2015 FIAT Doblo Cargo unveiled at 2014 Hanover Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on September 26, 2014

FIAT Professional has unveiled its 2015 FIAT Doblò Cargo at the 2014 Hanover International Motor Show, which is considered as the most significant commercial and industrial vehicle show in Europe. The fourth-generation Doblò boasts of a fresh exterior design as well as engine upgrades for key models. The engines also feature an "EcoJet" version designed for lower fuel consumption and lesser running costs.

The FIAT Doblò still features bi-link suspension that ensures comfortable travel as well as a segment-leading load and volume capacities. The most visible changes on the 2015 FIAT Doblò Cargo can be seen at the front, which now features a new design that is in line with the new, muscular design language first unveiled on the new FIAT Ducato.

It features a sculpted bonnet and new headlamps, as well as sleek new front bumper, lower air intakes and fog light shrouds. At the rear of the new Doblò are new rear light clusters that features a sleeker shape and more sophisticated graphics. The Doblò will be the first vehicle to have at “FIAT Professional” logo on its tailgate, which can be soon seen all future FIAT Professional commercial vehicles.

Moving to the interior, buyers of left-hand drive models could avail of optional third, central front seat. Buyers of right-hand drive versions still has two-seat interior configuration that provides ample storage space as well as high comfort and specification levels. With its improved appearance, value-for-money and low running costs – the 2015 Doblo offers a smart proposition for commercial customers.

Engines that power the Doblo were also upgraded the responsiveness of the key engines for the Doblò, like the 1.3-liter and 1.6-liter turbo-diesel units, thereby giving way to higher torque at low revs.

The responsiveness of the 1.3-liter MultiJet II engine was also hiked 40 percent. The vehicle’s 90hp 1.3 MultiJet II and 105hp 1.6 MultiJet II engines now have “EcoJet,” which further make them more fuel efficient (64 mpg) and emit less pollutants (115 g/km carbon dioxide) – thanks to features like Start&Stop, low rolling-resistance tires and low-viscosity oil.

These are complemented by an ‘intelligent’ alternator, a variable-displacement oil pump and a new aerodynamic pack. [source: Fiat Professional]

Press Release

FIAT Doblo Cargo

The Nuovo Doblò Cargo, fourth generation of the Fiat Professional model, is now more functional, with more performance and more value. These are the guidelines that allowed Fiat Professional to design a vehicle at the top of its class in terms of performance, functional characteristics, load capacity, productivity, fuel economy and low running costs.

The Nuovo Doblò Cargo offers completely updated interior and exterior design reflecting classic car-like specifications. To get an idea, take a look at the ultra-modern distinctive front end, the bigger front grille and the many new components (bumpers, bonnet, headlights and tail-light clusters).

A comprehensive update also for the passenger compartment, with new dashboard, fabrics, steering wheel, instrument panel graphics and door panels. Likewise, the functionality-driven configuration is visible in a series of specific ergonomic solutions, from the multifunction front bench seat for driver and two passengers, the quieter interior, the new infotainment and navigation sytems and the gateway device. Also, as in the previous generation the Nuovo Doblò Cargo's load capacity and volume are both at the top of the category.

The second aim in developing the new Fiat Professional vehicle was performance, as evident from the improved torque response during city driving (up to 40%). In addition, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo ensures the best handling and driving comfort in its class, thanks especially to the Bi-link independent rear suspension (exclusive contents for the segment). The range also extends to include the new "EcoJet" version - equipped with the 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 or 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 - which combines reduced running costs and low fuel consumption (improvement of up to 15%).

The major functional and performance evolution combined with development initiatives aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership (including all costs from purchase to sale) make the Nuovo Doblò Cargo reliable, distinctive and more valuable for Fiat Professional customers. The entire package is sweetened by the comprehensive range of services and accessories created in collaboration with Mopar, in addition to the affordable financing solutions developed by FCA Bank.

Depending on the market the range is composed of 4 bodies (Cargo, Combi, WorkUp and Load platform), 2 roof heights and 2 wheelbases. Power is provided by a choice of six turbodiesel engines - MultiJet II 1.3 (75 and 90 hp), Multijet II 1.6 (100 and 105 hp), 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 with robotised gearbox and 135 hp Multijet 2.0 - plus three petrol engines: 95 hp 1.4, 120 hp TurboJet 1.4 and 120 hp TurboJet 1.4 bi-fuel (petrol/natural gas). The offering is the broadest in the segment, with versions and solutions from vans to special vehicles and versions converted for specific applications.

