Lamborghini Releases 3 Gorgeous After Sales Aero Kits for the Huracan

Article by Christian A., on August 12, 2016

Lamborghini is known to be the creator of some of the world’s most extravagant supercars. This is evident in both its inner workings and its external features. Lamborghinis are designed in a way that is elegant and intimidating at the same time. The Italian automaker has since been creating top-of-the-line grand touring cars with atrocious power and menacing looks that makes any competitor cower in fear.

Even with all the good stuff that Lamborghini has offered its clients, it is inevitable that there are some who want to take the extra mile to enhance their Lambo experience. Lamborghinis are one of the most extensively tuned cars but all these upgrades and enhancements have been done by aftermarket automotive tuners – some producing the most mind-blowing tuned Lamborghinis that have set foot (read: wheel) on the face of the Earth.

However, the sad thing about having your Lambo tuned by an aftermarket tuner is that it could void the car’s warranty. Now for those who value warranty over tuning, there’s good news for you guys. Lamborghini has finally decided to release an after sales package for the Huracan. Well, that’s a start considering that the car has been out for quite a while now and would soon be expected to be replaced by a new model (like how it replaced the Gallardo). The Italian automaker will offer three after sales packages namely: the aerodynamic kit, aesthetic package and the center-lock kit.

The aerodynamic kit offers a sporty front splitter, side skirts and a rear diffuser with a large rear wing for anyone planning to install this package on their Huracan. Each of these accessories is made of strong, light-weight composite materials in black matte finish that will definitely give a fresh and pleasant look to the Huracan. To ensure safety, the aerodynamic kit was developed in Lamborghini’s own wind tunnels and is currently the only Lamborghini-approved Huracan aero kit out in the market.

The aesthetic package on the otherhand offers a specially designed livery composed of double, pre-cut racing graphics in red or a choice of matte or glossy black. It is basically a “racing stripe kit” for the Huracan, going from the front to the rear and with matching rear wing mirrors. Gloss black will fit perfectly with any Huracan color but red would also go well with some finishes. This plus the aerodynamic kit is the perfect concoction for some dose of mischief with class.

Lastly, the center-lock kit offers the Huracan with some racing technology. Its 20-inch wheels will be fitted with 20-inch rims in shiny black finish with a Super Trofeo inspired design. Not to worry as these rims are compatible with all 20-inch Huracan tires. This means that Huracan owners do not need to buy new tires to go with this kit. The center-lock kit was developed using extensive racing technology. Of course, we expect nothing less from Lamborghini.

These kits are basically focused on exterior enhancements but these will surely give the Huracan a fresher and sportier look. The kits are products of the Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini range and are already available in more than 130 authorized dealers in 50 different countries. Official pricing for the kits have not been announced but expect that if you can afford a Huracan, then most probably the cost of the kits would not be an issue for you. We’re excited to see the result of having all these kits installed in one Huracan and we’re hoping to see that very soon.

Press Release


Lamborghini announces three new After Sales packages for its Huracán models, available for both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive variants.

The aerodynamic kit includes a sporty front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser with a large rear wing. All components are made from strong, light, composite materials and are offered in a matt black painted finish enhancing the overall exterior and highlighting its sporty character. This new kit has been fully developed and tested by Lamborghini in wind tunnels to ensure vehicle safety in all conditions and is the only factory approved aerodynamic kit available for Huracán models.

The aesthetic package features a specially designed livery made of double, pre-cut racing graphics, available in matte black, glossy black or red that can be applied from front to rear while matching the rear wing mirrors. The special removable livery is designed as a high quality finish and can be easily removed without causing damage to the exterior paint.

The center-lock kit introduces for the first time on Huracán the exclusive racing technology of locking system with center lock. The dedicated rims are finished in shiny black, have a Super Trofeo inspired design and are compatible with all 20” Huracán tires.

All products of the Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini range are now available for installation by more than 130 authorized Lamborghini dealerships in 50 countries worldwide and do not affect the vehicle’s warranty.

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