2016 Mercedes-Benz A-Class pricing and specs revealed

Article by Christian A., on July 9, 2015

The complete list of details on the 2016 Mercedes-Benz A-Class has recently been released. Its exterior stands out with its stunning contours, window lines similar to those of a coupe, and dynamic surfaces. The new generation A-Class has a new front bumper that has more of an arrow shape, revised tail lights, and a new set of LED High Performance headlamps.

What the automaker has done with the new model is emphasize the current compact-class model’s sporty and dynamic characteristics. When it comes to equipment, the range was improved in several aspects. These include suspension with Adaptive Damping System, DYNAMIC SELECT, and smartphone integration through Apple, CarPlay, and MirrorLink.

The A-Class comes in elbaite green metallic, which is a new "on-trend" color. It is also available as a special "Motorsport Edition" model, which motor racing fans will surely like. The company is now ready to take your orders for the new-generation A-Class. It has a starting price of 23,746.45 euros. There’s a moderate price increase for this new model, ranging from 184.45 to 892.50 euros (Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC), depending on the model.

Dealer showrooms will get the first models at the end of September. The A 160 with 75 kW(102 hp) is the new entry-level model for the expanded A-Class model range. It is because of this new variant that the A-Class price list is currently priced from 23,746.45 euros. When it comes to efficiency, the 80 kW (109 hp) A 180 d BlueEFFICIENCY Edition is the winner with only 3.5 l/100 km of NEDC fuel consumption.

It has 89 g/km of CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, the A 180 d BlueEFFICIENCY Edition has a starting price of 27,851.95 euros. Motor racing enthusiasts have plenty to attract them to the special "Motorsport Edition" model, particularly with its design inspired by the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 team. Petrol green paint has been applied to surfaces of the front and its rear bumper trim.

The rim flanges of the AMG light-alloy wheels use the same color. For the interior, the air vents as well as the contrasting topstitching have a petrol green color. A whole range of engine variants is available for the "Motorsport Edition" from A 200/A 200 d. However, the Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC is the exemption.

Buyers have to pay an added cost from 4849.25 to 6307.00 euros depending on which engine variant is selected. If you get the optional extra DYNAMIC SELECT, you’re able to adjust the engine, transmission and steering characteristics of the A-Class by simply pressing a button. There are four driving modes available: Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual. DYNAMIC SELECT is standard on the A 200 d 4MATIC, A 220 4MATIC, A 220 d, A 220 d 4MATIC, A 250 4MATIC, A 250 Sport and A 250 Sport 4MATIC models.

In addition, the system also comes as standard equipment on all the models that feature 7G-DCT, AMG Line, lowered suspension or the new suspension with Adaptive Damping System. For 95.20 euros more, the other engine variants can be equipped with DYNAMIC SELECT as an option. This option is not offered for the two BlueEFFICIENCY Edition models.

Because of DYNAMIC SELECT, the driver gets a very wide range of setting options together with the new suspension with Adaptive Damping System (offered as an optional extra that costs from 892.50 euros). As a result, the driver can adjust the damping characteristics via the DYNAMIC SELECT switch. The driver can either select the Comfort mode with comfortable damping features or the Sport mode for a damper setting that’s sporty and tauter.

The new-generation A-Class comes with comprehensive smartphone integration, the first model from this brand to get this upgrade. Mercedes-Benz will start to offer the Apple CarPlay(for iPhone owners) and MirrorLink infotainment systems starting next year. By using MirrorLink, compatible smartphones can be integrated into the vehicle and smartphone content to be demonstrated on the A-Class display.

A group of companies from the automotive and IT industries agreed on MirrorLink as a standard to promote a standardised interface to transmit display content and to control commands. The Car Connectivity Consortium certifies these devices and apps accordingly. These infotainment systems can now be ordered.

Starting in 2016, smartphone integration will be available as standard together with COMAND Online. It may be installed together with Audio 20 (smartphone integration package that includes micro USB and iPhone Lightning cables) for 357 euros. The LED High Performance headlamps don’t only offer a unique look, they also provide additional safety at night because of their wide beam pattern.

