Toyota starts campaign for 2016 Tacoma with broadcast spots

Article by Christian A., on October 19, 2015

Toyota has released its latest broadcast spot for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. This multicultural campaign for the brand’s currently best-selling midsize pickup was made possible by two advertising agencies: Conill and Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles.

The campaign, which has recently begun, targets drivers who prefer to live an authentic and adventurous life with no boundaries. A life where mud sprays and dirt clouds are not considered an inconvenience but rather a rite of passage.

Jack Hollis, group vice president of Marketing, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., proudly shares that he is excited that the company will be introducing its all-new Tacoma. Hollis adds that while this model continues to be the leader in America when it comes to midsize pickups, the 2016 model builds on the last generation’s off-road legacy and at the same time provides the chance to experience new things.

Hollis concludes by saying that he is indeed very excited for what comes next. Toyota has released two broadcast spots. The first spot features a number of stunt people and professional motocross riders who take aim at the landscape while beside the Tacoma. What makes the first sport unique is that it was shot in just one take.

The second spot meanwhile displays an appreciation for the Tacoma spirit and does this by showing thrill-seekers who love the dirtier side of life. This creative campaign is in line with the brand’s theme of “Let’s Go Places,” which urges people to play outdoors.

The broadcast sports are complemented with different social media elements that include a series of videos that showcases how the Tacoma looks in action. These videos are posted on Facebook and Twitter which target a certain demographic of customers which includes AT, snowboarding, snowmobiling, dirt bikes, and even BMX racing.

It will also post snippets of the slow motion video in Instagram. This particular video has been shown with the use of 4k technology with its bullet time. The purpose of this video is to highlight the power of the 2016 Tacoma on different angles while off-road.

In addition, it will also post a stop-motion video on Instagram that will give tribute not only to owners of the Tacoma but to the existing Tacoma truck. Toyota is thus encouraging Tacoma owners to submit their own Instagram photos and get a chance to be in this series of videos.

Jason Schragger, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles chief creative officer, relates that ever since he started last year, this Tacoma campaign has been one his favorites as it was enjoyable to get a bit dirty and at the same time make original content to show what the 2016 Tacoma is really about.

Schragger adds that they wanted to stir the passion of exploring the outdoors as something that is always fun regardless of age. Toyota shares that the main aim of its broadcast spots is to be able to establish a connection with an adventure-seeking culture that fears nothing and lives on the edge, whether they’re young or young-at-heart, as well as to assure them that with a more adaptable and tougher truck, they are sure to have fun.

Toyota even disclosed that during one of the shoots, the Tacoma was kept dirty in order to give it that authentic look as it shows it off-road exploits. Aside from the campaign mentioned above, the company also started another campaign that this time focuses mainly on the Latino market.

This particular part of the campaign was conducted by Conill, the company’s Hispanic marketing agency. Instead of a broadcast spot, a competition format is used titled “Sal a Jugar,” which means” Go Out & Play.” This focuses on Latinos who work hard and then reward themselves with new adventures.

The main objective of the competition is to measure each participant’s level of fun while they are driving the 2016 Tacoma. What happens is that each participant will be placed on competing teams and then made to perform different outdoor challenges.

Each of the participants will then have their electrodermal activity monitored through the use of special wristbands. According to Conill chief creative officer Javier Campopiano, Latinos had a tendency to associate this type of vehicle with that of business and work compared to other groups.

This served as the inspiration for this show and at the same exhibit the fun the 2016 Tacoma can offer, Campopiano adds. Not only does the show give an interesting twist but also adds a new dimension to the experience by using real science, concludes Campopiano.

A 2-minute video was launched on October 5, showing the whole experience from start to end. There have also been snippets seeded on digital channels and even social media. Each of these snippets will focus on one part of the show and at the same time encourage viewers to go to YouTube and watch the whole show.

Press Release


If your heart doesn’t beat a little faster after watching the all-new Toyota Tacoma broadcast spots, you might want to check your pulse.

America’s best-selling, midsize pickup takes off-roading to new heights in the latest multicultural campaign delivered by Toyota and its advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and Conill. Debuting today, the Tacoma creative targets those addicted to authentic, adventurous living without boundaries, where dirt clouds and mud sprays are rites of passage.

“I’m totally pumped that Toyota is introducing an all-new generation of the Tacoma,” says Jack Hollis, group vice president of Marketing, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. “Tacoma is already the top-selling midsize pickup in America, and the 2016 builds off the off-road heritage of the last generation, while giving guests the opportunity to take it along as they experience things as never before. I’m really excited for the road ahead.”

Call of the Wild
Two broadcast spots will be unleashed, beginning today. One of the spots, shot in one take, features a multitude of professional motocross riders and stunt people unapologetically taking aim at the dust-filled landscape alongside the Tacoma. The other spot focuses on a group of thrill-seekers enjoying the dirtier side of life and relishing in the Tacoma spirit.

The fun, fearless and rugged creative approach aligns with Toyota’s “Let’s Go Places” theme and encourages play in the great outdoors.

Complementing the spots, social media elements of the campaign include a series of dynamic videos, which use the latest in visual and targeting technology to showcase the Tacoma in action. On Facebook and Twitter the videos speak directly to target consumers by focusing on their interests, specifically: BMX racing, dirt bikes, ATV, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

Instagram activations will deploy snippets of slow motion video, shot in bullet time with 4k technology, that graphically highlight the grittiness of the Tacoma in off-roading action from different angles.

Additionally on Instagram, a stop-motion video pays tribute to Tacoma owners and trucks at play. Tacoma owners are encouraged to submit their Instagram photos to possibly be featured in the series of videos.

“This has to be one of my favorite campaigns since I arrived here a year ago. It was so much fun to get a little dirty and create authentic content that emulates what the Tacoma is all about,” says Jason Schragger, chief creative officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles. “We not only wanted to ignite the passion for exploring the great outdoors, but also show that playing in the mud should never get old, even when you become an adult.”

The Tacoma broadcast spots aim to connect with the liberating, adventure-seeking culture that dreams of dares and fears nothing, the young and young-at-heart who live on the edge. The tougher and more adaptable their truck, the more fun they will have. In fact, while on set at one of the shoots, the featured Tacoma didn’t even make contact with soap and water; the crew kept it down and dirty to maintain the authenticity of the vehicle’s off-roading escapades.

The Science of Fun
In addition to the main path of the campaign, Toyota’s Hispanic marketing agency, Conill, has added another online leg to the journey, one that focuses on the Latino market.

Using culturally relevant insights and a little competition, “Sal a Jugar” (Go Out & Play) highlights hard working Latinos who reward themselves by seeking out new adventures. The objective: to measure the level of fun participants had driving the Tacoma. Special wristbands monitored the electrodermal activity of each person on competing teams during a series of outdoor challenges.

“We as Latinos tend to more closely associate this vehicle class with work and business than other groups,” says Javier Campopiano, chief creative officer, Conill. “This led us to a surprising idea to show our guests how much fun the all-new Tacoma can be. Putting some real science behind it adds another dimension to the experience. It’s an interesting twist for the category.”

Launching Oct. 5, a 2-minute video will chronicle the experience from start to finish, while snippets are seeded across social media and digital channels. Each “snackable” video will focus on an engaging piece of the experiment, encouraging viewers to watch the full story on YouTube.

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