Chevrolet reveals Bolt leasing program at $309/month

Article by Christian A., on November 24, 2016

Back in January of this year, Chevrolet revealed the details of the Bolt electric vehicle. At around this time, the brand also disclosed that the Bolt would come with a $30,000 base price, after considering the federal tax credit of $7,500. Thus, for an electric vehicle that delivers a range of at least 200 miles, this price can be seen as affordable. However, there remains to be interested customers that will either not have the $30,000 easily on hand, hesitant to spend such amount even if they have it, or will not spend it in payments.

That’s why Chevrolet has come up with a program that will allow customers the chance to drive such a vehicle. According to Electrek, GM Financial has started a leasing program specifically for the Bolt with no cash down and a minimum amount of $309 per month after incentives.

That said, it is obvious that should a customer opt to lease a Bolt instead of purchase one, that same customer will not be able to take advantage of the federal tax credit. What General Motors will do is to pass this to the customer resulting in a lower monthly payment. While an $80 fee per week may be difficult for some, this remains to be a good bargain considering that the Bolt was named by Motor Trend as Car of the Year.

In addition to the price, the Bolt managed to attract attention mainly due to the EPA-estimated range of 238 miles (383 kilometers). These figures have long been considered by many as rare for an electric vehicle at this price range.

Powering the Bolt is the electric motor with an output of 200 hp and peak torque at 266 lb.-ft. This is then paired to the Electronic Precision Shift System, a first for the brand, and because of the way it uses a shift-by-wire system, it ensures that it can save space. It has a battery mounted on the floor that comes with a power of 60 kWh. The battery pack contains 288 lithium ion cells having 96 cell groups.

Since the Bolt also utilizes an active thermal conditioning, the same one in the Volt, the battery can function at optimum temperature. Chevrolet also revealed back in January that considering that the standard commute is 50 miles, it is possible to recharge the Bolt using a standard 240-volt outlet in under two hours.

The brand though is offering as an option the DC Fast Charging system, which can charge the battery in 30 minutes and allow for a range extending as far as 90 miles. Helping enhance the total EV experience is the new regenerative system. With this system, the Bolt can achieve a complete stop even if the brake pedal is not used.

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