This light offers a daylight kind of color and consumes very low energy. These headlamps come as standard on the Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC but they are available as an option for 1041.25 euros. The driver gets a welcome right after unlocking the vehicle with a light show via the “coming home” function. After the daytime running lamps first light up in blue, they then transition gently to white.

For just 142.80 euros more, ambient lighting may be installed on the vehicle. These 12 different colors may be dimmed in five stages. After the driver gets in the vehicle, he is treated to an amazing lighting effect. It costs 666.40 euros for the A-Class to get a new "on-trend" colour elbaite green metallic paint job. The facelifted Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC costs 51,051.00 euros.

The entry-level model has a peak output of 280 kW (381 hp) and maximum torque of 475 Nm, earning it the title as the most powerful compact sports model in the world, producing 15 kW or 21 hp more than its predecessor.

The Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC has standard equipment that includes LED High Performance headlamps as well as the new AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes, namely: Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual. Traction is at its optimum with the standard all-wheel drive and the optional front axle differential (which is available for the first time). These are included in the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package for just 2618.00 euros.

Press Release

The new generation A-Class: As comfortable as never before, as dynamic as always

The new-generation A-Class from Mercedes-Benz reconciles the conflicting aims of sporty performance and enhanced comfort: With DYNAMIC SELECT, the driver is able to change the best-seller's characteristics in a matter of seconds - at the touch of a button the A-Class drives in a particularly comfortable, sporty or efficient manner. Mercedes‑Benz has also increased the range of available engines. The A 160 with 75 kW (102 hp) is the new entry-level model. The new efficiency champion is the 80-kW (109-hp) A 180 d BlueEFFICIENCY Edition with CO2 emissions of 89 g/km. And with its dramatic design in the style of the successful MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 team, the special "Motorsport Edition" model will particularly appeal to racing fans. The Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC also benefits from the model update. With a peak output of 280 kW (381 hp) and maximum torque of 475 Nm, the entry-level model from Mercedes-AMG is the world's most powerful compact sports model. The revised gear ratios, aerodynamic fine-tuning and the new DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes raise overall performance to a higher level, underlining the claim to leadership in this market segment.

The chassis: Comfort at the touch of a button

Should the A-Class deliver a comfortable, sporty or especially efficient ride? DYNAMIC SELECT allows the vehicle characteristics to be modified in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button. DYNAMIC SELECT offers a particularly broad range of settings in combination with the new suspension with adaptive damping.

DYNAMIC SELECT modifies the characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, steering and air conditioning according to the driver's wishes. The control units of the individual vehicle components receive a signal and change the particular parameters. At the same time, the selected programme is shown as the current status in the instrument cluster and as a pop-up message in the media display.

Four driving programmes can be selected with the switch in the upper control panel:

Each time the ignition is restarted, the balanced, comfort-oriented "Comfort" mode is active as the default setting.
More agility and dynamic performance come courtesy of the "Sport" driving programme, which is characterised by a more spontaneous throttle response, sportier steering feedback and firmer damper settings.
The "Eco" driving programme is designed to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. In addition to the accelerator pedal curve, the output of the seat heating, rear defrost and climate control system are also modified. The so-called "Sailing" function also supports this. If the driver removes his or her foot from the accelerator, the vehicle uses its own kinetic energy and glides along the road in a fuel-saving way.
The "Individual" driving programme enables various parameters - from the steering and the powertrain to the suspension - to be adjusted to suit personal preferences. This makes it possible, for example, to combine light and comfortable steering characteristics with a sporty firm suspension set-up. The configuration is selected with the help of the central controller on the media display.
The A 200 d 4MATIC, A 220 4MATIC, A 220 d, A 220 d 4MATIC, A 250 4MATIC, A 250 Sport and A 250 Sport 4MATIC models are equipped with DYNAMIC SELECT as standard. The system is also included as standard in all models with DCT, AMG Line or one of the lowered suspensions. DYNAMIC SELECT is available on request for all other engine variants except the two BlueEFFICIENCY Edition models.