Scion of a winning model (Doblò has been chosen by more than 1.4 million customers since 2000), the Nuovo Doblò Cargo aims to consolidate its leadership in this market sector, which accounts for 25% of all light commercial vehicles in Europe.

Sold in more than 80 countries worldwide, including North America in the form of the Promaster City in the RAM range, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo becomes a "global" vehicle - just like the Nuovo Ducato - that's destined to bolster FCA's growth in the light commercial vehicles sector.

Like the previous generations, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo is manufactured in Turkey in the Tofaş plant in Bursa, one of the best automotive industrial sites in the world, as confirmed by the award of a World Class Manufacturing gold medal.]

More functional

The completely revised interior and exterior styling of the Nuovo Doblò Cargo is the result of cutting-edge car-like design that combines with the light commercial vehicle concept to convey a sense of vigour, security and muscle. This new Fiat Professional vehicle expands on the concept of "design connected to functionality" that has always been a hallmark of the model.

Car-like design Car-like design matching functionality

The interior and exterior styling of the Nuovo Doblò Cargo has been completely revised on the basis of a decidedly car-like template. From the more modern and distinctive front end with a new bonnet (with more sweeping lines that match the curvature of the roof), the updated features include new bumpers, a bigger front grille, and new tail-light clusters that emphasise the horizontal lines of the body. Also the 16" wheels and integral hub caps have been completely redesigned.

With its compact and distinctive looks, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo features a range of innovations also in the passenger compartment, confirming one of the key orientations that distinguish the Fiat Professional brand: "creating a workplace of excellence for drivers". The new passenger compartment is packed with solutions to enhance functionality and comfort, as shown by the updates to the dashboard, upholstery fabrics, steering wheel, instrument panel graphics and door panels.

3 multifunctional front seats

Likewise, the approach aimed at achieving the highest possible level of functionality is evident in the new multifunction front bench with seating for the driver and two passengers and a spacious storage compartment underneath.

The centre seat is folding and can be used as an armrest or handy documents holder, while also the outer seat can be folded to accommodate long items, securely anchored thanks to the practical cargo hooks on the rear of the backrest. Practicality is further increased by the electrically controlled folding door mirrors.

Storage compartments, dedicated ergonomic solutions and load compartment

The functionality-driven styling is reflected also in other elements, like the generous number of practical storage compartments, key-locking glove box with damper-controlled door, oversized air vents for absolute climatic comfort, and new more ergonomic steering wheel, for instance.

Practicality is also evident in the rationally shaped load compartment, ergonomic door handles (load compartment and passenger compartment) and practical 180° opening rear doors for fast and easy access - all specific solutions that are unique in the class.

Also, like in the previous generation, load capacity and volume of the Nuovo Doblò Cargo are unrivalled in the class with payloads of up to 1 tonne and volume of more than 5 m3.

The generous internal dimensions result in a 182 cm long load compartment on short wheelbase versions and 217 cm on long wheelbase vehicles with width of 171 cm and roof height of 130 cm or 155 cm in the high roof versions. In addition, the 123 cm spacing between wheel housings makes it possible to carry up to 2 europallets.

Like the previous model, the Nuovo Doblò offers various types of partitions between passenger and load compartments: swivel, panelled, window type and with horizontal bars. The load compartment floor features 6 load restraint hooks and there are one or two (depending on version) interior lights on the walls for clear visibility inside. Customers can also order a practical removable torch.

Upgraded infotainment system

Depending on the equipment level the Nuovo Doblò Cargo offers two content levels for the vehicle infotainment system, both of which deliver a really great sound. The first system features an active matrix display, FM / AM radio, USB for media players/iPod connection, AUX-In socket, automatic volume control according to road speed, Bluetooth (without voice recognition) and, on request, steering wheel controls.

The Nuovo Doblò Cargo is also available with the acclaimed UConnect 5" multimedia system equipped with 5" colour touchscreen, one of the largest in the segment, that allows the driver to access all the main functions including the analogue radio - DAB radio on request - and all multimedia sources (Media Player, iPod, iPhone, smartphone) that can be connected to the USB port or Aux-in connector.

UConnect 5" comes with steering wheel controls and Eco:Drive software to assist the driver in limiting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The system can also be supplied with an integrated Sat Nav developed in collaboration with TomTom.

Finally, to ensure efficient fleet management the Nuovo Doblò Cargo can be supplied with an innovative gateway device installed directly on the vehicle. The gateway interfaces with the on-board network to allow vehicle status information to be gathered and made available in FMS (Fleet Management System) format.

