live with, the MG3 combines style and enjoyment with practical spaciousness. The designers and engineers have combined to create an exceptional amount of space and versatility in a very compact five-door package.

Extensive work from the MG Design and Engineering team on the architectural package has resulted in interior packaging that rivals or surpasses anything in its class. In a 4m long package, the MG3 will easily accommodate four 6ft individuals; a level of accommodation typically associated with larger cars that mirrors the spaciousness of the MG6 range.

The MG3's 'rolled and raised' front dashboard design creates an airy forward cabin space and increased legroom, while allowing excellent access to primary and secondary controls. This theme is continued in the rear of the car, where the front seats are sculpted to allow rear passengers excellent space to travel in comfort.

Class-leading rear headroom is another characteristic which sets the MG3 apart. Many cars in this sector compromise on interior space, particularly in the rear. But rear headroom in the MG3 is more than generous.


Designed with the core value of being fun to drive, the MG3 chassis has been honed from hundreds of thousands of miles of testing on European roads. Intended to deliver impressive levels of body control, sharpness and a willingness to corner to engage keen drivers, MG's world class team of chassis engineers have also delivered sure footed handling and impressive ride comfort. Together this makes the MG3 suitable for every journey, from crowded urban routes, to flowing British B-roads or cruising on a European motorway.


In addition to a wide range of body colours a range of personalisation options will be available, allowing the MG3 to be tailored to the individual behind the wheel. Roof, side and bonnet graphics will allow owners to personalise their own MG3. Interior trims, wheels, vents, surrounds and mats will all be available in a choice of designs, colours and finishes allowing you to make your MG3 truly personal.


The new baby MG will be powered by a healthy 105PS version of the VTi-TECH petrol engine, joining the MG6 DTi-TECH and TCi-TECH engines in the European family. The dynamic and responsive VTi-TECH engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission that makes this little baby perfectly suited to nipping in and out of city traffic or enjoying a great British B road.

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