DYNAMIC SELECT offers the full range of setting options in combination with the new suspension with adaptive damping (optional extra). In this case the driver is able to modify the vehicle's damping characteristics using the DYNAMIC SELECT Switch. There is a choice between Comfort mode with comfortable damping characteristics and Sport mode for a sporty and more taut damper set-up. Even in 'Comfort' mode the damping forces are automatically adjusted instantly to the handling dynamics of the vehicle, for example in case of evasive manoeuvres. In Sport mode the effect of the shock absorbers is increased. This enables a significantly more agile driving style. Acceleration sensors measure the vehicle's body movements, and other current information about the vehicle status such as the steering angle, speed of steering angle change and yaw rate is included when calculating the damping characteristics. A proportional valve is actuated electronically at each shock absorber to control the oil flow and therefore the damping characteristics. The damping system is infinitely variable, and the configuration is individual for each wheel.

The suspension experts at Mercedes-Benz were already experimenting with the variance of the damping characteristics before an operational prototype was available: To this end, the engineers fed the so-called ride simulator at the development centre in Sindelfingen with the surface data from real-life test routes and the corresponding suspension data of the adaptive damping system of the A‑Class. In this way, it was possible to conduct virtual test drives with the new suspension on the two seats of the ride simulator at an early stage of the development process - followed by the usual extensive test programme.

The new suspension with adaptive damping is available for all engines except for the two BlueEFFICIENCY Edition models. The two Sport models can be optionally equipped with the AMG-tuned AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension with adaptive damping.

In addition, these three suspension set-ups are available for the A-Class:

Comfort suspension (standard)
Comfort suspension with ride-height lowering (optional, includes sports direct steering and DYNAMIC SELECT). As part of this the body is lowered by 15 mm at the front axle and by 10 mm at the rear axle.
Sports suspension with ride-height lowering (standard with AMG Line, includes sports direct steering and DYNAMIC SELECT). Through the firmer set-up of the springs and damping, the sports suspension facilitates a sportier driving style without any great loss of comfort. The ride is likewise lowered by 15 mm at the front axle and by 10 mm at the rear axle.
The design: Elevated heart rate

Striking lines, dynamically curved surfaces and coupé-like window lines characterise the new exterior of the A-Class, following the design philosophy of sensuous clarity. With a new, more arrow-shaped front bumper, new LED high-performance headlamps (optional extra) and redesigned tail lamps with dual tailpipe trim integrated flush into the bumper, the new generation emphasises the sportiness and dynamics of the successful compact class model series. The A-Class is now available in the new trend colour elbaite green metallic. An instrument cluster of tubular design with classy gauge design and anodised switches upgrade the high-quality interior, as does the large, free-standing and frameless display of the head unit, which is now optionally available with a larger 20.3-cm (8-inch) screen. New colours and materials, as well as new finishes for the trim in the dashboard, ensure a fresh ambience.

The design of the A-Class was already young and progressive - the model update now puts the emphasis even more on the sporty-dynamic orientation. The new front bumper is more arrow-shaped and takes its lead from the Concept A-Class (2011) concept vehicle. As a result, the radiator grille stands even more prominently in the light. All A-Class vehicles are now equipped with a single-louvre grille as part of the model update. In the past, it was reserved exclusively for the sportiest models.

Because the sensor of the standard-fit COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS assistance system is no longer positioned behind a glass pane in the Mercedes star but was relocated to behind the bumper, the central star now has a three-dimensional appearance.

All A-Class models now feature the striking diamond grille. It is black as standard while the dots are chromed on the AMG Line design and equipment line as well as on the Sport model. Another distinguishing feature is the trim strip in the lower part of the bumper: it is chromed on the Style and Urban design and equipment lines and black in conjunction with the Night package. As on the Concept A-CLASS, the second air intake at the side of the front bumper is now vertically arranged and visually adds to the width of the vehicle.

