BMW releases long-wheelbase variant of X1 to China market

Article by Christian A., on May 3, 2016

BMW revealed that it will be releasing a new generation of the BMW X1. At present, it already has attained record sales of more than 800,000 units. In China alone, around 200,000 units of its first generation were sold, with around 140,000 of those manufactured locally at BMW Brilliance's Tiexi facility.

The new generation of the BMW X1 manages to redefine its class and enhances how the brand values customer requirements considering that it focused on having a full understanding of their needs.

Take China for example, for this market the brand developed the X1 to have a long wheelbase. By having a long wheelbase, the X1 is able to set the benchmark as it relates to quality and versatility. It also offers a high standard when it comes to the amount of space offered in the rear.

Looking at the X1, some of the features that can be observed include the larger dimensions and the raised seating position not just for the driver but even for the front passenger. There is also the perfected functionality and body design that appears to have been taken from the BMW X model mold.

The X1’s long-wheelbase version will be offered in either the Sport Line or xLine variants. This is to make sure that it meets the different engine versions and the various drive configurations. The design features and the cleanly coordinated equipment highlight the strong all-around character and sporting agility of the X1.

A number of different configurations are made available for the new generation X1. There are, for instance, the run-flat tyres, panoramic sunroof, and outside rearview mirror assembly that has been integrated with electric functions.

There are also other features of the X1 that comprise its similarities with the BMW Sports Activity Coupes and BMW Sports Activity Vehicles that come from higher classes. Two such features are the style of the interior design and a variety of optional driver assistance systems.

Though offered as an option, the automatic tailgate operation helps in making sure that using the load-carrying capacity is easy. By having the Comfort Access option, it becomes possible to operate the opening and closing of the tailgate hands-free.

Offered with the long-wheelbase variant is the all-new line-up of engines. The different power units that compose the new generation of engines from the BMW Group are able to differentiate themselves with the power delivery as well as the optimized efficiency. By combining extensive BMW EfficientDynamics with the BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, all versions of the compact BMW X model get that needed balance between fuel efficiency and sportiness.

For the X1 sDrive20Li and the X1 sDrive18Li, the power of the engine is transmitted to the road through the advanced front-wheel-drive system. Two versions however, specifically the X1 xDrive20Li and the BMW X1 xDrive25Li, instead have the BMW xDrive smart all-wheel drive system. This particular smart system is fuel efficient, in addition to having a low weight and optimization.

What this system does is to send the power of the engine to the front and the rear wheel depending on what is needed for a particular situation. When paired with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), the system can immediately perform and counteract in advance any possible understeer or oversteer. This is made possible by having the power diverted to its wheel, or wheels for that matter, and then transferred at once to the road to get the needed maximum effect.

Regardless of what the weather is, or what the present road conditions are, the xDrive system makes sure that there is enhanced cornering dynamics, optimized directional stability, and supreme traction. By combining the xDrive with the DSC system, it now has Hill descent Control. In terms of components, the xDrive smart system must have a single-speed bevel gear for the front-axle drive unit which gives it a tremendous amount of power at take-off.

Its rear-axle drive unit on the other hand has the multi-plate hang-on electrohydraulically controlled clutch. Connecting the two is a two-piece drive shaft. When needed, the xDrive smart system can directly send drive power to its wheels as required but has split-second speed. It’s so fast that the driver could not notice it. In the long-wheel version, the chassis technology used was based on the first X1.

For the new version though, this technology has been redeveloped and currently has a multi-link axle on the rear with the front having the single-joint strut suspension. Its lightweight design is highlighted by the use of a high proportion of aluminum plus having high-strength steel that lowers the weight but increases its rigidity. Helping to improve the ride comfort and agility are the high-tech three-way support mounts that are used to connect the new X1’s dampers to its body.

Also enhancing the agility and comfort are the model-specific elastokinematics and the advanced three-way support mounts that are used to connect the dampers to its body. This long-wheelbase version also comes with the Servotronic speed-sensitive power steering that has the Dynamic Damper Control.

For this new X model, the dampers are electronically controlled enhancing the ride comfort and honing the already dynamic attributes. The two damper control settings can be controlled through the Driving Experience Control switch.

