2016 BMW X4 M40i shows its sporty side

Article by Christian A., on October 1, 2015

BMW is proud to introduce its latest offering for the Sports Activity Coupe class, the BMW X4 M40i. The X4 M40i will become the newest model for the BMW X4 and given its features, it will set new standards with its best-in-class acceleration figures and greater driving dynamics.

Looking at its exterior, it is clear that the X4 M40i is part of the brand’s M Performance family. It still has its own unique characteristics with the Black Chrome tailpipes placed on both sides as well as its sport exhaust system with the valve control.

The front portion and side mirrors have the brand’s own Ferric Gray metallic highlight. Adding to the look are the optional M light-alloy 20-inch double-spoke wheels that come with tires from Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

On the inside, the steering wheel has been wrapped with M leather and when combined with the sports seats, model-specific door sills, M gear shift lever, and instrument cluster with the “X4 M40i” digital lettering, erases all doubts that it is indeed a M Performance model.

There will be seven paint colors made available for the BMW X4 M40i. Six are already available on the X4 models with the seventh being Long Beach Blue metallic and only available for the BMW X4 M40i. For the interior, six colors will be available for the Nevada Leather upholstery while four will be made available for the interior trim. BMW’s newest offering can be purchased from dealers starting in February 2016.

Exterior Design

The design however is something that should not be underestimated as well. BMW’s Sports Activity Coupe models already have the powerful and stretched line. For the BMW X4 M40i, these same lines are emphasized even further by the selective application of Ferric Gray metallic highlights.

The result is that it sets this new model from the other X4. An example of the differences is the exterior mirrors and the vertical slats of the kidney grille that have been painted in Ferric Gray metallic.

This very same color is also seen on the new aero design element that is part of the large air intakes and placed on the front apron’s far outer edges. Furthermore, the chrome model lettering makes the BMW X4 M40i even more exclusive.

From the back, the X4 M40i is easily recognizable. One look and it is clear that this vehicle does have excellent driving dynamics. This is due to the rather aggressive diffuser optics and the flat, wide rear end that has the L-shaped LED rear lights.

Another feature that hints at the amazing performance of the X4 M40i are the sport exhaust system and the two tailpipes mounted on the right and left of the rear end. The parts are finished in Black Chrome and when the engine is started, the powerful sound more than confirms the performance potential.

The already amazing exterior is supplemented by the exclusive, though optional, M double-spoke 20-inch light-alloy wheels. These come in two-tone Ferric Grey metallic with the sculpted and highly polished faces.

The unique combination of the two-part contour line, accurately modeled C pillars, and muscular flanks, are further proof of the excellent dynamic credentials of BMW’s M Performance vehicles.

Interior Design

The interior meanwhile, with its exclusive and sporty feel, also highlights the BMW M Performance pedigree. The “X4 M40i” lettering which is on the door sills can also be seen on the instrument cluster.

What makes it even more amazing is that the lettering will appear on the cluster when the vehicle has been unlocked. It also remains even when driving. As needed, vehicle status messages and navigation instructions are typically superimposed on the same lettering.

Completing the dynamic impression is the standard M leather steering wheel and shifter paddles. Helping this is the M logo located on the selector lever of the 8-speed STEPTRONIC transmission. When the BMW X4 M40i is ordered as standard, it still comes equipped with a number of features.

Performance-wise, it comes with the 8-speed Sport automatic transmission, Park Distance Control front and rear, Dynamic Damper Control, Performance Control, and Variable Sport Steering.

Design-wise, it has the M leather steering wheel, Sport seats, LED fog lights, Xenon adaptive headlights, and the 19-inch M light-alloy wheels.

Also standard on the X4 M40i are the Comfort Access keyless entry, Lumbar support, and Nevada Leather upholstery. A Satellite radio is included. It also comes with a 1 year subscription which is also available on the Premium Package of the X4 xDrive35i.


