Ferrari’s ad campaign for supercar GTC4 Lusso T is targeting young Japanese

Article by Christian A., on April 1, 2017

To those urban Japanese clients searching for a more economical supercar to cater to their daily driving needs, say no more. Italian sports car manufacturing giant Ferrari has an answer in the form of the new GTC4Lusso T.

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T, the T of which stands for a twin turbo-charged V8 in the nose based on the power unit of the California T, was introduced in the Japan market in a uniquely built marquee located in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Ferrari indicated that the grand tourer is specially built for customers between 30-40 years old in the country known as the Land of the Rising Sun.

Lusso T was unveiled a year ago in Paris, France. Ferrari reported that these new clients want something other than what is conventional in its class yet not demanding an upfront 4-wheel drive. They use their automobile daily in different situations, mostly urban. Moreover, they may take their vehicles from the workplace, to an exercise in the shoreline, head back to the city to pick their children up from school and on to a romantic night cruise with their significant others.

Ferrari has been remaking the FF and its all wheel drive 2 door when the Lusso arrived. The Lusso T is the more economical car compared to the FF, with the FF's price tag estimated to be about $300,000. With the lessened base price, the Lusso will get a lower horsepower of the turbo-charged V8 engine that is getting the nod of the Ferrari nonbelievers in the 488 GTB. It develops 601 hp in the GTC4 Lusso T, hand in hand with the 561 lb ft from 3000 to 5250 rpm, guided by a high compression ratio of about 9.4 to 1.

The V8's 0-62 mph time is a mere 0.1 second behind that of the V12 at around 3.5 seconds and boasts an over 199 mph top speed, which is lower than the 9mph adrift of the V12's. Throttle quality is ensured along with the 24.4 mpg combined with the C02 emission of 265g/km. Identical to the V12, the GTC4 Lusso is featured with a rear-wheel steering and an e-diff, moreover a dry weight of 1790 kg is mainly assured.

Omitting the anterior diff, driveshafts and four cylinders saves only 50kg from the vehicle's total weight. The interior is fitted with the premium hides and features the Italian company's new infotainment system with a Delphi-supplied 10.25 in HD touch screen in the center, which complements the interior's uncomplicated design but still retains a luxurious feel.

The Italian Car Giant claims that the Lusso T boasts more agile handling while the V12 Lusso still is the quicker one around the Fiorano test track. Ferrari disclosed that the GTC4 Lusso T will be the first 4 seater in the Italian automaker's history to be equipped with a turbo-charged V8 engine, opening a whole new option aimed at clients seeking a buddy that is sporty and dynamic and also fit to be driven on a day to day basis.

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