Renault unveil its new generation Koleos

Article by Christian A., on May 3, 2016

Renault unveiled the Koleos, its latest addition to its extensive portfolio, during the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition. As expected from a D-segment SUV, the Koleos displays a muscular and powerful exterior and is fitted with unequalled four-wheel drive technology.

Due to a 213 mm ground clearance, it continues to have all-terrain capability. Being a Renault, it also carries characteristics specific to the brand. The interior shows comfort and refinement, with seats equipped with design and technologies that are unparalleled in its class.

It has equipment that is also seen in high-end models, an example of which is the R-LINK 2 multimedia tablet. The cabin space continues to be top-notch with knee room in the rear of 289 mm. Present in the Koleos is a mix of features related to large saloon cars and strong SUV cues.

The Koleos also offers a package that makes it set a benchmark when it comes to refinement and comfort for its segment. Being an SUV, the Koleos rounds up the high-end range of the brand that includes a large saloon car in the Talisman, Espace crossover, and the Talisman Estate, which is actually an estate variant.

Without a doubt, this new release is targeted for a worldwide audience considering that it was created with extra attention to detail to make sure that it could meet the high demands of its customers on every corner of the globe. Sales of the Koleos are scheduled to start by the third quarter of 2016 in markets that include Australia, Turkey, certain countries in Latin America, and the Gulf States. Sales begin in China by the end of 2016 and then at the start of 2017, Europe and Russia.

The release of the Koleos is significant for the brand as SUVs at present are experiencing strong growth in a number of countries. This is just as important for many customers as they will finally get the chance to drive a Renault in a class that they want. As an SUV, Renault’s Koleos has the capabilities and styling cues expected from vehicles of this segment.

Covering the new Koleos is the design pillar 'EXPLORE,' which signifies a taste of adventure as well as strength. This was implemented in order to ensure that this new release was in line with the design strategy that was first presented by none other than Laurens van den Acker. It is because of this that designers at Renault gave it muscular, powerful, and tight lines. Some of the features in the Koleos that are clearly design cues of classic SUV are large wheels with diameter of up to 19 inches, the protective mouldings on the door, and the roof bars made of aluminum.

With a 213 mm ground clearance and paired with the 19-degree approach angle and 26-degree departure angle, the Koleos achieves a go-anywhere ability. Its driving position is higher by 150 mm compared to the tradition sedan. This particular feature is what many SUV buyers value highly since a higher driving position means better visibility. Both the drivers and the passenger get a better sense of protection and safety considering that the dashboard has been constructed to be wide and tall. By putting hand grips on both sides of the center console, the interior gets a sporty yet off-road motoring feel. That the design of the interior is indeed new is highlighted by the central line that starts from the top of its dashboard and stretches all the way to the rear portion of the armrest.

This line brings to mind the power of all-wheel drive motoring. As a result of having a wide center console, the driver gets a comfortable distance from the passenger and vice-versa. In addition, the SUV genes of the Koleos are evident in the cabin. It suggests elegance, strength, quality, and comfort. This makes the protective interior balance well with the exterior lines. Fitted inside the Koleos is the ALL MODE 4x4-i technology, which has more than proved it is indeed capable by being used by millions of vehicles from Alliance worldwide. A switch has been placed to the left of the steering wheel and on the dashboard that allows the driver to activate the 2WD, the front-wheel drive, mode and the 4WD AUTO modes.

This makes it very easy to change between modes. In particular, the 4WD AUTO mode splits the torque produced between that of the front wheels with the rear wheels. When running at slow speeds and under low-grip conditions, the Koleos activates a third mode known as 4WD LOCK. With this, the driver can then choose the permanent all-wheel drive. Helping ensure the enhanced stability and improved safety of the Koleos is the 4x4 transmission.

This is because the transmission is able to neutralize any oversteer or understeer that occurs and it optimizes grip even when in difficult conditions. Since different markets have their own specific requirements, the brand will be offering a two-wheel drive version.

Exterior Design

In terms of style, it is clear that the Koleos has some similarities with that of Talisman and this was done for good reason. For those who are unfamiliar, the Talisman is the brand’s large family saloon, chosen during the 2016 Festival Automobile International, held in Paris, France, as Most Beautiful Car of the Year. That said, the Talisman was designed by a team that was led by Alexis Martot, the same person that was also responsible for designing the Koleos.

It is thus easy to recognize that the Koleos is a top-of-the-range Renault. This is observed with the design on the front end that carries a broad chrome grille, at the center of which the well-known Renault logo set has been integrated. The tight bonnet lines help with the powerful design of the vehicle. This impression is increased by the addition of numerous chrome trappings. An example of this is the strips that start from the head lights and then go through entire length of its wings.

What this does is it helps in visually extending its front end and thus displaying elegance and dynamism. Since the wheelbase measures 2,710 mm, this makes the total length of the Koleos equal to 4,670 mm. As such, this makes it one of the longest for its segment and even offers record-breaking interior space making it a D-segment SUV. On its rear portion, the style for which Renault is known for can be clearly seen.

