MINI reveals Chili Pack enhancements for Hatch models

Article by Christian A., on February 22, 2016

MINI revealed that its Hatch models have received various improvements on their standard specification. The brand will also be launching new personalization options but this will be exclusive for UK customers. For instance, the LED headlights and foglights will now be part of its Chili Pack, the brand’s flagship option pack.

The Chili Pack offers so much savings that more than 50% of Hatch customers and 75% of Clubman customers buy this pack. In addition to the improvements done to the Chili Pack, the brand also revealed that the MINI eCall and the MINI Teleservices will now come as standard starting March on all the MINI Clubman and MINI hatch models.

With the Teleservices, the driver will be able to keep a close watch on the service condition of the car all throughout its life. When the system detects problems, the MINI Teleservices can then send the issue to the chosen MINI Retailer after which the customer can set a convenient schedule to have the matter solved. Since the MINI Teleservices is now standard in the MINI Hatch, drivers can now avail of significant insurance discounts with the MINI FlexiMile Insurance through the MINI Financial Services.

What the MINI FlexiMile Insurance does is to give the precise number of miles driven. For those drives that are less than 6,000 miles annually, they can now get a discount on MINI Car Insurance but only if they have the MINI FlexiMile Insurance product. The MINI eCall meanwhile can determine the angle and speed of the car during an impact and count how many seatbelts were used and airbags deployed.

All these are done without the need for Bluetooth connections. Using the data gathered, the MINI eCall can establish just how severe the impact was, initiate an emergency call, then share the information obtained with emergency services. Since it has its own battery unit, and even speaker, it can work automatically. This is crucial especially in case of a serious accident. Starting in March, the MINI Clubman, MINI 3-door Hatch, and MINI 5-door Hatch, will be equipped with the MINI eCall and MINI Teleservices as standard.

Aside from the changes being made to the standard equipment, customers will be offered two new option packs with the MINI Tech Pack and MINI Yours Pack. These two packs allow customers to customize their MINI for less the cost but they’re still able to increase their vehicle’s value.

The MINI Tech Pack will be available for the new MINI Convertible and all MINI Hatch models. The pack includes a MINI Head-Up-Display, the first time that it’s available for the small car class. Through an easy-to-read display, the driver sees the speed of the vehicle, satellite navigation instructions, and media information. It will also have the rear-view reversing camera particularly for those that do not have this as standard equipment.

In addition to the MINI Head-Up Display and its 8.8-inch central display, this Tech Pack will also offer 3D mapping with real-time mapping information and a 20G hard drive. Then there is the MINI Connected XL. With the Journey Mate function, the MINI Connected XL enables drivers to map their planned journey with certain way point, stop-overs, and reminders without the need to go inside the car. MINI Connected uses a MINI Controller and is compatible with Spotify.

The audio is made possible with the A 12-speaker Harman Kardon stereo system that has five mid-range speakers, five tweeters, and two subwoofers under the seat. With all the technology options available, the Tech Pack offers 10% savings when included with the MINI Clubman, MINI Convertible, MINI 3-door, and MINI 5-door, unlike when it is bought individually. The MINI Yours pack on the other hand was created exclusively for the MINI Clubman and MINI Convertible.

It includes a Union Flag that has been embroidered into the headrest and the Walk Nappa leather seat upholstery with the quilted leather and braided piping design. The Steering Wheel is also in Walk Nappa leather. Completing the MINI Yours pack is the addition of interior lighting with the choice of three interior surfaces.

Press Release


MINI has today announced a number enhancements for the standard specification on MINI Hatch models and the introduction of new personalisation options available exclusively for UK drivers.

LED headlights and foglights are now included in MINI’s flagship option pack, the MINI Chili Pack. Such are the savings of MINI Chili Pack that it is bought by over 50 per cent of MINI Hatch customers and 75 per cent of MINI Clubman customers.

In addition to the enhancements to the popular Chili Pack, MINI is today announcing that MINI Teleservices and MINI eCall will be standard on all MINI Hatch and MINI Clubman models from March.

Fully integrated into the car, MINI Teleservices is able to monitor the car’s service condition throughout its life. If an issue is ever detected, MINI Teleservices can send this data to the driver’s preferred MINI Retailer and an appointment to fix the problem can be arranged at the customer’s convenience.

With MINI Teleservices, MINI Financial Services is now also able to offer significant car insurance discounts for MINI Hatch drivers with MINI FlexiMile Insurance. By using MINI Teleservices, MINI FlexiMile Insurance is able to accurately monitor the amount of miles driven. Drivers who typically achieve 6,000 miles or less in a year will qualify for a discount on MINI Car Insurance if they opt for the new MINI FlexiMile Insurance product.

Without having to rely on Bluetooth connections, MINI eCall is capable of reading the speed and angle of the car on impact, the number of airbags deployed and how many seatbelts were in use at the time. Based on this data, MINI eCall determines the severity of the impact, triggering an emergency call, where this information can be shared with the emergency services. MINI eCall has its own battery unit and speaker so can function independently of other vehicle systems in the event of a severe incident.

MINI Teleservices and MINI eCall will be offered as standard on MINI 3-door Hatch, MINI 5-door Hatch and MINI Clubman from March of this year.

In addition to the changes to standard equipment, MINI customers will also have the choice of two new option packs; MINI Tech Pack and MINI Yours Pack. Both of these packs allow drivers to customise their MINI for less, while increasing the residual value of their vehicle*.

Available on all MINI Hatch models, and the brand new MINI Convertible, the newly launched MINI Tech Pack includes MINI Head-Up-Display, a first for the small car segment. MINI Head-Up Display extends above the steering wheel, projecting the vehicle speed, media information or even satellite navigation instructions on an easy-to-read display. A rear-view reversing camera is included on models where it is not offered as standard.

MINI Head-Up Display is fully integrated with the 8.8 inch central display, also included in the Tech Pack, complete with 20g hardrive, 3D mapping and real-time traffic information. This also includes MINI Connected XL with its Journey Mate function, which allows drivers to map their journey with way points and reminders before even getting into the car.

MINI Connected is also fully compatible with Spotify, controlled directly via the MINI Controller. A 12-speaker Harman Kardon stereo system combines two under seat subwoofers with five mid-range speakers and five tweeters.

Packed full the best of technology options MINI has to offer, the Tech Pack represents a saving of 10 per cent on MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door, MINI Convertible and MINI Clubman, when compared to purchasing individually.

The MINI Yours pack has been developed exclusively for the newly launched, MINI Convertible and MINI Clubman models. The pack includes hand-stitched MINI Yours Steering Wheel in Walk Nappa leather, striking Walk Nappa leather seat upholstery with braided piping, quilted leather design and a Union Flag embroidered into the headrest. Additional interior lighting comes with a choice of three MINI Yours interior surfaces, completing the look of the MINI Yours Pack.

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