BMW i3 Carbon Edition to be released exclusively in the Netherlands

Article by Christian A., on May 12, 2017

The five-door BMW i3 is the Bavarian automaker’s first zero-emissions vehicle to be mass-produced. First unveiled in 2013, this electric vehicle has been recognized worldwide for its fuel efficiency and is ranked as the third best-selling car in the world from 2014 to 2016.

Like all other vehicles, the BMW i3 will soon need a refresh for the next model year. And while there’s still enough time for that, BMW created yet another special variant of this award-winning creation. Called the BMW i3 Carbon Edition, the car will be made exclusively for customers in the Netherlands – yes, only a selected few will get their hands on this baby.

The Carbon Edition comes with a Carbon Black exterior paint (so dark it could pass as midnight blue) and accentuated by a blue tint with Frozen Gray metallic accents, adding an extra oomph to this already awesome vehicle. Also, the Carbon Edition will be sitting pretty on large powder-coated 20-inch alloy wheels (Double Spoke Styling 430), and just like its exterior paint, will also feature a Frozen Gray finishing. It also offers a generous number of standard features including LED headlights, an electrically controlled glass roof, and extra tinted rear side windows and rear window.

On the inside of the cabin, the seats are wrapped in leather upholstery and features a “more upmarket” HiFi Harman Kardon audio system, replacing the sound system that comes with the standard i3. A connectivity package (inclusive of an advanced Bluetooth phone connection), as well as, a parking assistance package, the Driving Assistant Plus and an Alarm class 3. To make it even more special, BMW also offers the iPerformance package and acoustic pedestrian protection system for the Carbon Edition.

The BMW i3 is only available as a pure-electric 94 Ah version, saying goodbye to the range-extending gasoline engine. Starting price for this limited-edition EV is at €53,731 (approximately $58,634), around €15,000 more than the standard i3 price in the Netherlands; and it is also offered as a 48-month operational lease at €699 per month with a range limit of 15,000 kilometers per year (9,320 miles per year). BMW has yet to specify the “limitedness” of the Carbon Edition and emphasizes that this special edition i3 is only available temporarily.

As for the refreshed and upgraded BMW i3, it will make its debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show this coming September and is expected to hit markets by the end of this year or probably by early 2018. Life Cycle Impulse will also be showing off a sporty i3S, among its list of novelties, that will feature more power and a few hardware tweaks to further highlight its athleticism.

It’s good to know that automakers are enthusiastic with creating more electric vehicles that will not only be fuel efficient but also environment friendly. Slowly, we are changing the way we live life and becoming more aware of our environment that even big companies such as BMW have committed to find ways to reduce emissions and fuel use. Countries such as the Netherlands are also big contributors to the cause of saving our only planet.

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