V8-powered 2016 Ford Mustang GT surprisingly recognised for fuel economy

Article by Christian A., on October 28, 2016

Fuel economy is now an everyday term we hear and read in the automotive world. Just recently, some car manufacturers got into serious trouble for claiming false statements with regard to fuel consumption. As it turns out, they have a different way of computing the miles per gallon returned by the vehicle.

Cars are easier to sell once the customers know it’s more fuel-efficient. After all, the cars you use daily should be light on the budget. Then it has to be environment friendly. In fact, the CO2 emission standards set by some government have since promoted diesel over petroleum. We have to admit that because of this, we kind of looked at petroleum as the bad guy.

Some vehicles designed for city driving basically lacks on performance but at least there’s more mileage. Most of the time, fuel-efficiency is only featured on entry levels. These economy cars have smaller engines and are more appropriate for everyday use. That means, you can rarely find a top of the line vehicle with big engine that offer fuel savings. But did you know that Ford’s EcoBoost technology makes it all possible?

The V8-powered Ford Mustang GT has just won the fuel economy award at the MPG marathon. England’s Andy Dawson and Andrew Marriot participated in this year’s event. We have no idea how they were able to do it but we’re totally impressed. You may think it’s quite unusual for a V8 engine, but they have proven it otherwise. The 5.0L V8 Ford Mustang managed to get an impressive 36.6 mpg fuel return.

According to Ford, the V8 Mustang can save as much as 16 miles per gallon when driving around the city and 25 miles per galloon on the highway. Meanwhile, the EcoBoost version can give 21 mpg and 32 mpg. Ford joined the 430-mile real world course to prove their car’s fuel efficiency and performance. Surprisingly, their vehicle is 75% more fuel-efficient than what they claim (based on combined fuel consumption).

Kevin Griffin, Ford Sales Director recounted how they sold as many as 3,000 units ever since the right hand drive Mustang arrived in the UK. Of those, about two thirds came with 5.0L V8 engines.

We thought this isn’t going to happen anymore. Over the last 10 years, more people are choosing diesel over petrol because of fuel savings. Overall, we think there are a lot of great things happening now. Because of this, we’re able to look at petrol powered engine vehicles at different perspective.

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