While its width measures 1,840 mm, the impression is increased with the horizontal and wide tail lights. Attention on the rear is also focused on the Renault diamond logo fitted to its tailgate. On the lower portion of its rear bumper, chrome inserts have been placed that form the twin exhaust tail pipes, a feature that complements the overall design of the exterior.

Like that of many of the brand’s new models, it also carries the full LED lighting signature. Of course, the consistency of the overall design continues to the front lights and the rear lights. Depending on the version, the full LED Pure Vision head lights of the Koleos can provide as high as 20% more power when compared to a halogen beam that has been improved for night-time vision.

Even the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) help give it a piercing and unique look. The tail lights meanwhile have permanently-lit LED and with the Edge Light technology, they create a bright 3D effect.

Interior Design

As mentioned earlier, the interior offers more space in addition to being passenger-friendly. It has also been made more refined with the inclusion of high-end appointments, like those seen on the brand’s current high-end models.

The materials and colors used in the interior were chosen due to the quality they project. This was done with the hope of setting new standards in its class when it comes to refinement and comfort. The front seats of the Koleos are considered the most comfortable for its class. Inspired by the Talisman, the front seats have an enveloping and welcoming design with one of the best dimensions for its segment.

For that added comfort, variable density foam was added to it. The front seats also offer some benefits though this would depend on the version. These include the power lumbar adjustment, six-way power adjustment, and the heated seat backs and heated cushions that offer a selection of two temperatures. In times of hot weather, ventilation has been integrated to help lower the temperature.

For the rear seat, it has the resistant but flexible semi-rigid shell. With this, it leads to a more airy interior design as well as being able to give passengers in the rear more room. In fact, the knee room made available for the rear passengers amount to 289 mm. This does not only offer more elbow room, shoulder room, and head room for the rear passengers but it offers more convenience compared to its competitors.

Heating is even made possible for the second row seats, allowing for two temperature choices. Aside from having a large cabin space, the Koleos has a large modular boot and offers a number of convenient stowage solutions. The VDA boot for instance measures 542 dm3, which as around 624 liters. The flat floor is formed by the boot as well as a removable floor in the same height. It is equipped with the "Easy Break" system where the handles placed inside the boot allow the rear seat to be folded in a 60/40 split automatically.

Doing so frees a total of 1,690 dm3 VDA carrying capacity. Finally, the Koleos offers extra stowage at 35 liters. This includes 5-liter cubby located in the centre console and the glove box with its 11 liters. Amazing space is not the only thing offered by the interior of the Koleos. The steering wheel for example has scratch-resistant and attractive materials like satin-finish chrome. This is also true for the air vent inserts and gear lever. It is because of this that the interior manages to cleverly mix an impression of quality with that of strong SUV cues, features that people expect from a large family saloon.

Covering the center console is a protective film that is pleasing to touch and hardy at the same time. Utilized for the door panels and dashboard are cushion-backed materials which help with the restful atmosphere of the cabin. The leather-trimmed armrests and leather upholstery have the contrasting top stitching. LED cabin lighting is customizable which raises the comfort level, especially when travelling. The lights offers a wide range of tones that include green up to blue, then yellow, red, or even violet. The hues can be chosen to match the mood of the both the driver and the passengers.

Moreover, there is also the 0.80-square meter opening glass roof which extends above the rear seats. This helps the cabin get that brightness. Another significant feature of the interior, which also helps with the travelling comfort, is called the R-LINK 2 system. Since the control console is already connected, this system helps manage the different functions like navigation, driver aids, hands-free telephony, radio, and infotainment.

There is a display screen which is offered in either a 7-inch landscape of the 8.7-inch portrait. It also has the same functions as those of a personal tablet. This includes functions like page scrolling, two-finger zoom, and drag and drop, among many others. Realistic navigation display is made possible especially by having 3D representation of buildings. It also comes with a number of charging and connectivity options like having the Bluetooth for hands-free use of audio streaming or even making a telephone call.

We also find a USB port, 12-volt power supply and 3.5 mm jack socket. For some versions, an SD card slot is made available. A voice recognition system is available for telephone use and navigation instructions. It even has the capability of reading aloud e-mails. There are also four homepages which can be customized and which include widgets that allow for fast access to the functions used most frequently. In the R-Link store, the brand offers various applications created for automotive use.

Finally there is the personalized 7-inch color screen which has been placed behind its steering wheel, ensuring that it is within the line of sight of the driver. Through this screen, the driver can see different driving-related data like fuel consumption, RPM, and speed, to name a few.

Press Release


The new KOLEOS delivers a blend of robust SUV cues and the refinement and features associated with large saloon cars.

In addition to a package that positions the new KOLEOS as the reference of its class in terms of comfort and refinement, it completes Renault’s high-end range that now includes a crossover (Espace), a large saloon car (Talisman) and its estate variant (Talisman Estate), plus an SUV (new KOLEOS).

