2016 Qoros 5 SUV debuts in China

Article by Christian A., on November 29, 2015

The brand new Qoros 5 SUV is brought to us by Qoros international design teams working at Shanghai and Munich. While the Qoros design is not a complete deviation from what the market is used to seeing, it is a special ‘‘one of a kind’’ version of the current trends in mainstream SUV design.

Since this is the very first mid-size SUV that Qoros brings to the Chinese market, it is logical to expect some nobility from it, for it is meant to capture what Chinese consumers like. This SUV calls upon the latest trends of design elements that have made appearances in the 2015 Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks in terms of sportiness, artistry, minimalism and futuristic looks.

Qoros 5 SUV brings us a style full of clean-cut lines and colors that will evoke in us a sensation of eternity. Good designs, regardless of the industry they’re from, have certain qualities that they share. A good design will always follow the principles of symmetry, proportion and simplicity.

Qoros 5 SUV is not the exception to the rule, for its design will inspire in consumers the same sensations of minimalism and purity evoked by a ‘Celine’ design. The Qoros 5 SUV has some visual resemblances to other Qoros designs that came before it, perfectly balancing European simplicity and the Eastern civilization spirit.

According to The New York Times, if you visited Milan without going to 10 Corso Como and the Prada Foundation Cultural Park to get a sense of their rich and variable artistic designs, then you can’t say you visited Milan at all, for their designs are amazing and yet very recognizable.

That’s precisely the case of the brand new Qoros 5 SUV. In order to inspire energy and conflict, John Galliano, the eccentric but brilliant designer, made all of his supermodels wear Samurai Helmets at the 2015 Paris Fashion Week; as a symbol of rebellion represented through design elements.

Like Galliano, Qoros designers understand fashion in their own way. The Qoros 5 SUV emphasizes block shapes rather than more simplistic outlining. It offers more aggressive outline curves for its exterior as well as a more dynamic contour.

It also features 19-inch large wheels and shark gill-shaped headlights that are as visually appealing as the most beautiful jewels. Qoros designers understand very well the concepts of subtlety and toughness, comparable to what guides the designers of Calvin Klein menswear (understated and powerful).

‘‘Strong front wheels’’, ‘‘sharp wide-size headlight’’ and a ‘‘dynamic hatchback tailgate’’ are the highlights presented by the new Qoros 5 SUV. These presentations are quite common in the Luxury brand SUVs niche as they are attracting more and more car enthusiasts every time.

Qoros 5 SUV is expected to attract the Chinese domestic mainstream SUV market as it provides a new design trend for the future of this niche.

Press Release

Qoros 5 SUV

The new Qoros 5 SUV wascreated by Qoros international Qoros design teams in Shanghai and Munich. The "independence" in Qoros designis not detached from the mainstream, but a unique interpretation of the mainstream SUV design trend. As the first mid-size SUV launched by Qoros to the Chinese market, the Qoros 5 SUV reflects inherent nobility, a precise grasp of the taste of Chinese consumers. It also reflects the same design elements and tonality that have appeared in the 2015 Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks such as sportiness, minimalism, futurism and artistic elements.


Clean-cut lines, colors and the spirit of eternity. Whether it be cars or fashion, good designs always have something in common. Just like the popular fashion brand 'Celine' which embodies minimalism and purity, the Qoros 5 SUV adheres to the three design principles; symmetry, proportion and simplicity. The Qoros 5 SUV obviously inherits visual design elementsof the Qoros family to achieve a harmonious balance between European simplicity and Eastern spirit. An excellent design is always recognizable. The New York Times reported that if you haven't been to 10 Corso Como and the Prada Foundation Cultural Park to experience their diverse, rich artistic styles, you really haven't been in Milan. Simply because their designs are excellent and yet very recognizable. Exactly those qualities are typical for the all-new Qoros 5 SUV.


At the 2015 Paris Fashion Week, the wayward genius designer John Galliano puts a samurai helmet on supermodels to highlight energy and conflicts. It's a popular way to enhance a sense of opposition through design elements. With its own understanding of fashion, the Qoros 5 SUV underlines block-like shaping instead of simple outlining and offers more powerful exterior curves and a more dynamic contour. Additional features such as 19-inch large wheels and shark gill-shaped headlights are as eye-catching as the crown jewels.


Simple and tough; Calvin Klein menswear is always understated yet powerful, which is well understood by Qoros designers. Three major design trends including "sharp wide-size headlights", "strong front wheels" and a "dynamic hatchback tailgate" are introduced in the Qoros 5 SUV. In fact, many luxury brand SUVs have captured these trends, further attracting the attention and praise of an increasing number of fans. The debut of Qoros 5 SUV may provide a new design trend for the chinese domestic mainstream SUV market.

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