Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Extreme Concept gets an upgrade from RENNtech

Article by Christian A., on March 8, 2016

The first thing one notices about the heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis is its impressive size. At 95 inches tall and 20 feet in length, it simply towers over other lesser vehicles and its powerful presence alone dominates everything in sight.

Its imposing hulk correctly suggests the incredible power it possesses with a payload capacity of 6,400 lbs. and a towing capacity of almost 4 tons. Indeed, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis is a capable machine and can be depended on to handle even the toughest task.

Imagine what an expert customizer such as RENNtech can do to this already overpowered base model. According to Bernie Glaser, Vice President of Mercedes-Benz Vans in the USA, Mercedes-Benz’s collaboration with RENNtech to create the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Extreme resulted to a “super-strength, unlimited hard-working capability and an aggressive design.”

Extremely versatile, the Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis is an excellent platform for a variety of final configurations such as buses, ambulances and RVs. Muscle to carry a best-in-class payload of up to 6,400 lbs and towing capability of 7,500 lbs is provided by its powerful 4-Cylinder BlueTEC diesel engine working perfectly with the highly efficient 7-speed “7G-TRONIC” transmission.

The Sprinter Cab Chassis can likewise comfortably seat three people seating abreast. Versatility with any upfit is possible due to the flat, lightweight frame rails design and numerous options for wiring configurations. Depending on your particular need, there are two wheelbase options available, 141 inches or 170 inches.

If you need more upfitting customizations, you can order the Cab Chassis as a “Cutaway” which comes with a back wall and roof. Or you can opt for the RENNtech-customized Sprinter Extreme variant, which showcases RENNtech’s expertise in customizations being a long-time partner of Mercedes-Benz.

In this variant, the vehicle’s front morphs into a more aggressive look with a roof rack that supports six forward-facing lights and additional lights at the sides. Completing the meaner look is a brush guard with fog lights as well as a powerful winch behind the bumper.

Accentuating its rugged and more powerful character, the Sprinter Extreme is higher than the base model thanks to a suspension lift package. The Extreme’s ability to handle any road condition is apparent in its six G-Class-inspired beadlock wheels fitted with off-road tires showing its aggressive stance.

Additional suspension travel and tire clearance are made possible by fabricated custom rear fenders. Exhaust stacks done in chrome and visually prominent vinyl wraps are located on either sides of the cab, completing the design enhancements. With a Scattolini ScattoMaax “Tipper Bed” installed, the Sprinter Extreme is transformed into the ultimate work machine capable of performing in different situations.

This bed is capable of dumping payload in excess of 5,200 lbs in three directions – left side, back or right side – giving a boost to the flexibility of the platform. This unique addition is available as part of the MasterUpfitter program offered in the Sprinter Extreme.

The Scattolini ScattoMaxx Tipper Bed is a perfect complement to the Sprinter Cab Chassis, both have proven their reliability and durability under extreme working conditions. In addition, the cargo bed is designed to be an additional barrier between passenger and payload, offering that extra layer of protection for maximum safety and peace of mind.

This makes the Sprinter Extreme one of the most versatile commercial vehicles with a greater payload capacity than most half-ton trucks around. Among the 55 MasterUpfitters currently enrolled with the Mercedes programs, Innovative Vehicle Solutions (IVS) is the exclusive supplier of ScattoMaax Tipper Beds in the US.

Press Release

Sprinter Extreme concept has super strength, unlimited capability

It's big, stretching over 20 feet from end-to-end. It's over 95" tall. It knows how to haul, with 6,400 lbs. of payload capacity and a towing capacity of nearly 4-tons. The heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis is a powerhouse ready to take on the toughest tasks. Now, with the help of RENNtech, the Sprinter Extreme has transformed into the ultimate work machine concept.

"The Sprinter Cab Chassis is the most capable heavy-duty vehicle in its segment," said Bernie Glaser, Vice President of Mercedes-Benz Vans in the USA. "The Sprinter Extreme concept has super-strength, unlimited hard-working capability and an aggressive design. Unlike most concepts, the foundation for the Sprinter Extreme can be ordered at a Mercedes or Freightliner dealership today with the help of our MasterUpfitter program."

Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis: A heavy-duty platform ready to take on any task

From the factory, the Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis is incredibly versatile, providing an ideal platform for buses, RVs, ambulances and box bodies, just to name a few. Equipped as standard with a powerful 4-Cylinder BlueTEC diesel engine combined with an efficient 7-speed "7G-TRONIC" transmission, the Sprinter Cab Chassis has a best-in-class payload capacity of up to 6,400 lbs. and can tow up to 7,500 lbs. The Sprinter Cab Chassis can not only haul a tremendous payload, it can also transport three people, with its available three-abreast seating.

The Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis is the ideal starting point for any upfit project with its flat, lightweight frame rails and numerous factory wiring options. Two wheelbases are available to choose from—141 inches or 170 inches—ensuring that the Sprinter Cab Chassis can meet any upfitting need. Further upfitter customization is possible by ordering the Cab Chassis as a "Cutaway," available without a back wall and roof.

RENNtech completes Cab Chassis customization; makes Sprinter Extreme

Long-time Mercedes-Benz customizer RENNtech added numerous touches to the Sprinter Cab Chassis in order to bring it from mild to wild. Starting at the front, a custom roof rack was built to support six forward-facing lights while additional spotlights are positioned on the sides of the roof rack. A custom brush guard complete with additional fog lights and a powerful winch are located beneath the Sprinter 3500's front bumper.

A suspension lift package raises the Sprinter Extreme above six G-Class-inspired beadlock wheels and aggressive off-road tires. Custom rear fenders were fabricated to provide additional clearance for suspension travel and tire clearance. Finishing off the Sprinter Extreme's look is an eye-catching vinyl wrap and chrome exhaust stacks situated on either side of the cab.

Scattolini ScattoMaax "Tipper Bed" transforms 3500 Cab Chassis into ultimate work machine

The Sprinter Extreme concept has also been equipped with a Scattolini ScattoMaax "Tipper Bed" for expanded capability in a variety of environments. Available as a part of the MasterUpfitter program, this unique bed is already available to customers and allows the Sprinter Extreme to dump over 5,200 lbs. of payload to either side or to the rear. This three-way tipping capability provides added flexibility to an already convenient platform.

Made out of high-strength steels and alloys, the ScattoMaax Tipper Bed is as tough and reliable as the Sprinter Cab Chassis. The unique ScattoMaax cargo bed design provides an extra barrier of protection between the passenger compartment and the payload, ensuring safety and ease-of-mind, even over rough terrain. The end result of this upfit solution: an incredibly versatile, hard-working commercial vehicle with a payload capacity greater than nearly all half-ton trucks currently on the market.

Innovative Vehicle Solutions (IVS), one of the 55 MasterUpfitters currently enrolled in the Mercedes program, is the exclusive supplier of ScattoMaax Tipper Beds in the United States.

Safety first!

Standard Load-Adaptive ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) ensures that even when the Sprinter Extreme Concept is loaded to maximum capacity, stability is able to be maintained, even on slippery surfaces. By taking the vehicle load and center of gravity into account, ESP automatically brakes individual wheels and reduces engine power to stabilize the vehicle if wheelspin, understeer or oversteer is detected. ESP is standard across the Sprinter product lineup.

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