Conceived and meticulously thought through to meet the demands of exacting customers on every continent, the new KOLEOS is destined for a global audience, with sales beginning in the third quarter of 2016 in Australia, Turkey, the Gulf states and some Latin American countries, followed by China at the end of 2016, then Russia and Europe at the beginning of 2017. For Renault, the new KOLEOS comes at a time when SUVs are enjoying strong growth in many markets, and for many consumers, this will be their first opportunity to experience Renault in their segment of choice.

Distinct Renault design in the brand’s new flagship SUV
“The new KOLEOS completes the styling renaissance of the Renault range that began with the new Clio in 2012. As a designer, the challenge was to imagine an SUV that was not only elegant, but also modern and dynamic. To achieve this, we didn’t seek to dilute the traits that are traditionally associated with SUVs. Instead, we accentuated the segment’s familiar cues thanks to taut, powerful, horizontal lines, muscular haunches and high ground clearance. As a result, the new KOLEOS exudes an inner strength. It is every inch an SUV and every inch a Renault.” Laurens van den Acker - Renault Senior Vice President, Corporate Design.

The lines, quality and features expected of an SUV

Powerful and athletic
The new KOLEOS is an SUV that packs all the styling cues and capabilities associated with the segment.

In keeping with the Renault design strategy introduced by Laurens van den Acker, the new KOLEOS is covered by design pillar ‘EXPLORE,’ which stands for robustness and a taste for adventure. It was the pursuit of these qualities that inspired Renault’s designers to give the new KOLEOS taut, powerful, muscular lines. New Koleos features classic SUV design cues:  door protective moulding,  large-diameter wheels (up to 19 inches)  aluminium roof bars

Meanwhile, the combination of high ground clearance (213mm) and approach and departure angles of respectively 19 and 26 degrees ensures go-anywhere ability.

A protective interior
An elevated driving position offers excellent visibility. Compared to a traditional sedan, the new KOLEOS’ driving position is 150mm higher, a reassuring feature that is highly prized by SUV buyers.

The tall, wide dashboard is intended to give driver and passenger a sense of safety and protection. Hand grips either side of the centre console echo the world of off-road motoring while imbuing the interior with a sporty feel.

The line stretching from the top of the dashboard to the rear of the armrest is one of the highlights of the new KOLEOS’ interior configuration. This central line suggests power and the world of all-wheel drive motoring.

The wide centre console ensures there is a comfortable distance between the driver and front passenger. The new KOLEOS’ SUV genes are similarly prominent inside the cabin. Redolent of comfort, quality and strength, its elegant, protective interior is in perfect harmony with the model’s exterior lines.

Unparalleled, user-friendly 4x4 technology
The new KOLEOS’ ALL MODE 4x4-i technology has already proven its capability in millions of Alliance vehicles around the world. This all-wheel drive system is extremely easy to use thanks to a switch on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel that offers a choice between the 2WD (front-wheel drive) and 4WD AUTO modes. The latter automatically splits the torque between the front and rear wheels. At slow speeds in low-grip conditions, a third mode called 4WD LOCK allows the driver to select permanent all-wheel drive.

The new KOLEOS’ 4x4 transmission also guarantees enhanced safety and stability by neutralising understeer and oversteer, and by optimising grip in difficult conditions. To adapt to the varying requirements of its different markets, a two-wheel drive version of the new KOLEOS will also be available.

The new KOLEOS proudly sports Renault’s new styling hallmarks

Inspired by the Talisman
The styling similarities with the Talisman – Renault’s new large family saloon that was recently awarded the Most Beautiful Car of the Year accolade at the 2016 Festival Automobile International in Paris, France – are immediately apparent, and with good reason. The exteriors of these two vehicles were designed in parallel by teams led by the same designer: Alexis Martot.

As a result, the new KOLEOS is instantly recognisable as a top-of-the-range Renault, thanks notably to its front-end design that incorporates a prominent Renault logo set at the centre of a broad chrome grille.

The taut bonnet lines contribute to the car’s powerful design, an impression that is heightened by the presence of several chrome embellishments, including strips that run from the head lights along the full length of the wings to visually lengthen the front end and exude an impression of dynamism and elegance. Unique in the segment, this feature sets the new KOLEOS apart from other SUVs.

The 2,710mm wheelbase – for a total vehicle length of 4,670mm – counts amongst the longest in the class and allows the new KOLEOS to boast record-breaking interior space to position itself as a D-segment SUV.

At the rear, Renault’s trademark style is again prominently on display. The wide, horizontal tail lights amplify the impression of width (1,840mm) and draw the eye to the Renault diamond logo on the tailgate. Chrome inserts set into the lower part of the rear bumper take the shape of twin exhaust tail pipes, a detail that is complementary with the KOLEOS’ overall exterior design.


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