Scion partners with 686 to build the xB 686 Parklan Edition

Article by Christian A., on October 6, 2015

Scion proudly announces that it has partnered with snowboard technical apparel manufacturer 686 to come up with its latest offering, the 2015 xB 686 Parklan Edition. This offering is anticipated to excite customers as this is Scion’s first attempt to take the road less travelled.

Going to where the street meets the mountain, the xB 686 Parklan comes at a time when its iconic xB is expected to finish with its run. The company and 686 had previously worked back in 2011 with the Numeric xB.

The Numeric xB was a show car that was designed based on snowboarders. This partnership has continued and is capped with the xB 686 Parklan. On its exterior, the xB 686 Parklan is painted with Cocoa Bean Metallic and highlighted with red lines on its front portion, rear part, and side mirrors.

This enables it to capture the trademark that the 686 brand is known for. The 16-inch alloy wheels are in gloss black and they also have the 686 logo stamped to them. This feature ties in well with the other parts like the side mirrors, door handles, rear license plate garnish, and black-out badges.

The interior meanwhile has seats that have quilted patterning plus they’re styled in the modern cubist camo that truly reflects the design influence of the 686.

Adding to its functionality especially on the slopes, the 2015 xB 686 Parklan has a zippered storage pocket that is secretly placed on the driver’s side as well as seat back pockets that are zippered too.

All versions of the xB 686 Parklan will include all-weather cargo mats and floor mats. Furthermore, it also has a roof Rack system and a customized INNO Cargo Box. Scion Vice President Andrew Gilleland shares that since the xB has been with Scion since the very beginning, the company wanted to give it a very meaningful send-off.

Indeed, the xB will be a classic regardless if it is used on the sloped or the streets, Gilleland concludes. Brent Sandor, who is Director of Marketing for 686, reveals that prior to designing the 2015 xB 686, they had to take the xB on an actual road trip.

This was a three-week journey to Boston that started in California and the company managed to capture the xB in action for its 686 Seconds movie. Sandor relates that by driving the xB from the streets to the mountains and then back to the city, 686 was able to learn that the xB could in fact handle adverse conditions both on the inside and out.

This truly served as the inspiration for the 2015 xB 686, especially with the cargo box on top and the all-weather cargo and floor mats inside.

The 2015 xB 686 is now available for customers who want to drive a vehicle that uniquely combines both function and fashion. The 2015 xB 686 has a price of $19,685, which excludes a $795 fee for delivery, processing and handling.

Press Release


As Scion’s iconic box, the xB, ends its run, Scion is taking the road less traveled to a place where the mountains meet the streets. Scion has partnered with 686, the snowboard technical apparel company, to create the xB 686 Parklan Edition. Starting today, a total of 686 xB special edition models are available for buyers seeking a unique combination of fashion and function. It will be priced at $19,685, excluding a delivery, processing and handling fee of $795.

The 2015 xB 686 Parklan Edition incorporates seats with the quilted patterning and modern cubist camo style reflecting 686’s design influence. Gloss black 16-inch alloy wheels featuring the 686 stamped logo tie in with the black-out badges, side mirrors, rear license plate garnish and door handles.

On the outside, the Cocoa Bean Metallic paint is accented with red lines in the front, rear and on the side mirrors to capture 686’s brand.

For added functionality on the slopes, there is an incognito driver’s side zippered storage pocket and zippered seat back pockets. Each xB 686 Parklan Edition also comes with all-weather floor and cargo mats. Additionally, a custom INNO Cargo Box and Roof Rack system is available.

“The xB has been part of Scion from the very beginning and we wanted to give it a meaningful send-off,” said Scion Vice President Andrew Gilleland. “What better way to do that than to partner with 686, which caters to people who live their lives to the fullest? Whether it’s used on the streets or the slopes, this xB will become a classic.”

Scion and 686 first worked together in 2011 with a Numeric xB show car designed with snowboarders in mind. That relationship has continued through the years, culminating in this special edition model.

“Before we designed this car, we took an xB on a three-week road trip from California to Boston and we captured the action in our movie, 686 Seconds,” said Brent Sandor, 686 Director of Marketing. “By taking the car from the city to the mountains and back again, we learned the xB can handle adverse conditions inside and out. With a cargo box on top and all-weather floor and cargo mats on the inside, it was the perfect inspiration for our special edition collaboration.”

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