Chevy Camaro for Chinese market is priced at $58,000, US version is being sold for half this price

Article by Christian A., on April 7, 2017

One of the many advantages of buying muscle cars is that they are never perversely expensive. Of course, it won’t be as affordable as the budget cars but they do offer excellent value. A good example of this is the Chevrolet Camaro, which in the U.S., is priced roughly at about $26,000.

However, the same cannot be said of other big markets like China. General Motors just announced that in China, its sixth-generation Camaro will have a starting price of RMB 399,900, which in current exchange rates comes in at about $58,000. That’s right, it is indeed double the U.S. price.

There are many possible reasons for the high difference in price and one of this is that the turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine paired to the automatic eight-speed transmission costs almost the same as that of the high-end ZL1 in the U.S.

Further, a V6 engine, or even a V8 one, will not be included in the China model. This is because the cost of importing a new vehicle that comes from outside China would entail prohibitive expenses. Vehicle with larger engines may even have higher tax rates.

Before you think that the price is too much and unreasonable, Ford says that this is almost the same for the Mustang EcoBoost though the Mustang GT with a V8 engine, is priced at around RMB 700,000, which is about $100,000.

Still, it may still be worth the price in terms of visuals as the design is the result of wind tunnel testing amounting to 350 hours. A total of 10 colors will be made available for the exterior. On the inside, the use of high quality materials is obvious. In addition, it comes fitted with the flat-bottom steering wheel and the customizable high-definition color displays.

Surrounding the air vents are control rings which can be used to adjust the temperature and remove the need for any standard buttons. Other features include intuitive controls with 24 various lighting effects on the center console, door panels, and dashboard. A new Drive Mode Selector is offered with the option to choose from Sport, Tour and Snow/Ice.

In the U.S., the sixth generation of the Camaro bears several similarities with the previous generation although it mainly utilizes a different platform. Rather than the Zeta, this Camaro is largely based on the Alpha architecture, the same one used on the ATS and CTS models of Cadillac. The four-liter cylinder engine fitted to it is the first such type inside this model after roughly three decades.

One interesting feature for this model is that since the brand wanted it to save on weight, the anti-roll bar drop links are made of plastic. While Chevrolet may say that it is made of composite material, the reality is that it uses a high-strength plastic without the need to add any fibrous material.

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