V12-powered 2017 Mercedes-Benz S65 Cabriolet offers enormous power at 630hp

Article by Christian A., on December 17, 2015

Mercedes-AMG is offering its S65 Cabriolet with a V12 biturbo engine. The impressive 6.0-liter engine allows passengers to enjoy open-top driving in the newest flagship model from the S-Class family. Mercedes AMG pleases all petrolheads, presenting a bunch of new features with the S 65 Cabriolet. These features include maximum torque of 1000 newton metres, AIRMATIC-based sport suspension, and an output of 463 kW.

The manufacturer gave a lot of attention to the comfort of drivers, providing them with a new dimension of open-air monitoring. The AIRCAP wind protection system, AIRSCARF heating system, and heated armrests allow passengers to feel comfortable during the ride. There are 4 colors available for the three-layered acoustic fabric soft tops. In spite of what color is selected, the soft tops will be made of nappa leather and DINAMICA microfibre of a very high quality.

Do you know any other car manufacturer that offers a wider range of 12-cylinder high-performance models than Mercedes-Benz? There isn’t one. And now, the Mercedes-AMG has added S 65 Cabriolet to the list of its most powerful cars: S 65 Saloon, S 65 Coupé, G 65 off-roader, and SL 65 Roadster.

There can’t be no denying that the outstanding design of the cabriolet’s ceramic high-sheen forged wheels gets a lot of attention. This exceptional interpretation of classic sport car rims gives its wheel a total of 16 spokes twists.

Its contours capture the light, which then radiates to the center of the wheel hub. The effect is that the wheel looks a lot bigger than its actual dimensions of 8.5 J x 20 at the front and 9.5 J x 20 at the rear. It’s hard not to like the forged aluminium wheel bolt cover that’s screwed on and is fully integrated. The bolt cover takes on the appearance of the center locks that are used in motorsport. AMG lettering is incorporated into the rim, adding that extra styling touch.

There are three variants of forged wheels that are available as options. One of them is matt black and features a high-sheen rim flange. Another option that potential owners would want to consider is the composite brake system that comes with large brake discs and brake callipers with a grey finish.

If you like red, you’re in luck as the callipers also come in this color. It’s also optional to get the ceramic composite braking system with 420 x 40 mm discs at the front and 360 x 32 mm discs at the rear. This ceramic brake system is 40 percent lighter than the previous one. Its lower unsprung masses improve agility and raise ride comfort as well as boost driving dynamics.

The standard equipment offered with the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet is already quite extensive, including the head-up display and the touchpad. All the important information including the vehicle speed, speed limits, traffic signs, and navigation directions are projected from DISTRONIC PLUS onto the windscreen.

AMG is the only company that visualizes the engine speed and the current gear this way. The same happens during the manual transmission mode. A colored upshift bar and all possible elements for the manual gear change are projected onto the windscreen.

There is a display measuring 21 X 7 cm that floats at about 2 m from the driver. Because of its sophisticated touchpad, it has become easier to operate the radio, telephone, and navigation system. All infotainment functions can be controlled with the touchpad. The input space measures 6.5 x 4.5 and is now a part of the handrest. The keypad comes with a convenient cover.

Exterior Design

You’ll be fascinated by the design lines of the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet as it’s characterized by a highly appealing range of features such as the large Mercedes star on the front apron, the “twin blade” radiator grille, and air intake grilles. The other special design features include the trim strip on the “A-wing” and side flics. All these elements are in high-sheen chrome, which together with its use of dark paint, creates an incredible contrast. Even the front splitter is in high-sheen chrome.

It reduces lift at the front axle, creating a gap that ensures effective air flow. Being proud of their creation, the designers have lettered the phrase “V12 BITURBO” on the wings. The high-sheen chrome inserts in the side skirts create a perfect combination together with the forged wheels.

The total look is completed with the 8.5 J x 20 with size 255/40 ZR 20 tyres at the front, and 9.5 J x 20 with tyre size 285/35 ZR 20 at the rear. The multi-layered acoustic soft top is another awesome feature on the new S 65 Cabriolet. When it’s closed, the contours of the soft top look like the coupé silhouette.

You can choose from the following colors: dark blue, dark red, black, and beige. When driving at speeds of up to 50 km/h, the driver can easily open and close the soft top. You’ll need 17 seconds for the soft top to be put away above the luggage compartment partition, which automatically extends. All the materials used are of the best quality.