Exterior Design

By utilizing dynamic lines and having a powerful presence plus the inclusion of rugged proportions, this latest X1 gets a strong commanding presence. Its double-kidney air inlet grille is now larger; same goes for the three-section lower air intake.

These two features of the front end actually stand-out, attributed partly to the fog lamps and the twin circular headlights. The underbody protection elements located on the front and rear of the vehicle have been styled in a way that they highlight the solid build of the BMW X.

Helping underline this fact are the square contour of its wheel cutouts. Complementing this rather artistic impression are the window surfaces, character lines, and roofline. Giving it that unique sporty touch are the black Air Blades on the two rear windows.

While the long-wheelbase version already has a wide track, the impact of the design is given a boost with the flared wheel arches and the L-shaped two-section rear lights.

Interior Design

For the interior, there is the lighting package, multifunction sports steering wheel, 6.5-inch freestanding high-resolution color display, heating, electronic handbrake, and the Dual Zone automatic air conditioning that comes with rear vents. Other advances include the seat of the driver and passenger seat that allows for electronic adjustment and even has memory function.

Continuing with the features, there is the keyless start Driving Experience Control, Emergency Call, rear Park Distance Control alarm, parking assist and memory functions, and iDrive operating system. Another feature in the BMW X1 Long Wheelbase that is easily noticeable is the high level of comfort provided by the interior.

Take the rear seat bench that has the tilt-adjustable backrest and then combine it with the panoramic glass sunroof. Now add the lighting package that allows a switch between a white and orange ambient lighting. The overall result is a satisfying feeling of space. The brand will also be offering the BMW Head-Up Display, though this is considered as an optional configuration. What this does is display any driving-related data straight to the windscreen.

This is made available as part of its Navigation Plus package which includes a Touch Controller, display with an 8.8-inch screen, and navigation system. Other options being offered are the Driving Assistant package, LED headlights, and Dynamic Damper Control. Made available as well are the front seat heating, rearview camera, cruise control, automatic parking assist system, and automatic tailgate operation.

There is also the interconnected driving and the real-time traffic information and for entertainment, the surround sound system by Harman Kardon. That the long-wheelbase variant of the X1 is an exceptional addition to its class is highlighted by a number of characteristics that include having greater interior variability, larger space, stylish premium atmosphere, and higher seating position.


Without a doubt, the X1 clearly shows a powerful mix of the Sports Activity Vehicle DNA. Under the hood is a new generation of engines that carries the BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and is equipped with the brand’s xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system.

With these two, outstanding efficiency and superb driving pleasure are more than guaranteed. It does not stop there as it comes with a number of inventive equipment features and intelligent connectivity. The cabin offers a modern premium atmosphere due to the excellent finish and the use of high-quality materials.

All of these are more than enough proof of the outstanding advancements present in the new X1’s long-wheelbase variant when compared with the prior model. The long-wheelbase variant was manufactured at the Tiexi plant of BMW Brilliance located in Shenyang, China.

For this version of the X1, fuel consumption combined was measured at 7.3 - 6.1 l/100 km, or about 38.7 - 46.3 mpg imp. Meanwhile CO2 emissions combined at between 173 - 146 g/km. for the X1 launched in the Chinese market, the brand is offering three power options.

The first is the BMW X1 sDrive18Li which uses the 3-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 100 kW (136 hp) of output. The next two are the BMW X1 sDrive20Li and the BMW X1 xDrive20Li.

While these two use the 4-cylinder petrol engine that provides an output of 141 kW (192 hp), the xDrive25Li model also offers an additional 4-cylinder unit, which has a maximum output of 170 kW (231 hp). Regardless of what version is chosen, all of them will have the sportiness the brand is known for.

Amazing performance is assured with fuel consumption and emissions kept low. Paired to the 3-cyllinder inside the X1 sDrive18Li is the six-speed Steptronic transmission. The two other models however, with have the standard eight-speed Steptronic transmission.

For both the X1 sDrive18Li and the X1 sDrive20Li, they come with the front-wheel-drive system that has been modified to deliver the trademarked driving dynamics of the brand. Meanwhile the X1 xDrive20Li and the X1 xDrive25Li have the intelligent all-wheel-drive version.

Unlike the other systems, this one has been made with the goal of optimizing the efficiency and ensuring that the drive power is divided between the front wheels and the rear wheels in order to meet the requirements no matter what the conditions are.