Making its first appearance as well is the new M Performance 6-cylinder TwinPower Turbo inline gasoline engine. This 6-cylinder engine is capable of delivering 355 horsepower when at 5,800 to 6,000 rpm, owing mainly to its three-liter displacement. It can also deliver torque of up to 343 lb.-ft.

The combination of BMW’s M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology with the high-performance engine makes it accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in merely 4.7 seconds, the best so far in its class. However, for now top speed remains electronically set to at a maximum of 150 mph.

Its sports chassis meanwhile allow for excellent driving dynamics at higher levels considering that it has been specially tuned. For example, the springs and stabilizers have been made stronger while the camber of its front axle has been increased.

In addition, it has adaptive dampers that have been modified to meet M Performance specifications. Another improvement is the recalibrated xDrive all-wheel drive system that courses additional power to its rear wheels even when under normal operation.

The Performance Control makes sure that the BMW X4 M40i offers more responsive steering with better road feedback and confident dynamics. This is due to the specific tuning done on the steering wheel. Going back to the 6-cylinder engine, it not only provides high performance but even has excellent fuel economy.

This aluminum engine has been thermodynamically optimized and remains lightweight. It has been constructed using a closed-deck design. What this means is that the water jacket that surrounds the cylinders are sealed at the top.

As a result, this gives the crankcase a rather high degree in terms of stiffness. Because of the variable sports steering that has been sharpened due to M Performance-specific tuning, the steering precision is better with the feel refined even further through optimized road feedback

. Included as standard equipment of the X4 M40i is the 8-speed Sport Automatic STEPTRONIC. The STEPTRONIC controls the transmission of energy that supplies what is presently the most powerful gasoline engine, making an important contribution to the vehicle’s dynamics.

The gear shift programs have been improved as well considering that it now has higher downshift spontaneity and sporty shifts within the engine’s whole speed range. This has also been adapted specially to match the characteristics of the engine.

The direct powertrain connectivity is attained since converter slip is avoided outside of gear changes. Furthermore, the transmission includes the standard Launch Control. Unlike other systems, the Launch Control is very easy to use allowing any ambitious driver to achieve optimum acceleration regardless of the conditions.

In order to have that sporty driving style, paddle shifters are mounted on the vehicle’s steering wheel which then control the Steptronic 8-seed sports transmission. Similar to the classic fashion, when the X4 M40i’s manual mode is activated, the chosen gear is maintained regardless if the engine speed limited was triggered.

The transmission further makes a significant contribution when it comes to reduction in emissions and fuel consumption due to factors like optimized efficiency, compact design and low weight. As what can be expected from the X4 models of BMW, the X4 M40i has the brand’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive.

With the standard Performance Control, the system is able to regulate effectively the variable distribution of the drive torque of its two rear wheels. This enables the X4 M40i to achieve a unique level of agility, traction, and dynamics. Thus no matter what type of road surface is driven on, the vehicle is able to follow the line intended by the driver in a more precise manner with less steering corrections.

In addition, the xDrive that has been fitted to the vehicle was modified to focus on the rear wheels. This is a characteristic that is typical of the BMW M Performance driving dynamics. Integral to the amazing driving dynamics of this new X4 M40i are the tires. It has the standard 19-inch double-spoke light-alloy wheels.

There is the option to have the all-season run-flat tires of 245/45 R19 to the 8.5 J x 19 wheels. Another option is the performance run-flat tires with 8.5 J x 19, 245/45 R19 for the front axle and 9.5 J x 19, 275/40 R19 for its rear axle.

However, available exclusively for this new model is the optional new 20-inch two-tone double-spoke light-alloy wheel measuring 8.5 J x 20 on the front and 10 J x 20 for the rear. In addition, the wheels have been fitted with the Pilot Super Sport tires from Michelin.

Measuring 245/40 R20 in the front and 275/35 R20 in the rear, the Ultra High Performance tire mix gives an even better feel plus a measurable increase in its driving dynamics. In order to fully appreciate the performance afforded by the wheels, the braking system of the BMW X4 M40i has been upgraded as well.