LED high-performance headlamps with distinctive light signet are available as an optional extra for the A-Class. The polygon shape of LED main lens is taken up by the side brace in the headlamp. The hallmark "torch" was retained. The designers further evolved the LED modules for the daytime running lights and the turn indicators above the character line in the headlamp visually: instead of the previous dew drop shape, there are now clearly designed lines visible under the glass cover. In addition, a blue 'coming home' light welcomes the driver.

The tail lamps were also revised and now sport a more homogeneous stripe design. As standard, the A-Class is fitted with partial LED tail lamps. Full LED tail lamps are installed in conjunction with the LED high-performance headlamps. The backlit meander provides an impressive light signet and improved visibility. The tailpipe trim is now integrated flush into the bumper. This adds visual width to the vehicle and ensures a superior high-quality appearance thanks to even and narrow gaps. The Style design and equipment line does not have visible tailpipe trim. The tailpipe trim is chromed from Urban on up.

The A-Class is now available in the new trend colour elbaite green metallic. The new exterior colour replaces universe blue. Six new sporty light-alloy wheels also underscore the progressive character.

The high-quality interior was upgraded further with loving attention to detail. Distinguishing features of the new A-Class generation include

the new steering wheel generation with three-spoke design and twelve function keys as standard
new finishes for the trim in the instrument panel in conjunction with Style, Urban or the Exclusive package
the optional free-standing and now up to eight inch screen with flush-fitting full glazing
exclusive equipment scopes such as ambience lighting in 12 different colours and welcome sequence
high-quality new controls, such as the fully anodised switch panel in the centre console (from Style) or the chrome surrounds on the transmission tunnel
new colours and materials, e.g. sahara beige/black leather in the Exclusive package and a new seat design for the Style line with red or green highlights and the combination of Messancy fabric and ARTICO man-made leather.
The instrument cluster also underwent a visual upgrade. A new twin-tube sports instrument cluster with chrome tube surrounds is now used from Urban on up. The new fine scale graduation on the speedometer and rev counter is an indication of the high-precision instrumentation. The needles now have silver-coloured centres and a red shaft. The dials are black for perfect readability and either sport concentric rings (standard spec and Style) or a chequered flag design (Urban, AMG Line as well as Exclusive package).

The equipment features: Final polish in many details

LED high-performance headlamps and ambience lighting which can be customised with twelve colours and five dimming levels - the equipment range for the A-Class has been expanded in many areas. Also new is the seat cushion length adjustment by up to 60 mm. With its dramatic design in the style of the successful MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 team, the new "Motorsport Edition" special model will particularly appeal to motor racing fans.

With the lines Style, Urban and AMG Line as well as the design packages Night package, Exclusive package and AMG Exclusive package, Mercedes-Benz adheres to the proven product logic for the A-Class. The modifications are in the details: For example, a new feature for the Style line is the design of the sports seats with ARTICO man-made leather and Messancy fabric with green or red highlights, and the combination of sahara beige and black leather in the Exclusive package. The two Sport models A 250 Sport and A 250 Sport 4MATIC "engineered by AMG" continue to be available and their character has been sharpened further.

The new or significantly expanded equipment features at a glance:

In addition to their distinctive visual appeal, the LED high-performance headlamps boost night-time driving safety thanks to broad light distribution, a daylight-simulating colour temperature and low energy consumption. On unlocking the vehicle, the driver is welcomed by the "coming home" function with its unusual light show. The daytime running lamps first light up in blue, followed by a soft transition to white.
A new feature of the Seating Comfort package is the adjustable seat cushion length for driver and front passenger. The thigh support can be extended by up to six centimetres and consequently offers better seating comfort in particular for tall people. As before, the other components of the Seating Comfort package are the height-adjustable front passenger seat and the seat cushion angle adjustment for the driver's and front passenger's seat. The Seating Comfort package is included in all design and equipment lines.
Ambient lighting, available as an option, creates a unique feel-good atmosphere inside the vehicle with twelve different colours which can be dimmed in five stages. The LEDs of the ambient lighting are positioned in the front and rear footwells, in the door handle recesses, the front and rear head restraints of the sports seats and in the cup holders. They also serve as indirect lighting for the door handles in the door cards. On entering the vehicle the driver is also welcomed by a sophisticated lighting effect.
The optionally available reversing camera has an impressive new 180‑degree wide-angle view, a higher resolution and integrated dirt deflection.
With petrol green highlights: the "Motorsport Edition" special model

With its dramatic design in the style of the successful MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 team, the "Motorsport Edition" special model will particularly appeal to motor racing fans. Areas of the front and rear bumper trim are painted in petrol green, and the same colour adorns the rim flanges of the AMG light- alloy wheels. The AMG rear aerofoil is embellished with petrol green highlights, as are the exterior mirrors (only in conjunction with A 250 Sport and A 250 Sport 4MATIC). Eye-catching details in the interior include the petrol green surrounds of the air vents and the contrasting petrol green topstitching on e.g. the dashboard, floor mats, the armrest in the centre console and the armrests on the doors. The sports seats upholstered in black leather/DINAMICA microfibre have petrol green decorative strips, as have the black seat belts.

The special model, which is based on the AMG Line and the Sport models respectively, comes as standard with the Night package, the LED high-performance headlamps, the AMG Exclusive package and the Audio 20 USB. The "Motorsport Edition" is available for all engine variants from the A 200/A 200 d on up (except the A 45). Customers can choose from cirrus white, night black, cosmos black, polar silver, mountain grey and designo mountain grey paint finishes.

The powertrain: Engine range expanded further

The A 160 rated at 75 kW (102 hp) is the new entry-level model of the A-Class model range. Also new are the especially efficient diesel models A 180 d BlueEFFICIENCY Edition with CO2 emissions of 89 g/km and the versions of the dynamic models A 250 and A 250 Sport with manual gearbox. The A 220 d now has a slightly higher output of 130 kW (177 hp), an increase by 5 kW (7 hp), while the Sport models A 250 Sport and A 250 Sport 4MATIC now develop 160 kW (218 hp) instead of 155 kW (211 hp) previously. The Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC also benefits from the model update. With a peak output of 280 kW (381 hp) and maximum torque of 475 Nm, the entry-level model from Mercedes-AMG is the world's most powerful compact sports model. In combination with the 7G-DCT dual-clutch transmission, the A-Class now has "Launch Assist" for even faster acceleration from standstill. All in all, the model range counts 17 variants.

Mercedes-Benz is also using the A-Class model update as the opportunity to introduce the new nomenclature for the drive variants in this model series. While the petrol models remain without an additional letter, the lower-case "d" replaces the "CDI" designation. For example, the A 200 CDI is now called the A 200 d.

The model range of the A-Class now features an attractive new entry-level model in the A 160. Its four-cylinder engine develops 75 kW (102 hp) from a displacement of 1595 cc and produces a peak torque of 180 Nm from 1200 rpm. Equipped with the 7G-DCT dual-clutch transmission, the A 160 consumes just 5.1 litres of premium petrol per 100 kilometres (with manual gearbox: 5.4 l/100 km). This corresponds to CO2 emissions of just 119 grams per kilometre (with manual gearbox: 124 g/km).

The new efficiency champion is the 80 kW (109 hp) A 180 d BlueEFFICIENCY Edition, which is happy with an NEDC fuel consumption of just 3.5 l/100 km. The CO2 emissions of outstandingly low 89 g/km come courtesy of numerous measures to enhance efficiency. For example, the comfort suspension with ride-height lowering and aerodynamically styled steel wheels ensures further improved aerodynamics. The smaller fuel tank with a capacity of 40 litres saves weight. The manual gearbox has longer gear ratios and consequently helps to save fuel, as do the tyres with optimised rolling resistance and elevated air tyre pressure.