Quieter ride

Life on board the Nuovo Doblò Cargo has improved also in terms of acoustic comfort, thanks to dedicated passenger compartment sound insulation solutions that reduce interior sound levels by up to 3dB on average.

Bigger performance

In terms of performance the new vehicle retains the Bi-link independent rear suspension for incredible comfort and best in class handling in all driving conditions, irrespective of the payload. The range also extends to include the new "EcoJet" version - equipped with the 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 or 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 - which combines reduced running costs and low fuel consumption (improvement of up to 15%).

In line with Fiat Professional's acclaimed and exclusive "one-mission - one engine" strategy, the Nuovo Doblò's powerplant options assure top performance in accordance with professional requirements and application type - from primarily urban use to long-distance travel - up to the top of the segment in terms of consumption and emissions with the 1.4 litre TurboJet bi-fuel engine (petrol/natural gas).

Best in class handling

The Nuovo Doblò Cargo offers best in class handling and driving comfort, thanks especially to the Bi-link independent rear suspension - unique in the segment - that also allows big gains in load capacity with minimum obstruction of the load compartment floor.

Thanks to the modularity of its components (springs, shock absorbers, flexible mounts, torsion bars, etc.), the Bi-link suspension is specifically tuned to match the vehicle's characteristics and mission.

Improved torque response

The driving experience, especially around town, is maximised by the specific tuning of the 1.3 and 1.6 litre turbodiesel engines to improve torque response, which is higher already at low engine speeds (torque response gains on the 1.3 litre Multijet engine are around 40%) for greater elasticity and responsiveness. Improvements have also been made to clutch and gearbox performance for even more driving satisfaction.

"EcoJet" versions

The 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 and 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 engines are available also in the "EcoJet" version. These versions offer big savings in fuel consumption and emissions thanks to the adoption of the Start&Stop system, low rolling resistance tyres, smart alternator, variable displacement oil pump and the aerodynamic package. Working together, all these solutions produce fuel economy gains of up to 12% on the 1.3 and up to 15% on the 1.6.

One mission one engine

The range of engines available for the Novo Doblò Cargo is composed of six turbodiesels - MultiJet II 1.3 (75 and 90 hp) 200 Nm, Multijet II 1.6 (100 and 105 hp) 290 Nm, 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 200 Nm with robotised transmission and 135 hp Multijet II 2.0 320 Nm - and two petrol engines: 95 hp 1.4 litre 127 Nm, 120 TurboJet hp 1.4 206 Nm and 120 hp bi-fuel petrol/natural gas TurboJet 1.4 with 206 Nm of torque.

All Euro 5+ certified, the diesel engines are from the second generation MultiJet family, a byword for technology, performance and economy. Compared to the first generation MultiJets, the fuel supply system is now equipped with faster injectors able to execute multiple injections in rapid succession. The MultiJet II system's new servo valve with balanced plunger enables it to deliver up to 8 injections per cycle, offering greater speed, flexibility and precision in the various operating phases. In addition, fuel injection pressure on the Multijet II engine has been boosted to 1800 bar and the new injector type makes it possible to develop increasingly advanced combustion optimisation strategies, such as injection rate shaping to improve the combustion process for quieter running and reduced particulate and nitrogen oxide (Nox) emissions.

In terms of specifications, the Multijet II 1.3 litre turbodiesel (75 and 90 hp) delivers maximum torque of 200 Nm at just 1,500 rpm for lively acceleration. Both power versions share the same superb driving experience, bright performance, low noise levels, low running costs (consumption and maintenance), impeccable reliability and environmental respect. Top speed for the 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 is 158 km/h, while combined cycle fuel consumption is 4.4 l/100 km (Ecojet short wheelbase Cargo version) with CO2,emissions of just 115 g/km (Ecojet short wheelbase Cargo version). Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 13.6 seconds. The figures for the 75 hp version are, respectively, 145 km/h, 4.8 l/100 km and 126 g/km (short wheelbase Cargo version with Stop&Start with 0 to 100 km/h in 15.7 seconds.

Available with Comfort-Matic robotised gearbox, the 90 hp 1.6 litre version is the perfect solution for customers seeking the sweet spot between environmental respect and low running costs without relinquishing power and flexibility. The Nuovo Doblò Cargo 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 has a top speed of 158 km/h, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 15.3 seconds, and returns combined cycle fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures of 4.9 litres/100 km and 130 g/km respectively (values for the short wheelbase Cargo version with S&S).

Combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the 100 hp or 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 offers high maximum torque (290 Nm), which is particularly welcome since it's on tap starting from engine speeds of just 1,500 rpm. In this configuration the Nuovo Doblò Cargo 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 offers exceptional performance - top speed of 164 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 11.6 seconds - with reduced CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption (combined cycle figures of 124 g/km CO2and 4.7 litres/100 km for Ecojet short wheelbase Cargo versions).

The most powerful of the Nuovo Doblò Cargo turbodiesels is the 2.0 Multijet II that delivers maximum power of 135 hp and an impressive 320 Nm of torque at 1,500 rpm - a best in class value - for a truly great driving experience and serious performance (top speed of 179 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds) with minimal fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: combined cycle 5.9 litres/100 km and 154 g/km.

Solid and reliable, the 16-valve 1.4 litre Fire family engine is the Nuovo Doblò's entry level petrol powerplant. This engine develops 95 hp at 6,000 rpm and reaches maximum torque of 127 Nm at 4,500 rpm. When combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox the engine can produce a top speed of 161 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 13.3 seconds. Euro 6 certified, combined cycle fuel consumption for the short wheelbase versions with Stop-Start is 7.0 litres/100 km with CO2 emissions of 163 g/km.

Ideal for people seeking a vehicle that can zip through urban traffic while keeping running costs down, the Nuovo Doblò with the 120 hp T-Jet 1.4 engine offers highly dynamic response, reduced need for gear changes and ready acceleration. Euro 6 certified and combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the lively 1.4 delivers maximum torque of 206 Nm at 2,000 rpm with impressive performance: top speed of 172 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in just 10.2 seconds.

The offering is completed with a bi-fuel (petrol/natural gas) engine, with all the performance of the petrol version plus all the economic and environmental advantages of natural gas fuel. In terms of specifications, the 16-valve 1.4 litre T-JET Natural Power engine develops a maximum of 120 hp (both petrol and natural gas) and has a smooth torque rise (206 Nm at 2000 rpm). This translates into high speed-torque flexibility and reduces the need to use the 6-speed gearbox to assure an enjoyable and relaxing driving experience. And when it's time to get a move on, simply put your foot down for surprisingly quick acceleration, assisted by the low inertia turbocharger. Like its predecessors, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo Natural Power is environmentally aware - as proven by combined cycle CO2 emissions of 4.9 kg/100 km - and it offers a sensible approach to space requirements, with the natural gas cylinders slung under the load platform to leave the load compartment volume intact. Total cylinder capacity is 95 litres, equivalent to 16.15 kg of natural gas for the short wheelbase versions with 4 gas cylinders (long wheelbase versions have 5 gas cylinders containing 130 litres / 22.1 kg of natural gas) plus the 22 litre capacity petrol tank.

More Value

The Nuovo Doblò Cargo is a reliable, distinctive vehicle that delivers higher value to professional customers. The vehicle's qualities have been maximised by its radical evolution in terms of functionality and performance, combined with a development program geared towards improving the total cost of ownership.

The entire package is sweetened by the comprehensive range of services and accessories created in collaboration with Mopar, in addition to the affordable financing solutions developed by FCA Bank, and by the availability of the widest range in the segment, with versions and solutions from vans to special vehicles and converted versions for specific applications.

Extensive range

The range is composed of four alternative bodies (Cargo, Combi, WorkUp and Chassis cab with load platform), 2 alternative roof heights and 2 wheelbases. Power is provided by a choice of six turbodiesel engines - MultiJet II 1.3 (75 and 90 hp), Multijet II 1.6 (100 and 105 hp), 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 with robotised gearbox and 135 hp Multijet 2.0 - plus three petrol engines: 95 hp 1.4, 120 hp TurboJet 1.4 and 120 hp TurboJet 1.4 bi-fuel (petrol/natural gas).

Depending on the market, the range has several differences in terms of standard or optional contents to provide a more fitting response to the needs of individual countries.

In relation to safety, consistent and intuitive road holding is assured by the standard adoption of electronic stability control systems including ABS with EBD electronic braking correction system, ESC complete with ASR (Anti Slip Regulation), HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist) and Hill-Holder to assist with hill starts. The safety-related equipment of the new range is completed with front and front side airbags, providing head and torso protection for occupants, and the tyre inflation pressure monitoring system.

After the launch the vehicles will be available also with the Traction+ system that improves traction on variable grip surfaces (e.g. with one wheel on snow or mud), without weighing down the vehicle and raising the running costs (as in 4-wheel drive solutions).

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