Acura unveils China-only long-wheelbase TLX-L Prototype at Auto Shanghai 2017

Article by Christian A., on April 21, 2017

It is not a big secret that premium customers in China have a strong penchant for luxury cars with a spacious interior. In particular, premium customers in China purchase luxury cars not for them to drive it but to be chauffeured in it. And thus, they are more likely to choose vehicles with an expanded rear passenger cabin. Meeting this demand are luxury cars with long wheelbases.

This is the main reason why Acura is targeting these affluent Chinese customers, and to that effect, the Japanese premium carmaker is unveiling the new Acura TLX-L Prototype at the 17th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition in Shanghai, China (Auto Shanghai 2017). It looks pretty much the recently unveiled 2018 Acura TLX, and although the Acura TLX-L Prototype isn’t the final version, the production model should more or less appear like the one being displayed at the Auto Shanghai 2017.

Also on display at the Auto Shanghai 2017 is the new MDX and a special model of the China-exclusive Acura CDX sports utility vehicle. Likewise, the Japanese premium brand is displaying the Acura NSX at the event. When the final production version of the Acura TLX-L Prototype arrives, it would only be sold in China starting this year.

Basically, the Acura TLX-L is an Acura TLX with an expanded space between front and rear axles. Acura has been silent about the wheelbase measurement of the TLX-L, and of course it would be longer than the wheelbase of the TLX, which stands at 2,776 mm (109.3 inches). The expansion made to the wheelbase could be more than 127 mm (five inches), considering that the long-wheelbase versions of the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class are longer than their standard counterparts by similar lengths.

Although the wheelbase expansion remains unknown, it is sure that the new Acura TLX-L will offer more interior space – especially on the rear cabin – than a standard TLX. This means more legroom for rear passengers – an attribute well-liked by Chinese customers who love to be driven around.

The 2018 TLX is the Acura’s second car after the MDX to adopt the carmaker’s “Precision Crafted Performance Design.” Its aggressive and sporty look takes inspiration from the Acura Precision Concept unveiled in 2016. This new design direction includes the new “diamond pentagon grille,” which replaced the so-called “shield” or “beak.”

Moreover, the new Acura TLX features more sculpted bonnet and fenders, a new bumper and the redesigned Jewel Eye headlight design with LED turn signal. Interestingly, the new 2018 TLX is the first Acura to employ a refreshed dual-screen user On Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD 2.0) interface that could support Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Sirius XM 2.0.

Press Release

Acura Exhibits World Premiere of Acura TLX-L Prototype at Auto Shanghai 2017

Acura today exhibited the world premiere of the Acura TLX-L Prototype at Auto Shanghai 2017 (The 17th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, Press days: April 19-20, 2017, Public days: April 21-28, 2017).

The Acura TLX-L Prototype is a China-exclusive model developed based on the needs of our Chinese customers. While maintaining TLX's high-quality driving performance unique only to a luxury sedan, occupant comfort was further improved by expanding the cabin space for rear passengers by increasing the wheelbase. The production model of TLX-L is scheduled to go on sale in China in 2017.

Other models on display at the Acura booth include the Acura MDX, which will undergo a minor model change in June 2017, a special model of the Acura CDX, the China-exclusive SUV model, featuring a matte-finish body color as well as the Acura NSX, which was introduced to the market last year.

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