BMW X1 xLine Long Wheelbase

It is easy to recognize the xLine model, especially from the side, with the bi-color 18-inch light alloy wheels that carry the Y-spoke design, the coordinated side skirts with the matt Satin Silver, and the side window surrounds and roof rails in Aluminium satinated.

Since the underbody protection, both the front and rear, come in matt Satin Silver, this puts additional emphasis on the vehicle’s robust character. The interior trim is made up of sports seats that have been upholstered perfectly in perforated leather and by having the decorative stitching on its sides, it blends well with the stitch design found on the center armrest.

There is also contour lighting for the doors and the instrument panel with the accent strip in Pearl Gloss Chrome. By having original oak trims but with a matt finish, the interior exudes both comfort and luxury.

BMW X1 Sport Line Long Wheelbase

For the Sport Line model, the exterior has some special features. One of these is the double-kidney air inlet grille that has been specially designed to its bars in high-gloss Black. The same treatment has been made for the exterior mirror caps, side window, and special air intakes.

The side skirt and the front and rear’s underbody protection come in body color. Completing the sporty appearance is the bi-color 18-inch light-alloy wheels that have the double-spoke design. For the interior, the sports seats have been clearly well upholstered using perforated leather plus decorative stitching located on the sides.

This, of course, mixes well with the stitch design seen on the center armrest. Helping create a vibrant sportiness feel are the use of black leather and red stitching plus interior trim strips that are in high-gloss Black but with Coral Red.


In terms of dimension, the X1’s long-wheelbase version follows the blueprint of the Sports Activity Vehicle. Compared to the previous model, this version is longer by 8 cm at 4.56 meters.

Its width is 1.82 meters, which means it is wider by 2 cm. Finally in terms of height, it is higher by as much as 4 cm, at 1.62 meters. It is because of these new and larger dimensions, plus the implementation of new vehicle architecture, that the X1 has a bigger interior space. The long-wheelbase variant also exhibits an interior that can be described as versatile. Unlike the outgoing model, seat comfort, especially in the rear, has been vastly improved with passengers being able to enjoy more due to the larger space.

In fact, those sitting in the second row will find the knee room generally lavish. The rear seat bench can be positioned and set, sliding front and back, for a maximum of 13 cm. As a result, it can offer knee room from a minimum of 5 cm up to a maximum of 18 cm. These figures mean that the amount of space offered by the new model is truly greater than that of the first generation version of the X1. By making the rear seat backrest have tilt-adjustability, ride comfort is improved even further.

In addition, the interior offers a number of door storage space and storage pockets. The large amount of space offered is not the only thing that makes the new generation better. With the precise design on the interior, as well as the use of high-quality materials and excellent finish, passengers will surely see themselves immersed in an atmosphere of luxury.

The way the controls and cockpit has been configured reveal that it continues to have the driver-focused layout that the brand is known for. The line of its interior trim and highlight strips starts in the instrument panel and then goes through the door panels. Passengers sitting therefore see they have been encircled with a uniform color scheme and material structure. The boot capacity of this variant has been measured to be between 465 liters and 675 liters.

This would depend, of course, on how the rear seat bench has been positioned. In standard seat position for example, boot capacity is at 505 liters, which is still 45 liters greater than the model before it. The rear seat backrest can be folded into 40:20:40, which also allows for the angle to be adjusted. With this, the boot capacity can be increased to as much as 1,650 liters.

Press Release

Extra space, extra X-ness. The new BMW X1 Long Wheelbase.

Premium carmaker BMW is unveiling a new generation of its highly successful BMW X1, which has chalked up global sales exceeding the 800,000 mark. In China, the first generation was sold up to 200,000 times, including approx. 140,000 locally produced cars in BMW Brilliance’s plant Tiexi. With a thorough understanding of the consumers’ needs in this category in mind, the new-generation model respects their requirements even further and is redefining its segment. Accordingly, BMW has specially developed a long-wheelbase X1 for the Chinese market.

