Wraps taken off Ferrari 458 MM Speciale of the One-Off program

Article by Christian A., on June 6, 2016

Behold Ferrari’s latest creation from its vaunted One-Off program, as designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre -- the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale. This very exclusive car had its first shakedown on the Fiorano circuit by no other than Ferrari chief test driver Dario Benuzzi and its owner from the United Kingdom.

The British owner of this one-off sought very personalized styling. He wanted to have his Ferrari 458 MM Speciale – featuring the chassis and running gear of the 458 Speciale – to don extremely sporty lines as well as a visor-like glasshouse.

Inside, this exclusive One-Off features an improved audio system and trim definition, as specified by its British owner. The interior has Cioccolato leather upholstery with white stitching as accented by satin white rings around the tunnel controls.

Exterior Design

To cater to the client's request, Ferrari blackened the A-pillar, thus making it seem that the windscreen and the side windows are just one single glass element. This also resulted to a lower roofline and made the swept-back C-pillar aerodynamically sleeker.

Wrapped in Bianco Italia with a livery that pays tribute to the Italian flag, the handcrafted aluminum bodywork of the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale features composite carbon-fiber front and rear bumpers as well as a new side air scoop. These features effectively distinguish this One-Off car from the Ferrari model it was based from.

Moreover, certain modified aerodynamic solutions implemented further set it apart from the 458 Speciale, including coolant radiators that are now more steeply inclined and mounted closer together. Its side intakes were designed to enable direct additional cooling of the engine bay, as a compensation for the different rear rake. Mounted on the rear is a spoiler that evenly balances the downforce while completing the theoretical beltline.

This beltline sweeps back along the side from the front wheelarch, lending the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale a more dynamic stance. Featuring specific and exclusive wheels, the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is provided with modified front and rear light clusters.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The Ferrari 458 Speciale was the latest of the special-series Ferraris aimed at clients seeking a more focused sports car offering extreme emotional drive. In terms of performance, the 458 Speciale dishes out something extraordinary. With a weight-power ratio of 2.13 kg/cv, the Ferrari 458 Speciale could accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, with lateral acceleration of 1.33 g.

It completed a lap on the Fiorano circuit at just 1'23"5. When on a trip, drivers are expected to feel their oneness with the 458 Speciale, especially with its very fast response rate that offers logical and natural control even while maneuvering.

This unmatched agility, when translated to numbers, reveals a response time to commands of only 0.060 seconds. On the other hand, the Ferrari 458 Speciale is a clear product of Ferrari's core engineering philosophy that focuses on pushing each new model to the limit while still maintaining chassis balance and handling – thereby ensuring that even non-professional drivers could optimize the potential of each vehicle.

The new Ferrari 458 Speciale offers just that – allowing customers to push this car to the limit on the track and enjoy the sweetness of driving at lower speeds on the road. It is in fact an amalgamation of what Ferrari has been searching for – superb performance, advanced powertrain, and outstanding aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics.

Press Release

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

Ferrari has unveiled its latest One-Off creation during the car's first shakedown on the Fiorano circuit in the hands of Ferrari's chief test driver Dario Benuzzi and the car's enthusiastic British owner.

Designed in-house by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale was built on the chassis and running gear of the 458 Speciale. Stylistically, the client was looking for extremely sporty lines and specified a 'visor' effect for the glasshouse: a black-painted A-pillar, very much in the style of the 1984 Ferrari GTO, helps provide a wraparound solution between the windscreen and side windows which thus meld into single, seamless glass surface. This solution simultaneously lowers the roofline and lends an aerodynamic sleekness to the full volume of the swept-back C-pillar.

Finished in Bianco Italia and complete with a livery that pays homage to the Italian flag, this unique coupé features all-new bodywork, handcrafted in aluminium with composite carbon-fibre bumpers front and rear. The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale also boasts a new side air scoop, one of the most distinctive elements in an extensive revision of the aerodynamic package.

The radically modified aerodynamic solutions are already evident on the front of the car, where the bodywork hugs the coolant radiators which are more steeply inclined and mounted closer together than on the 458 Speciale. The side intakes were devised to allow direct additional cooling of the engine bay to compensate for the different rake of the rear. The tail features a spoiler which balances the downforce evenly and also completes the theoretical beltline that sweeps back along the side from the front wheelarch, giving the car a powerful and athletic stance.

The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale sits on specific wheels exclusive to this very unique car, and an additional touch is the adoption of modified front and rear light clusters. Inside the cockpit upgrades include to an enhanced audio system and trim definition to match the owner's specific wishes. The Cioccolato leather upholstery with white stitching is elegantly accented by a slew of neat touches such as the satin white rings around the tunnel controls.

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