Citroen announces debut of all-electric e-Mehari cabriolet

Article by Christian A., on December 16, 2015

The Citroën Méhari – produced from 1968 to 1988 – is considered as one of the few iconic vehicles that have unique styling yet remains sassy and confident. As a nod to this iconic off-roader, Citroën, in partnership with Bolloré Group, is introducing an all-electric cabriolet that could seat four persons – the E-MÉHARI.

This new SUV is Citroën's way of confirming its goal of offering modern and fun vehicles that are unique from the rest. Citroën describes the E-MÉHARI as a bold, vibrant vehicle that is in tune with its spirit.

As an "it car," the E-MÉHARI is designed for those seeking an alternative yet trendy vehicle. Since the E-MÉHARI is inspired by the 1968 Méhari, it features a number of elements seen on the original vehicle, For instance, just like the original Méhari, the E-MÉHARI is a convertible, featuring a removable top closed at the side through a foldaway system with large windows.

This top could cover the entire vehicle, or even just the front, rear or side. It also features a raised chassis for enhanced all-terrain driving capability. Moreover, just like the 1968 model, the all-electric E-MÉHARI comes with four rear seats and a folding rear bench. Its body is also made from thermoformed plastic, which is corrosion-free and elastic enough to withstand minor impacts.

Additionally, the E-MÉHARI features maintenance-free paintwork and can be hosed all over, both inside and out. Furthermore, the E-MÉHARI dons a ribbed door pattern, which is a wink to the designers of the original Méhari and the rippling lines of the bodywork.

Also, the exterior colors available for the E-MÉHARI are similar to those that wrapped the original Méhari. With all these similar elements, the E-MÉHARI managed to not only inherit the DNA of the original vehicle but also possess a fun and enjoyable identity distinct from other vehicles of present times.

What provides the E-MÉHARI a personality distinct from other vehicles are styling cues unique to the Citroën brand. For instance, the E-MÉHARI features warm contours and smooth lines, as well as a smiling front end. It also dons the signature feature of the Citroën brand -- dual headlights.

Aside from that, the E-MÉHARI boasts of clean yet charismatic styling that conveys its driveability. It is available in four exterior colors – blue, orange, yellow and beige – all of which were seen on the original Méhari. Its roof, meanwhile, is available in black and orange-red.

Customers could also choose from one of the available interior trim colors: beige or orange-red with a central pattern inspired by water sports. Both trims are made of plastic-coated fabric and are completely waterproof. Its raised body is accentuated by touches of black on the wing extenders, lower valance and bumper.

While the E-MÉHARI conveys a simple and relaxed design, it is fitted with an array of advanced technologies. The most obvious of these advanced technologies is its all-electric capability that’s backed up by the battery technology derived from Bolloré Group. It features Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) batteries, which are known for their energy density, reliability and safety in use.

Since they use dry “fully solid” batteries, they are not as weather-sensitive as other batteries. Moreover, these LMP batteries allow the E-MÉHARI to achieve a city range of 200 km and cruise to a max speed of 110 kph. Once drained, the LMP batteries could be fully recharged in just eight hours using a 16A socket on a domestic station or public stations, or in 13 hours using a 10A domestic socket.

Citroën plans to put the E-MÉHARI on display to the global public -- within the Eco Driving Center in the framework of the COP 21 -- at the PSA Peugeot Citroën’s headquarters in Paris from December 9-11, 2015. Citroën is building the E-MÉHARI at the PSA's Rennes facility and intends to commence its sales in France in spring 2016.

Press Release


The E-MEHARI is a vehicle connected to the history of the brand but with its sights set squarely on the future. It is a wink to an iconic vehicle, the 1968 Méhari, but also far more than that: it is a cheery, all-electric 4-seater cabriolet with modern, fun styling. Through this new stage of its partnership with the Bolloré Group, CITROËN is confirming its ambition to bring to market cheery, optimistic vehicles that are different from the rest.

Stylish, confident, offbeat, and even sassy….. we could use so many words to describe the new model by CITROËN. The E-MEHARI is a bold, vibrant vehicle, very much in tune with the CITROËN spirit. The E-MEHARI is an “it car”, designed to appeal to customers looking for an alternative vehicle with a positive outlook on life, attentive to trends and to the environment.
Incomparable, silent and stress-free, the E-MEHARI stands apart as a free spirit in the automotive market!

The exterior design of E-MEHARI reflects CITROËN’s positioning. All the brand styling cues are visible, including:
• an expressive gaze with dual headlights, the signature of the CITROËN brand;
• a unique, optimistic design featuring full, warm contours, smooth lines and a smiling front end;
• clean styling, symbolising true, simple pleasures, another way of talking about driveability.
This charismatic personality is accompanied by radical choices in colour.

The E-MEHARI offers a wide range of possibilities for personalisation with:
- four body colours: blue, as an invitation to get away from it all, orange to convey a sense of energy and optimism, an invigorating yellow and an elegant beige.
- two roof colours: black and orange-red.
- Two interior trim colours: a natural-looking beige and a high-tech orange-red with a central pattern inspired by water sports. Both are made of plastic-coated fabric and are completely waterproof.

This makes the wildest associations possible for all those looking for a colourful, expressive and fun car.
The E-MEHARI features a raised body, with touches of black provided by the wing extenders, lower valance and bumper. A clear nod to the world of leisure and fun.
As a result, the E-MEHARI is a vehicle of fresh, expressive styling that will appeal to buyers looking for a distinctive, attractive car.


The mindset of E-MEHARI reflects that of an iconic CITROËN vehicle, the Méhari, through its looks and character as well as its practical, leisure-oriented side. Like the Méhari, launched in 1968, the E-MEHARI is:
- convertible, with a removable top closed at the side by a foldaway system with large windows. Users can cover the front, the rear, the side or the whole vehicle;
- fitted with four real seats, including a folding rear bench ;
- equipped with a raised chassis for all-terrain driving;
- made with bodywork of thermoformed plastic: a material that is corrosion-free, with maintenance-free paintwork and the elasticity to withstand minor impacts;
- easy to use: it can be hosed all over, both inside and out.

The ribbed door pattern is a nod to the designers of the original Méhari and the undulating lines of the bodywork. Similarly, the exterior colours reflect those present on the launch of the Méhari.
This link with the Méhari, a legendary vehicle that left its mark on its times, gives the E-MEHARI a strong identity.

Its distinctive approach will appeal all those looking for authenticity and fun.
Although the E-MEHARI is a vehicle of simple, relaxed design, it nevertheless features advanced technology. It is an all-electric vehicle with battery technology based on the expertise of France’s Bolloré Group. With its LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, the E-MEHARI combines a long range with performance, reliability and security.

LMP batteries are recognised for their energy density and safety in use. They are dry batteries (it means “fully solid”) giving them many advantages such as not being weather-sensitive. They give the E-MEHARI a top speed of 110 kph with a range of 200 km in the city.
These functional batteries can be fully recharged in eight hours on a 16A socket (domestic station or public stations such as Autolib in France), or in 13 hours on a 10A domestic socket.

As a result, the E-MEHARI conveys a new sense of freedom and relaxation, allying the joys of open-top driving with the acceleration, ease, and silence of an electric vehicle.
Built at the PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN plant in Rennes, the E-MEHARI will launch in France in spring 2016.
The e-Méhari will be showcased in Paris as world premiere from December 9th to 11th, within the Eco Driving Center in the framework of the COP 21, at the PSA Peugeot Citroën’s headquarter.

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