2015 Ford Mustang rendered once again

Article by Christian A., on October 28, 2013

In the December issue of Car and Driver magazine, you will see the most recent renderings of the 2015 Ford Mustang. According to Car and Driver, these renderings ‘almost definitely’ show the 2015 Mustang’s design. As you can see, the renderings show a restyled Mustang inspired by the Evos Concept and looks good but what we don’t like is the rear end of the vehicle.

Morpace conducted a survey for Ford and more details about the engine lineup were revealed. The 2015 Mustang is expected to debut with a naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter petrol engine rated at 300 hp and 393 Nm (290 lb-ft) of torque.

Ford will also debut an inline-four 2.4-liter GTDI engine developing 310 hp and 420 Nm (310 lb-ft). A bigger, 4.9-liter V8 will also be available with 430 hp and 536 Nm (396 lb-ft) of torque. For those who don't know, the 2015 Ford Mustang will debut next year at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

Ford revealed that the new Mustang has a number of important design features that define it like the tri-bar three-dimensional taillamps having those sequential turn signals. By lowering the height of the roof, this allowed for a wider and lower stance with the track and the rear fenders made wider as well. It is also important to note that this fastback reveals a sleeker profile made possible by having both the windshield and the rear glass have a steeper slope.

Another key design feature is the modern implementation of the well-known shark-bite front fascia and the trapezoidal grille. The interior shows that the craftsmanship on the aviation-inspired cockpit has been on the highest level ever for a Mustang model. On this cockpit, all the controls and information that any active driver needs are easily accessible. With a cabin that already offers more room, the clear and large instrumentation enables information to be accessible to the driver.

Tactile knobs and switches combined with enhanced ergonomics allow for better control. Since the new Mustang is now wider plus the fact that there is a new rear suspension, both the shoulder room and the hip room for the passengers are increased. Further, the trunk has been shaped in a way that the space can allow customers to fit in two golf bags. Customers will also likely be happy with the multi-layer insulated cloth.

This results in a quieter cabin and a more luxurious look. Compared to the previous version, the new top can be lowered twice as fast. This new top also reveals a sleeker profile especially when folded during an open-air drive.

Moray Callum, who is the executive director of design for Ford The Americas, said that the brand only gets one chance to make a good first impression and once customers see this new model, they will have the impression of a strong and genuine Mustang.

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