Particularly, the size of the brake discs on its front axle has been increased. Combining this with the performance-oriented brake pads on the four wheels, it is now possible to have terrific deceleration even in the sportiest driving conditions. By now, it is clear that the BMW X4 M40i had a number of upgrades done to the engine and other components to improve performance.

Press Release

The new BMW X4 M40i

Today, with the introduction of the new BMW X4 M40i, the successful BMW X4 has gained a new top model. In the Sports Activity Coupe segment (SAC), the BMW X4 M40i is setting new standards with enhanced driving dynamics and best-in-segment acceleration. The new BMW X4 M40i will be available at dealers starting February 2016.


The exterior of the new BMW X4 M40i makes it stand out as a clear member of the BMW M Performance family. Exclusive Ferric Gray metallic accents on the front of the vehicle and side mirrors, as well as the exclusive 20-inch M light-alloy double-spoke wheels with optional Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and the sport exhaust system with valve control and Black Chrome tailpipes on both sides emphasize the unique character of the new BMW X4 M40i. The M leather wrapped steering wheel, M gear shift lever, sport seats, model-specific door sills and “X4 M40i” digital lettering on the instrument cluster decorate the interior, assuring immediate recognition as a BMW M Performance model.

A world premiere – the 6 cylinder inline engine.

A newly developed M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline 6 cylinder gasoline engine celebrates its world premiere in the new BMW X4 M40i. This engine delivers 355 hp at between 5,800 and 6,000 rpm from its three-liter displacement, providing a maximum torque of 343 lb-ft. With this high-performance engine and the advanced M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology, the BMW X4 M40i delivers best-in-class acceleration, running the sprint from 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds.

The specially tuned sports chassis of the new BMW X4 M40i provides excellent driving dynamics at an advanced level with stronger springs and stabilizers, increased camber on the front axle, and adaptive dampers specifically tuned to M Performance specifications. The BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system has been recalibrated with more power routed to the rear wheels during normal operation. The Performance Control ensures a responsive steering with more road feedback as well confident dynamics due to a specific tuning of the steering

The newly developed M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline 6 cylinder gasoline engine for the new BMW X4 M40i combines high performance with exemplary fuel economy. Accordingly, the lightweight, thermodynamically optimized aluminium engine has been constructed with a closed-deck design. In this type of construction, the water jacket surrounding the cylinders is sealed at the top, which endows the crankcase with an exceptionally high degree of stiffness.

Building on heritage: The BMW TwinPower Turbo engine.
The drive unit powering the new BMW X4 M40i is based upon the three-liter, inline 6 cylinder engine in the BMW X4 xDrive35i. The chassis has been optimized using a forged steel crankshaft, pistons with a modified top ring, crankshaft bearings and high performance spark plugs in its 6 cylinder inline engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology.

In addition to a higher level of turbo boost pressure and an increase in the amount of fuel injected, the engine has been fitted with an aerodynamically tuned air intake manifold as well as an exhaust system optimized both in terms of back pressure and sound characteristics in order to enhance performance. A separate oil cooler guarantees that the optimum operating temperature of this extremely powerful engine is maintained under all driving conditions.
The distinctive exhaust system fitted to the new BMW X4 M40i is unmistakable with tailpipes on both sides finished in Black Chrome. The radical technical changes include, an intelligent valve control, a back pressure-optimized double-flow exhaust system fitted beneath the floor of the vehicle, as well as resonator tuning specific to M Performance. The result is a powerful sound, individually determined by the driver depending on driving mode and driving situation, perfectly emphasizing the car's sporty character acoustically.

M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology.
The new M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline 6 cylinder gasoline engine also benefits from TwinScroll Turbo technology, the High Precision Injection system, the Double VANOS variable camshaft control system and VALVETRONIC, the fully variable valve control system as standard equipment.

This cutting-edge drive technology in the new BMW X4 M40i guarantees the free-revving thrilling typical of a BMW M engine and its outstanding power delivery.