The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 offers a particularly high standard of spaciousness in the rear, at the same time as setting the pace when it comes to versatility and quality as well. Boasting significantly larger dimensions, a body design straight out of the BMW X model mould, perfected functionality and a raised seating position for driver and front passenger, it serves up an even more intense blend of Sports Activity Vehicle DNA. A completely new generation of engines featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and the latest version of the BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system help to ensure outstanding driving pleasure and efficiency. A wealth of innovative equipment features, intelligent connectivity and the contemporary premium ambience of a cabin that also stands out for its high-quality materials and excellent finish likewise all bear testimony to the advances that have been made in the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 compared to its predecessor model.

The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 is being built at BMW Brilliance’s Tiexi plant in Shenyang.

The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 (fuel consumption combined: 7.3 – 6.1 l/100 km [38.7 – 46.3 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 173 – 146 g/km) is being launched in China with a choice of three power options. The BMW X1 sDrive18Li is powered by a three-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 100 kW/136 hp. The BMW X1 sDrive20Li and BMW X1 xDrive20Li models use a 141 kW/192 hp four-cylinder petrol engine, with a further four-cylinder unit generating a peak output of 170 kW/231 hp in the BMW X1 xDrive25Li.

All model variants deliver BMW’s trademark brand of sportiness, together with fuel consumption and emissions figures that are remarkably low in view of their performance. The three-cylinder engine under the bonnet of the new BMW X1 sDrive18Li is coupled as standard to a six-speed Steptronic transmission, while the remaining models come equipped with an eight-speed Steptronic transmission as standard. The BMW X1 sDrive18Li and BMW X1 sDrive20Li models are fitted with a front-wheel-drive system that has been tuned to produce the driving dynamics for which the brand is renowned. In the case of the new BMW X1 xDrive20Li and BMW X1 xDrive25Li, meanwhile, an intelligent all-wheel-drive version designed for optimised efficiency ensures that drive power is split between the front and rear wheels in line with requirements at all times.

The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 is available in xLine and Sport Line models in conjunction with all engine variants and drive configurations. Neatly coordinated equipment and design features shine a particularly sharp spotlight on the car’s robust all-round character or its sporting agility.

The new BMW X1 offers a variety of configurations, including a panoramic sunroof, run-flat tyres, an outside rearview mirror assembly integrated with electric folding, heating, parking assist and memory functions, rear Park Distance Control alarm, keyless start, electrically adjustable driver’s and front passenger’s seats with memory function, Dual Zone automatic air conditioning with rear vents, a 6.5-inch freestanding high-resolution colour display, the iDrive operating system, a multifunction sports steering wheel, interior lighting package, an electronic handbrake, Driving Experience Control and Emergency Call. Another stand-out feature of the new BMW X1 Long Wheelbase is its high level of interior comfort. The rear seat bench with a tilt-adjustable backrest, a large panoramic glass sunroof and the lighting package with switchable orange/white ambient lighting all provide a particularly pleasant feeling of space.

One other optional configuration is the BMW Head-Up Display, which projects driving-related information directly onto the windscreen and is offered as part of the Navigation Plus package together with a navigation system, an 8.8-inch display and a Touch Controller. Among the other options available are Dynamic Damper Control, LED headlights, the Driving Assistant package, the Harman Kardon surround sound system, automatic tailgate operation, rear-view camera, front seat heating, an automatic parking assist system, cruise control, interconnected driving and real-time traffic information.

Commanding and versatile in the BMW X family mould.
Its raised seating position, increased space, stylish premium ambience and even greater interior variability underline the status of the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 as a supremely assured, multitalented addition to the segment. The parallels with BMW Sports Activity Vehicles and Sports Activity Coupes from higher vehicle classes are also evident in both the range of optional driver assistance systems and the style of its interior design.

Measuring 4.56 metres long, 1.82 metres wide and 1.62 metres tall, the proportions of the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 follow the Sports Activity Vehicle blueprint. The new model has grown in length by some 8 centimetres compared to its predecessor, in width by 2 centimetres and in height by around 4 centimetres. These larger dimensions, together with the new vehicle architecture, have paved the way for the vast increase in interior spaciousness.

Excellent seating comfort and significantly more spacious.
The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 features an exceptionally versatile interior. Compared to the outgoing model, seating comfort has been greatly improved in the rear in particular, where occupants are also able to enjoy considerably more space. The amount of room passengers in the second row of seats will find for their knees is particularly generous. Depending on the position in which the rear seat bench is set – it can slide fore and aft through 13 centimetres as standard – knee room is between 5 and 18 centimetres greater than that offered by the rear of the first-generation BMW X1. The tilt-adjustable rear seat backrest further enhances ride comfort. Also, there are lots of storage pockets or door storage space available.