The dynamic models A 250 and A 250 Sport rated at 155 kW (211 hp) and 160 kW (218 hp) are now also available with a manual gearbox. The performance of the vehicles is on the level of sports cars with a top speed of 240 km/h and a sprint time from rest to 100 km/h of 6.5 and 6.4 seconds, respectively.

The Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC also benefits from the model update. With a maximum output of 280 kW (381 hp) and a peak torque of 475 Nm, the entry-level model from Mercedes-AMG is the world's most powerful compact sports model. This power pack delivers a dynamic performance that is unrivalled: it accelerates from rest to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. This means that the new Mercedes-AMG A 45 takes 0.4 seconds less for this exercise than its predecessor. At the same time, fuel consumption has been kept at the previous level: no other high-performance model in this category can match its NEDC minimum fuel consumption of 6.9 litres per 100 kilometres (corresponds to 162 g/km CO2).

The new "Launch Assist" function delivers maximum acceleration and is a standard feature in conjunction with the 7G-DCT dual-clutch transmission. To activate the function, the driver has to push the "ESP off" button, select the SPORT or MANUAL transmission mode, keep the brake pedal depressed while applying full throttle at the same time. Upon releasing the brake, the A-Class will accelerate at full engine power and without losing grip. The proper gears are selected fully automatically independent of the activated transmission mode.

The engine, transmission and steering characteristics of the A-Class can now be adjusted at the touch of a button with the optional extra DYNAMIC SELECT. Drivers can choose from four driving programmes: Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual. Independent of the driving programme, drivers can access the "ECO display" on the multifunction display, which helps them to adopt an even more environmentally friendly driving style.

The multimedia features: Trailblazer in smartphone integration

The new-generation A-Class is the first Mercedes-Benz model to be available with comprehensive smartphone integration. Apple® CarPlay® (for iPhone® owners) and MirrorLink® infotainment systems will be available starting in early 2016. At the same time, the new infotainment generation scores points with larger screens, even more intuitive operation and additional functions.

The smartphone integration of compatible smartphones via Apple® CarPlay® and MirrorLink® allows voice-control of these devices, for example. In addition, the other vehicle controls can also be used. Safe and comfortable use on the road is always ensured.

In the case of e.g. Apple® CarPlay®, the system supports making and receiving calls, navigation and listening to music, receiving and sending test messages and emails as well as Siri ® voice control. The selected apps from third-party providers that are also supported include Stitcher Radio® and Spotify®.

Starting in early 2016, smartphone integration will be a standard feature in conjunction with COMAND Online and optional in conjunction with Audio 20.

Larger screen, more functions: new infotainment generation

At the same time, the new infotainment generation makes its way into the A-Class. Operation is now even more intuitive, with the functions delivering a special experience thanks to animated menus and visual depictions on the even larger vehicle display.

Optionally, the screen now measures 20.3 cm (8 inches), making it at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) larger than before. The slim, frameless TFT colour display with brilliant high-resolution screen comes as standard with COMAND Online and is optionally available in combination with Audio 20 USB or CD. The connection options have also been improved: The Media Interface is standard from the Audio 20 system on up. It offers two USB ports in the stowage compartment under the front armrest. Apple® devices can be connected directly via USB. Also standard from the Audio 20 on up is the Bluetooth® interface with hands-free function and audio streaming for playing music files. It also allows the transfer of addresses from a mobile phone to the head unit, provided that the mobile phone supports the PBAP/Phonebook Access Profile function.

The new generation of COMAND Online includes the use of the Remote Online services and Live Traffic Information. The latter service uses real-time traffic data for dynamic route guidance with more accurate arrival times.