The integration of the turbocharger into the exhaust manifold also makes a significant contribution to the highly efficient power optimization provided by M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology in the new 6 cylinder inline engine in the new BMW X4 M40i. As internal friction is minimized, the warm-up phase required less time.

* Consumption values were determined on the basis of the EU test cycle, depending on the wheel and tyre sizes.

Excellent driving performance.
Technical enhancements have resulted in the most powerful M Performance gasoline engine to date. The new engine powers the new BMW X4 M40i with 355 hp at between 5,800 and 6,000 rpm. This corresponds to an increase in performance of nearly 18 percent compared to the BMW X4 xDrive35i. At the same time, these internal engine modifications have increased maximum torque by a good 14 percent to 343 lb-ft between 1,350 and 5,250 rpm. The BMW X4 M40i completes the sprint from zero to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds before hitting its electronically limited top speed of 150 mph.

The increased camber on the double-joint front axle and the strengthening of the wishbones result in increased steering response and more steering feedback. Stiffer springs and reinforced stabilizers on both front and rear axles also reduce roll tendency and optimize driving dynamics. These measures are most effectively supported by the M Performance specific tuning, performed on the electronically controlled damping system.

The variable sports steering, sharpened by M Performance-specific tuning, delivers heightened steering precision; the steering feel is further refined by optimized road feedback.

Sport Automatic 8-speed STEPTRONIC as standard.
The 8-speed STEPTRONIC sports transmission, fitted as standard equipment in the new BMW X4 M40i, is responsible for the transmission of the energy supplied by the most powerful M Performance gasoline engine to date, making a significant contribution to the dynamics of this M Performance vehicle. The M Performance-specific tuning of the gear shift programs, which features distinctively sporty shifts and higher downshift spontaneity throughout the entire range of engine speed, was specially adapted to the engine characteristics. Sporty, direct powertrain connectivity is achieved by carefully avoiding converter slip outside of gear changes. In addition, the 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission has Launch Control as standard. With this easy-to-use system, an ambitious driver is able to optimally accelerate his BMW X4 M40i under all conditions. For a decidedly sporty driving style, the 8‑speed Steptronic sports transmission can also be controlled via paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. In classic fashion, when in manual mode the selected gear is maintained, even when the engine speed limiter has been triggered. In addition, with its compact design, low weight and its optimized efficiency, this transmission makes a significant contribution to reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.

xDrive - BMW's intelligent all-wheel drive system.
Like all of the BMW X4 models, the BMW X4 M40i is fitted with intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive. With Performance Control as standard, the system regulates the variable distribution of drive torque between the two rear wheels. These systems help to achieve a unique level of dynamics, agility and traction. Regardless of the road surface, the vehicle follows the line the driver intends far more precisely and requires noticeably fewer steering corrections. Furthermore, the BMW xDrive fitted to the BMW X4 M40i has been configured to place emphasis on the rear wheels, a typical characteristic of BMW M Performance driving dynamics.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires– for ideal road contact.
Instrumental to the excellent driving dynamics of the new BMW X4 M40i are the appropriate tires. Exclusively available for the new BMW X4 M40i are the optional new two-tone 20-inch double-spoke light-alloy wheels (front 8.5 J x 20, rear 10 J x 20) fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. This Ultra High Performance tire mix (front 245/40 R20, rear 275/35 R20) guarantees an even better feel for, and a measurable increase in the driving dynamics.

As standard equipment, the BMW X4 M40i is fitted with a 19-inch double-spoke light-alloy wheels with either all-season run-flat tires (8.5 J x 19, 245/45 R19) or performance run-flat tires (front 8.5 J x 19, 245/45 R19; rear 9.5 J x 19, 275/40 R19 ) axle.

In view of the performance of the new BMW X4 M40i, the braking system also had to be upgraded. The increased size of the brake discs on the front axle and the performance-oriented brake pads on all four wheels ensure that the new BMW X4 M40i can be outstandingly decelerated, in even the sportiest of driving conditions.