Beyond this, occupants will also find themselves immersed in a luxurious premium ambience courtesy of the excellent quality of the interior’s materials and finish as well as its beautifully precise design. The arrangement of the cockpit and its controls creates the driver-focused layout that is a BMW hallmark. The lines of the interior trim and accent strips in the instrument panel continue into the door panels, so that occupants in all seats are encircled by a uniform material structure and colour scheme.

The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 has a boot capacity of between 465 and 675 litres, depending on the position of the rear seat bench, or a capacity of 505 litres if measured based on the standard seat position – an increase of at least 45 litres over the predecessor model. Folding down the 40:20:40 rear seat backrest, which can also be adjusted for angle, allows load capacity to be expanded to as much as 1,650 litres as required. Automatic tailgate operation (optional) makes using the vehicle’s load-carrying capacity even easier, and the Comfort Access option also includes a hands-free tailgate opening and closing function.

Powerful presence, sturdy proportions, dynamic lines.
Rugged proportions, a powerful presence and dynamic lines lend the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 a commanding presence. The larger and more impactful BMW double-kidney air inlet grille, three-section lower air intake and the characteristic look formed by the twin circular headlights and fog lamps below them are the stand-out features of the front end. The stylistic underbody protection elements at the front and rear and the square contour of the wheel cutouts all underline the solid stature of the BMW X model. The athletic impression is complemented by the roofline, eye-catching character lines and window surfaces. At both rear windows, the black Air Blades further add a distinctly sporty touch. The flat outline of the two-section, L-shaped rear lights and the boldly flared wheel arches give added impact to the wide track of the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1.

Personalised styles: cross-country xLine and sporty Sports Line models.
The cross-country xLine model can be identified from the side by roof rails and side window surrounds in Aluminium satinated, coordinated side skirts in matt Satin Silver and 18-inch bi-colour light-alloy wheels in Y-spoke design. Its robust character is further emphasised by the underbody protection at the front and rear in matt Satin Silver. The interior trim comprises sports seats excellently upholstered in perforated leather and with decorative stitching at the sides, blending perfectly with the stitch design on the centre armrest. Also included are contour lighting in the doors and an accent strip for the instrument panel in Pearl Gloss Chrome. In addition, the original oak trims in matt finish create a luxurious and comfortable interior.

Among the special features of the sporty Sports Line model’s exterior is the specially designed BMW double-kidney air inlet grille, whose bars – like the special air intakes, the side window surrounds and the exterior mirror caps – come in high-gloss Black. The underbody protection at the front and rear of the Sports Line model and its side skirts are presented in body colour. 18-inch bi-colour light-alloy wheels in double-spoke design round off the exterior’s sporting appearance. Inside, the Sports Line model also comprises sports seats excellently upholstered in perforated leather and with decorative stitching at the sides, blending perfectly with the stitch design on the centre armrest. Also specially provided are a combination of black leather with red stitching and interior trim strips in high-gloss Black with Coral Red, to create a sense of vibrant sportiness.

New generation of engines: sportiness and efficiency rooted in BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.
The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 is available with an all-new line-up of engines. The power units form part of the BMW Group’s new generation of engines and distinguish themselves with instantaneous power delivery and optimised efficiency. BMW TwinPower Turbo technology combines with extensive BMW EfficientDynamics measures to endow all variants of the compact BMW X model with an outstanding balance between sportiness on the one hand and fuel efficiency on the other.

Flexible, quick to respond and more efficient than ever: xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive.
Whereas the engine’s power is channelled to the road via a state-of-the-art front-wheel-drive system in the new BMW X1 sDrive20Li and the new BMW X1 sDrive18Li, the two other model variants utilise the latest BMW xDrive smart all-wheel drive system. The remarkably optimised, low-weight and fuel-efficient version of the smart system fitted in the new BMW X1 xDrive20Li and BMW X1 xDrive25Li models distributes the engine’s power between the front and rear wheels exactly as the situation requires – at all times. Together with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), it allows the system to act pre-emptively to counteract any incipient oversteer or understeer. It does this by diverting power to the wheel or wheels where it can be transferred to the road to maximum effect. The BMW xDrive system therefore ensures supreme traction, optimised directional stability and enhanced cornering dynamics in all weather and road conditions. Furthermore, the combination of the DSC system and xDrive also includes Hill Descent Control.

