2015 Corvette Z06 Coupe priced from €99,500 in Europe, Convertible will start at €104,500

Article by Christian A., on December 3, 2014

Although GM announced that the Chevrolet brand will be removed from Europe by the end of 2015, the American brand announced that it will still offer the brand new 2015 Corvette Z06 also to Europeans. As a result, the most powerful and technologically advanced model in the car’s 62-year history, will go on sale for 99,500 euros in Germany for the coupe, while the convertible will cost 104,500 euros.

Dealers will start taking orders as of now and the first deliveries will arrive in spring of 2015. Meanwhile, the Z07 Performance Package will be available for 16,500 euros and will add Brembo carbon ceramic-matrix brake rotors, adjustable front and rear aerodynamic components and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup tires.

Each vehicle will be powered by the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine delivering 650 hp (485 kW) and 881 Nm (650 lb-ft) of torque. The engine allows the Corvette Z06 Coupe to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 2.95 seconds when using the 8-speed automatic transmission and in 3.2 seconds when equipped with the 7-speed manual gearbox.

Drivers will be able to monitor their vehicle’s performance without taking their eyes off the road via the standard color head-up display that shows a range of performance readouts, including a g-meter in Track mode.

In addition, the Z06 will arrive with the industry-first Performance Data Recorder (PDR), which enables users to record high-definition video, with telemetry overlays, of their driving experiences on the track.

The design team of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 doesn’t just have to create stunning design, but also have to consider the performance targets of the high-performance coupe. Thus, the changes made commenced not with exterior panels of new Z06, but with its tires.

Chevrolet has determined that to achieve the performance targets set for the Z06, high levels of grip are needed. Thus, it was decided to fit the wheels with larger Michelin tires -- Pilot Super Sport tires for the Z06 or Sport Cup 2 tires with the Z07 package.

Interestingly, the P285/30ZR19 front tires are 1.5 inches wider than the rubbers on the Stingray. Its 335/25ZR20 rear tires are two inches wider than on the Stingray. Because of the wider trires, Chevrolet had to extend the fenders of the Z06 by 2.2 inches (56 mm) at the front, and 3.15 inches (80 mm) at the rear, giving the coupe a wider, lower appearance. However, the taillamps on the Z06 are around three inches farther from each.

Tom Peters, Corvette design director, remarked that since the Z06 needs more of everything, every change made on the exterior has a functional purpose. For instance, the flared fenders contain larger, wider wheels and tires that deliver added grip.

Meanwhile, larger air intakes deliver more cooling air to the engine, brakes, transmission and differential that allow for higher levels of track capability. Likewise, the new Z06 comes with a more aggressive aerodynamic package that could generate true downforce, resulting to better levels of high-speed stability and cornering grip.

Press Release

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 prices start at 99,500 euros

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is the most powerful and technologically advanced model in the iconic car's 62-year history. The Z06 coupe will be offered at a suggested retail price of €99,500 while the convertible model will start at €104,500 (retail prices for Germany, please see attached list for country specific details). European Corvette dealers will start taking customer orders as of now and deliveries will begin in spring 2015.

"The new Corvette Z06's performance and technical capabilities makes it one of today's most desirable supercars," said Thomas Sedran, President and Managing Director, Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe. "The new Z06 delivers 659 horsepower, 881 newton meter of torque, true aerodynamic downforce, carbon fiber and performance technologies such as Magnetic Ride Control, Performance Traction Management and an electronic limited slip differential. All of the above can be combined with an either 7-speed manual or the new 8-speed automatic transmission."

Learnings from the Corvette Racing program were applied directly to the Corvette production version. The optional Z07 Performance Package adds even more track capability to the Z06. The Z07 Performance Package is available for €16,500, adding Brembo carbon ceramic-matrix brake rotors that improve braking performance and contribute to better handling through reduced unsprung weight. The package adds adjustable front and rear aerodynamic components for unprecedented aerodynamic downforce and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup tires for enhanced grip.

Most powerful, technologically advanced Corvette ever

The Z06 rejoins the Corvette lineup in 2015 with a strong aluminum frame, an aero package designed to produce performance-enhancing downforce and an all-new, supercharged 6.2L V-8 engine producing 659 horsepower (485 kW) and 881 Nm of torque.

To balance performance and efficiency, the Z06 leverages the same trio of advanced technologies introduced on the Corvette Stingray – direct injection, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) and continuously variable valve timing – and leverages them with a new, more efficient supercharger. Combined with the fuel-efficient multi-speed transmissions, aerodynamic design and lightweight construction, they help make the new Z06 surprisingly efficient.

The Corvette Z06 also leverages other technologies introduced on the Corvette Stingray, including the strategic use of lightweight materials and advanced driver technologies, with calibrations tailored for its capabilities. The aluminum frame structure, for example, is 20 percent stiffer than the previous, fixed-roof Z06.

Additional technologies support the car's tremendous performance capabilities and enhance the driving experience, including:

Third-generation Magnetic Selective Ride Control dampers are standard and can be adjusted for touring comfort or maximum track performance via the standard Driver Mode Selector
Performance Traction Management is available in the Track mode of the Drive Mode Selector and offers five settings of torque reduction and brake intervention for track driving
Launch control is available in Track mode for manual and automatic transmissions, providing maximum off-the-line acceleration
An electronic limited-slip differential, also standard equipment on Z06, adjusts the rate at which the limited slip engages, to balance between steering response and stability in different driving conditions with more aggressive performance in Sport and Track modes.
Drivers can monitor the Z06's performance without taking their eyes off the road via a standard color head-up display that, among the range of performance readouts, displays a g-meter in Track mode.

The Z06 also offers the award-winning, industry-first Performance Data Recorder – or PDR – which enables users to record high-definition video, with telemetry overlays, of their driving experiences on the track.


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