The standard specification includes the Audio 5 USB radio. Among its features are a twin tuner, three-line display and USB interface. The Audio 5 USB is compatible with mp3, wma and aac files. The Audio 20 devices have been revised. The Audio 20 USB head unit has two USB ports positioned within optimal reach in the centre console, and an SD card slot for playing media files. All Audio 20 variants now let the driver use online services and run Mercedes-Benz apps while driving. This requires a mobile phone with data option and compatible with Bluetooth®. The Audio 20 CD also has a CD player. In combination with the appropriate pre-installation, the Audio 20 CD can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded to a fully fledged navigation system with the Garmin® MAP PILOT. The pre-installation includes a GPS module and corresponding antenna. Live Traffic Information can now also be used in combination with the Garmin MAP PILOT®.

The Garmin MAP PILOT® transfers all the benefits of a Garmin® navigation system to the Audio 20 CD, making it a cost-effective alternative to a hard-drive navigation system. All the driver needs to do for route guidance is to insert the appropriate SD card with navigation software and map data.

Bluetooth® telephony now features wideband audio ("HD voice"). This technology transmits speech data with almost double the frequency spectrum. This results in a clearly perceptible improvement in call quality, together with enhanced intelligibility. This function must be supported by the mobile phone provider.

Depending on the multimedia system, a CD player, a DVD player or a 6-disc DVD changer are optionally available.

Always in online contact with the car: Mercedes connect me

"Mercedes connect me" connects the A-Class with the world around it. From the Audio 20 on up, the A-Class is equipped with the communication module. It allows the use of the Mercedes connect me services. The available basic services currently include:

Accident Recovery: after activation of the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system, a connection is established with the Customer Assistance Center (CAC) by customer request and assistance is provided with post-accident procedures, e.g. vehicle towing.
Breakdown Management: In the event of a breakdown, calling the Customer Assistance Center also automatically transfers the relevant vehicle data to the Customer Assistance Center to enable even quicker and more effective assistance to be provided by Mercedes-Benz Service24h.
Maintenance Management: if required, maintenance-related data are sent to the Mercedes-Benz service partner. The latter is then able to address the customer proactively and send a quote.
Telediagnostics: components with diagnostics capability are monitored in order to detect wear or failure. If wear and tear is detected, the relevant data are transferred automatically to the workshop, which is then able to address the customer specifically on the basis of this information.

The "Live Traffic Information" service delivers real-time traffic data in conjunction with the Garmin MAP PILOT® or COMAND Online - free for a period of three years and can be renewed thereafter for a fee.

Also standard in combination with Audio 20 or COMAND Online is the Mercedes‑Benz emergency call system. In an accident this service automatically connects the occupants with the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call Centre and sends the position and condition of the vehicle to the rescue operations centre. A rescue vehicle can then be dispatched immediately. The system works automatically, but can also be triggered manually.

The optional Remote Online feature provides the technical basis for the A-Class to use the remote and locator services. Geofencing, vehicle location and parked vehicle locator, remote door locking and unlocking, remote query of vehicle status - a selection of the remote and location services that can currently be ordered separately from Daimler AG on the basis of this technical preparation.

The assistance systems: Superior assistance in dicey situations

With numerous driving assistance systems from the drowsiness detection system ATTENTION ASSIST to DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control, the A-Class is able to give its driver comprehensive support and protection. The assistance systems, which fuse data from various sensor technologies as part of the 'Intelligent Drive' concept and thereby significantly enhance safety and comfort, were revised in part. Active Parking Assist now also provides help with perpendicular parking and is even more convenient thanks to active steering and braking interventions.

The standard COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS expands the functions of the previous COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST (radar-based proximity warning and braking assistance by Adaptive Brake Assist) with autonomous braking to reduce the risk of rear-end collisions. If the driver fails to act when a risk of collision is detected, despite the warning lamp in the instrument cluster and the intermittent audible alert, the system will initiate automatic braking. This significantly reduces the vehicle speed. At low relative speeds, this intervention may be sufficient to prevent a rear-end collision with slower, stopping or stationary vehicles.