This ensures that you won’t require more closures on the compartment lid of this soft top. Another interesting feature is the design of the twin tailpipes, which are fully plated with chrome and which have been completely merged with the rear apron. The trim element, which is positioned on top of the diffuser insert, is painted in black and comes with a high-gloss finish – offering an excellent contrast. These trim elements have the same design as the “A-wings” on the front apron.

Interior Design

The interior of the S 65 Cabriolet has that exquisite ambience and extraordinary style that will make anyone feel awesome. Top-quality nappa leather is laid out using a diamond pattern. The stitching is made in such way that its seams contrast perfectly with the nappa leather design. Such features as electric adjustment, seat climatization, and memory functions serve to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

Special contouring of its seats and backrests provide passengers with lateral support, so they won’t feel any discomfort when the car is cornering at high speeds. The interior lining of the soft top is made of DINAMICA microfibre. Meanwhile, all window frames, A-pillars, roof claddings, and the sun visors are lined with nappa leather. Comfort is enhanced with the intelligent climate control system.

Furthermore, occupants of the S 65 Cabriolet will enjoy the following features: AIRCAP (wind protection system), AIRSCARF (neck-level heating system), heated armrests and seat heating that extends to the rear. Everything is controlled automatically so the driver doesn’t have to worry about making adjustments. The system chooses the most appropriate temperature. The manufacturers gave it a 3-spoke sport steering wheel, which is covered with the nappa leather whose lower part has been flattened.

It also comes with shift paddles, and a metal insert that has AMG written on it. Meanwhile, its grip area is contoured and has perforated leather trimming. The AMG instrument cluster is definitely a highlight. Its 31.2cm color TFT display that boasts of high resolution and consists of two round dials has everything you need to know about the car while driving.

AMG is a stickler for details as shown in how it designed its speedometer that goes up to 360 km/h, its use of red/silver needles, as well as how it shows the typography. While for some fans, it’s the “V12 BITURBO” lettering that get them excited. These are just some of the special features that make driving even more pleasant.

For example, if the driver’s door is opened, the start-up screen pops up on the right-hand display while an animated S 65 Cabriolet appears on the instrument cluster The S 65 Cabriolet is equipped with a 78 Ah lithium-ion battery as standard.

This presents some distinct advantages compared to the traditional battery. For one, it reduces the weight by more than 20 kg as it takes the place of both the starter battery and its backup.


The S 65 Cabriolet can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and it has a top speed of 250 km/h. However, the brand offers a driver’s package that can raise the top speed to 300 km/h. This impressive performance is attributed to the potent V12 engine and other characteristics like a peak output of 463 kW (630 hp) and a max torque of 1000 newton metres, among others.

Other highlights include its style and the unique sound of the V12 engine, which will have an exclusive cover made with carbonfiber and aluminium. According to the AMG philosophy of “One Man, One Engine”, each engine is assembled by a single technician.

Starting in 2016, a new AMG engine line will roll out these hand-assembled engines. AMG’s headquarters in Affalterbach will produce the V8 engines while the technicians in Kölleda/Thuringia will produce the V4 engines. The technician’s signature is inked on a badge that will be attached to the engine to testify to its top-notch quality. The main function of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC is to transfer power to the rear axle.

There are 3 individual driving modes of the automatic transmission: Controlled Efficiency (C), Sport (S), and Manual (M). The last two modes prioritize the dynamism of the car. When the gear is shifted up under the full load, a brief and precise cutback of ignition and injection ensure the sportiness and emotional appeal of the car.

Gearshifts get more emotive tones. Meanwhile, the “C” mode activates the ECO start and stop functions.

Press Release

The new Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet: Open-top driving with prestige and performance

With the new S 65 Cabriolet, Mercedes-AMG is for the first time offering a performance car which combines the impressive power of the 6.0‑litre V12 biturbo engine with the pleasure of open-top driving for four occupants. An output of 463 kW (630 hp), 1000 newton metres of maximum torque, the sport suspension based on AIRMATIC and the exquisite appointments emphasise the exceptional status of the new flagship model in the S-Class family from Mercedes-AMG. A new dimension in open-air motoring is guaranteed by the automatic wind protection system AIRCAP, the AIRSCARF neck-level heating system, heated armrests and intelligent climate control. The three-layered acoustic fabric soft top is available in four colours, and has a very high-quality interior lining in nappa leather and DINAMICA microfibre.

No other car manufacturer in the world offers such a wide portfolio of twelve-cylinder models as Mercedes-AMG: The S 65 Saloon, SL 65 Roadster, G 65 off-roader and S 65 Coupé are now joined by the new S 65 Cabriolet as a further high- performance alternative for discerning automobile enthusiasts.