Individualization and Design.
The stretched, powerful lines of this Sports Activity Coupe are further emphasized in the new BMW X4 M40i with selectively applied Ferric Gray metallic accents, that clearly sets this vehicle apart from the other BMW X4 models. For example, the exterior mirrors as well as the vertical slats of the famous BMW kidney grille are painted in exclusive Ferric Gray metallic. The same color also adorns the new aero design element in the large air intakes located on the far outer edges of the front apron. In addition, the exclusivity of the BMW X4 M40i is subtly underlined by the model lettering in chrome.

From the rear, the new BMW X4 M40i is immediately recognizable. At first glance, the wide, flat rear end with the L-shaped LED rear lights and the aggressive diffuser optics affirms the vehicle's excellent driving dynamics. Two tailpipes are mounted on the left and right at the rear and the sport exhaust system finished in Black Chrome also suggest the extraordinary performance potential of the BMW M Performance model which is confirmed by the powerful sound of the engine.

The extroverted appearance of the new BMW X4 M40i is supplemented by the exclusive, optional 20-inch M double-spoke light-alloy wheels in two-tone Ferric Grey metallic, with highly polished, sculpted faces. Together with the characteristic two-part contour line, the muscular flanks and the accurately modelled C pillars, these illustrate once again the excellent dynamic credentials of BMW M Performance automobiles.

The sporty, exclusive interior of the new BMW X4 M40i also emphasizes its typical BMW M Performance pedigree. The door sills bear the “X4 M40i” lettering, which also appears on the instrument cluster when the vehicle is unlocked and remains visible when driving. Navigation instructions and vehicle status messages are superimposed over the lettering as required. This dynamic impression is rounded off by the new standard M leather steering wheel with shifter paddles and the M logo on the selector lever of the 8-speed STEPTRONIC Sport automatic transmission.

The new BMW X4 M40i is extensively equipped when ordered as a standard vehicle. 8-speed Sport automatic transmission, Dynamic Damper Control, Variable Sport Steering, Performance Control, Park Distance Control front and rear, Xenon adaptive headlights and LED fog lights are all standard, as well as Sport seats, M leather steering wheel and 19-inch M light-alloy wheels. In addition, Nevada Leather upholstery, Comfort Access keyless entry, Lumbar support, and Satellite radio with 1 year subscription (content of Premium Package on the X4 xDrive35i) are all standard on the X4 M40i.

Seven paint colors are available for the new BMW X4 M40i (of which six are available with M Sport on other X4 models), Long Beach Blue metallic joins the offering as an exclusive color for the X4 M40i. Six Nevada Leather upholstery colors can be selected for the interior, as well as four different interior trim options.

BMW ConnectedDrive.
With an array of BMW ConnectedDrive options on offer, including a full-color head-up display, the new BMW X4 M40i also provides all the benefits that result from comprehensively networking the driver, vehicle and the environment.

Other ConnectedDrive features such as the Active Driving Assistant + ACC Stop & Go including Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Pedestrian Warning and City Collision Mitigation are available as optional equipment. BMW Online and BMW Apps, available with the optional Navigation system and in the Technology Package provides access to the intelligent vehicle networking of the driver, vehicle and environment. Innovative services such as Real-Time Traffic Information system (RTTI) can be accessed via the permanently installed SIM card. Apps and extensive on-line applications are also available when Navigation or Technology Package are equipped.

The unparalleled Intelligent Emergency Call.
The Intelligent Emergency Call is also standard equipment on the BMW X4 M40i; its scope and capabilities have made it a world leader in the automotive sector. The system not only reacts when assistance is manually requested, but it also activates automatically. In the case of an accident, the Intelligent Emergency Call sets up a connection to the BMW Interaction Center via the SIM card which is permanently installed in the vehicle; staff then make direct contact with the occupants. At the same time, vehicle location and the potential risk of injury to the occupants of the vehicle are transmitted to ensure a quick rescue response, even if no one in vehicle is able to answer.

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