The drowsiness detection system ATTENTION ASSIST (standard) has been similarly upgraded: operating within an extended speed range (60 - 200 km/h), it now uses a five-stage bar display to visualise the driver's current attention level. The system's sensitivity can be varied via the "Assistance" menu in the instrument cluster. If the "Sensitive" setting is selected, the system warns the driver even earlier.

Automatic parallel and perpendicular parking as well as automatic exit from parallel parking spaces is made even easier with the further-improved Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC. The system now also provides assistance with active steering and braking interventions in perpendicular parking spaces. The electronic PARKTRONIC system monitors the area in front of the vehicle and behind during manoeuvring and warns the driver if it detects an obstacle.

A component of COMAND Online, Traffic Sign Assist helps the driver to obey the rules of the road - particularly beneficial when driving on long, monotonous stretches of road with variable message signs, through roadworks or in unfamiliar cities. Traffic Sign Assist is able to recognise speed limits and no-overtaking zones, as well as the end of such restrictions. This information is displayed in the instrument cluster and in the map view of the media display. Having detected a traffic sign, the system sends out visual and audible warnings from the instrument cluster if the driver starts driving the wrong way down a one-way road, e.g. on a motorway slip road (wrong-way warning function).

Traffic Sign Assist displays any traffic signs identified in real time. The images seen by a camera located just behind the front windscreen are compared with and checked within split seconds against the signs stored in the system. At the same time, the system refers to the data provided by the navigation system.

The host of optional assistance systems also includes DISTRONIC PLUS, which relieves the burden on the driver with regard to keeping a safe following distance. When this feature is selected, a radar sensor with a longer range significantly expands the operating range in which COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS can react to slower or stopping vehicles ahead. Also available are Lane Keeping Assist with adjustable sensitivity, which is able to warn of unintentional lane departures with pulsations of the steering wheel, and Blind Spot Assist. The latter provides a visual warning of vehicles in the blind spot and issues an additional audible warning if the indicator is activated.

Automatic deactivation of the front passenger airbag is now also available as an optional extra for the A-Class. A pressure sensor in the seat cushion allows the system to recognise whether the front passenger seat is occupied or if a baby seat or child seat has been fitted there. The front passenger airbag is automatically activated or deactivated accordingly.

The lighting: Maximum light yield without dazzling

Apart from their distinctive look, the LED high-performance headlamps (optional extra) offer added safety at night thanks to their broad light distribution and a colour temperature approximating daylight.

The A-Class comes optionally equipped with LED high-performance headlamps. Their colour temperature is closer to that of daylight than xenon headlamps, for example. This means reduced eye strain for the driver. The 34-watt LED low-beam headlamps also have very low energy consumption - around 60 percent less than xenon and around 70 percent less than halogen. This means that it is possible to save up to 0.05 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres or 2.1 grams of CO2 per kilometre, compared with a vehicle with halogen low-beam headlamps.

The low-beam headlamps use LED projection technology, while the main-beam headlamps use LED reflection technology. Direction indicators, daytime running lamps and position lights are in the form of a multifunctional fibre-optic cable, which is also used for the "Coming Home" function. As all lights use LED technology, there is never a need to change a bulb over the entire service life of the vehicle.

The A-Class feature partial LED tail lamps as standard, which in addition to improved visibility also offer a distinctive light design at night. Full LED tail lamps are installed in conjunction with the LED high-performance headlamps. The reversing light and the turn indicator are located in the middle section (inside to outside), the tail light is positioned above and below it, and the brake light is all the way at the top. The rear fog lamp is positioned in the lower section. Mercedes-Benz also uses LEDs for the licence plate lamps and the third brake light.

In addition to offering an impressive light signet, the LED brake lights also play a significant role in road safety. Their faster response (0.010 seconds - conventional incandescent bulbs 0.160 seconds) provides earlier warning to drivers following behind. The reduction in the response time by 0.15 seconds translates into a stopping distance from 100 km/h shortened by 4.2 metres.

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