The xDrive smart system on the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 consists of a single-speed bevel gear in the front-axle drive unit (a power take-off) and a rear-axle drive unit with an electrohydraulically controlled hang-on multi-plate clutch. The two are connected by a two-piece drive shaft. If necessary, the BMW xDrive smart system is able to direct drive power to the wheels as requirements dictate with split-second speed and without the driver noticing.

Sophisticated chassis technology – including Dynamic Damper Control.
The chassis technology of the original X1 has been totally redeveloped for the long-wheelbase version of the new model and now comprises a single-joint strut suspension at the front and a multi-link rear axle. Intelligent lightweight design underpinned by a high proportion of aluminium and high-strength steel has increased rigidity at the same time as lowering weight. An innovative axle mounting, model-specific elastokinematics and the sophisticated three-way support mounts used to connect the dampers to the body furthermore serve to enhance the car’s agility and ride comfort.

The long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 is equipped with Servotronic speed-sensitive power steering and also includes Dynamic Damper Control. The electronically controlled dampers improve the ride comfort of the new BMW X model and sharpen its dynamic attributes. Two damper control settings can be activated using the Driving Experience Control switch.

Equipped with the Driving Experience Control system, DSC dynamic stability control system and comprehensive occupant protection.
The Driving Experience Control system’s button on the central console between the front seats allows the driver to give the car’s set-up an even sportier, more comfort-oriented or efficiency-optimised character by calling up COMFORT, SPORT or ECO PRO mode at the touch of a button. Other than the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Brake Assist system and Start-Off Assistant, the DSC dynamic stability control system also comes with the Active Differential Brake (ADB) and Performance Control functions. Performance Control helps imbue the car with dynamic cornering characteristics by distributing engine power and braking force in a shrewdly measured way. Moving a higher proportion of drive power to the outside wheels through corners, it counteracts any tendency to understeer without waiting for stability to reach a critical point. This ensures an agile and neutral cornering attitude.

The body structure of the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 can be noted both for its improved torsional rigidity and for its optimised weight – the result of an intelligent mix of body materials. This has the effect of enhancing agility and efficiency at the same time as providing outstanding occupant protection. The impact generated in a collision is diverted and absorbed with the aid of precisely defined load paths and generously sized deformation zones. The interior comes with a full complement of safety features, including front and side airbags, as well as head/curtain airbags at the sides and three-point inertia-reel seatbelts for all seats. All model variants ride on run-flat tyres as standard.

Innovative driver assistance systems: added driving pleasure through intelligent connectivity.
The rich variety of assistance systems compared with those already available for the original model underlines the overwhelming superiority achieved by the long-wheelbase version of the new BMW X1 in the research of intelligent connectivity. The Navigation system assists route guidance by showing direction arrows and high-quality multi-view map images on the 6.5-inch Control Display. Another option is the Navigation Plus system, comprising an 8.8-inch Control Display, an instrument cluster with extended features, a split-screen function for the Control Display, an iDrive Touch Controller button and the BMW Head-Up Display. This system allows High Guidance instructions, including lane recommendations, to be shown on the instrument cluster’s TFT display or projected onto the windscreen, as desired. The BMW Head-Up Display projects information – including the current speed in digits, Check Control messages and readouts from the Speed Limit Info system – directly into the driver’s field of view, allowing them to register the information without having to divert their gaze away from the road ahead.

The rear-view camera, whose images are transferred onto the Control Display, together with the Parking Assistant, which helps the driver to find and make use of parallel parking spaces, facilitate precise and easy manoeuvring. The Driving Assistant includes Lane Departure Warning, Speed Limit Info with No Passing Info display, the anti-dazzle High Beam Assistant, as well as Collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning with City Braking function.

Manual on fuel consumption and CO2emissions:
For further details on official fuel consumption figures, official specific CO2emissions and power consumption of new cars, please refer to the "Manual on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power consumption of new cars", available at sales outlets, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at ManualCO2 (PDF - 2.7 MB)


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