2017 Holden Astra is a Chevrolet Cruze wrapped with Australian flavors

Article by Christian A., on January 17, 2017

The Chevrolet Cruze is coming to Australia. But it won’t be known as the Chevrolet Cruze. Instead, it will bear the Holden badge and get the Astra moniker. The 2017 Holden Astra is due to arrive at dealerships in Australia in May this year.

While the Holden Astra Sedan is derived from the United States-designed Cruze, the sedan boasts of significant input in terms of design and engineering from General Motor’s Australian unit. Thus, Holden is making sure that the 2017 Astra sedan would greatly appeal to customers in Australia thanks to its local flavors.

It has been typical for Holden to pick a vehicle from GM’s wide global lineup and endow it with Australian essence. In fact, the new Holden Commodore is just a re-badged Australian version of the Opel Insignia Grand Sport. As for the Holden Astra sedan, GM Australia’s design team worked hard to ensure that its styling is in line with the general looks of the Holden Astra lineup that already includes the Astra sedan and coupe. In fact, the new Holden Astra sedan serves as an expansion of the Holden’s small car lineup.

Holden’s new Astra sedan is underpinned by the Delta 2 architecture that also underpins the Astra hatch, which is in turn derived from the Opel Astra hatch. Interestingly, both the Opel Astra hatch and the Chevrolet Cruze sedan are underpinned by the Delta 2 platform. That essentially makes the Holden Astra sedan and Astra hatch real siblings, with similar styling cues courtesy of GM’s Australian design team.

Thus, when who you take a look a closer look at the Holden Astra sedan, you would immediately notice some differences in styling particularly with regards to the front fascia and grille. Aside from sporting the Holden signature looks, the Holden Astra sedan also underwent extensive local engineering at Holden’s Lang Lang proving ground, thereby ensuring that it is as composed and as refined as the Holden Astra hatch.

Marinos Panayiotou, Holden’s Director for Planning and Program Management, remarked that by leveraging GM’s global product portfolio, Holden is able to offer an Astra sedan that effortlessly fuses functionality and comfort, as well as luxury. Panayiotou noted that in 2016, Holden made a commitment to introduce 24 new products by 2020, with the new Astra sedan representing the 13th of these new offerings.

Panayiotou described the new Holden Astra sedan as a truly global vehicle, as it was developed in Europe, built in South Korea and further developed with design and engineering input from Australia. Panayiotou quipped that the interior of the new Holden Astra is not only filled with luxury, but is also laden with advanced driver and connectivity technology.

Holden managing director Mark Bernhard has said that the new Holden Astra will be priced lower than the Astra hatchback, which has a starting price of AU$21,990.

Press Release


Holden has announced the next step in its rejuvenated small-car strategy, with confirmation the all-new Astra sedan will launch in 2017. Astra sedan joins Astra hatch and Astra coupe siblings to expand Holden’s world class small-car line-up, giving customers their choice of world-class small car offering.

Utilising the same Delta 2 architecture as the Astra hatch (with GM Europe’s Russelsheim HQ as the homeroom), Astra sedan is a great example of Holden’s ability to handpick the best vehicles for Australia from the GM global portfolio, being the only brand to offer both the Opel-based hatch variant and Chevrolet-based sedan variant in its line-up.

Holden’s Director – Planning and Program Management, Marinos Panayiotou, said Holden is leveraging GM’s global product portfolio and, with Astra sedan, customers have a vehicle that effortlessly blends functionality and comfort, with more than a touch of luxury.

“Last year, Holden committed to launching 24 new products by 2020, and Astra sedan represents the thirteenth of those, joining Astra hatch and Astra coupe to continue building a world-class small car range,” said Mr. Panayiotou.

“Astra sedan is a truly global vehicle, developed in Europe, manufactured in Korea and finished with design elements and significant engineering input from Holden.

“Astra’s luxurious interior is complemented by advanced driver and connectivity technology in addition to progressive exterior styling which, when you add to the hatch variant, gives Holden a strong line-up in the small-car segment.”

Based on the US-designed, Chevrolet Cruze, Holden’s Astra sedan boasts key local input to give this global vehicle a uniquely Australian flavour to appeal to Australian customers.


Designed in North America, Astra sedan also received bespoke styling treatment from the renowned GM Australia design team, with a sophisticated front grille and fascia to give the Astra range a more cohesive appearance.

“Sharing the same architecture as the Astra hatch, the new Astra Sedan assumes a rational, sophisticated persona to expand on the appeal of the sports styled hatch,” said Mr. Ferlazzo.

“Our Australian designers have styled a unique Holden face with exclusive new front fascia and grille, closely aligning with the next generation Commodore to give a more cohesive look to not Astra, but to the wider Holden product range.”

Astra sedan also benefits from in-depth local engineering carried out at Holden’s Lang Lang proving ground to ensure it exhibits the refinement and composure displayed by its sibling, Astra hatch.

Holden’s Executive Director – Sales, Peter Keley, said Astra sedan grows Holden’s small-car line-up whilst the move would also simplify Holden’s small-car strategy.

“Whether it’s the world-class sports hatch, stylish coupe or sophisticated sedan, the Astra nameplate communicates European engineering and global design strength a strong reputation for reliability, earned over a 30 year association with Holden,” said Mr. Keley.

“With the addition of Astra sedan, Holden’s small car range is looking stronger than ever, couple that with the recently launched Trax, Colorado and Trailblazer, and our focus on bringing the best new vehicles for our customers is crystal clear.”

Going on sale at the start of February, Trax will be the next vehicle introduced to the Holden range and the latest to demonstrate a renewed focus on in-car technology and stylish design.

With Astra sedan hot on the heels of Trax, it’s clear Holden showrooms are in the midst of a major product overhaul.

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