"The customer base for our V12 biturbo engine expects the ultimate in every respect. That is why we are offering a four-seater high-performance convertible with this legendary power unit for the first time. The new S 65 Cabriolet sets benchmarks for all relevant criteria: top performance, a breathtaking driving experience and exquisite appointments," says Tobias Moers, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The peak output of 463 kW (630 hp) and maximum torque of 1000 newton metres make for effortlessly superior performance: The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. The top speed is 250 km/h (electronically limited). The AMG Driver's package includes an increase in the top speed to 300 km/h (also electronically limited). Yet it is the unrivalled 12-cylinder driving experience that thrills much more than facts and figures: stylish driving comfort and effortless power delivery combine with great refinement and the unmistakable AMG V12 engine sound.

With an NEDC combined fuel consumption of 12.0 litres per 100 kilometres (equivalent to 272 g/km of CO2), the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé is significantly more economical than all of its rivals.

Technical highlights of the AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine

  • Biturbocharging
  • Aluminium crankcase
  • Forged crankshaft in high-grade alloy steel
  • Multi-spark ignition with 12 twin-spark ignition units
  • Air-to-water intercooler with low-temperature circuit
  • Alternator management
  • ECO start/stop function

The exclusive carbon-fibre/aluminium engine cover also visually conveys the exceptional strengths of the V12 engine, which will be hand-assembled on the new, additional AMG engine line in Mannheim from 2016. The ultra-modern assembly layout is logistically and ergonomically perfect for the AMG philosophy of "One Man, One Engine". This means that at AMG's headquarters in Affalterbach (production of V8 engines) and in AMG engine production in Kölleda/Thuringia (4‑cylinder engines), each engine is assembled entirely by hand by a single technician in Mannheim. A badge bearing the technician's signature and attached to the engine is a personal testimony of perfection and quality.

Power transmission with three individual driving modes

The AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC transmission is responsible for transferring power to the rear axle. This automatic transmission offers a choice of three individual modes, Controlled Efficiency (C), Sport (S) and Manual (M). Sport and Manual emphasise the vehicle's dynamism: the ultimate emotional appeal and tangible sportiness are ensured by the brief, precisely defined cutback of ignition and injection when shifting up a gear under full load. This shortens shift times and lends an audibly more emotive tone to gearshifts. The ECO start/stop function is activated in transmission mode "C".

Design features: High-sheen chrome as a distinguishing feature

The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet also fascinates with its irresistible, timeless design lines. V12-specific features include the numerous design elements in high-sheen chrome at the front, sides and rear, which are particularly effective in conjunction with dark paint finishes. The large central Mercedes star on the front apron, the "twin blade" radiator grille, all of the air intake grilles, the trim strip on the "A-wing", the side flics (air deflector elements) and the front splitter are in high-sheen chrome. The front splitter reduces lift at the front axle, while the gap above the front splitter ensures an effective flow of air to the separate engine oil cooler behind it.

At the sides, the eye is drawn to the "V12 BITURBO" lettering on the wings and the high-sheen chrome inserts in the side skirts – which harmonise perfectly with the ceramic high-sheen multi-spoke forged wheels. Their large size of 8.5 J x 20 with size 255/40 ZR 20 tyres at the front, and 9.5 J x 20 with tyre size 285/35 ZR 20 at the rear, emphasises the model's athletic appearance.

In the closed position, the multi-layered acoustic soft top has the design contours of a coupé silhouette. The fabric soft top is available in black, dark blue, beige and dark red. It can be electro-hydraulically opened and closed while on the move, up to a speed of 50 km/h. Opening and closing take around 17 seconds. The soft top is deposited above the automatically extending luggage compartment partition. This avoids the need for any additional closures on the soft top compartment lid, in keeping with the high design quality embodied by the S 65 Cabriolet.

The rear section also sparkles: The AMG sports exhaust system's two chromed twin tailpipes in V12 design are fully chrome-plated and perfectly integrated into the rear apron. Above the distinctive diffuser insert, painted in high-gloss black, the trim element forms an effective contrast: it echoes the design of the "A-wings" on the front apron and is finished in high-sheen chrome.

Bodyshell: lightweight and torsionally rigid

The sculptured outside skin surrounds a highly stable structure which is light in weight yet extremely strong thanks to the intelligent material mix. The bodyshell of the new S 65 Cabriolet achieves the same torsional rigidity level as a coupé. At the same time the outside skin, the front section and the rear section of aluminium, as well as the use of magnesium, reduce the weight of the bodyshell to that of the current S 65 Coupé. The bulkhead behind the rear seats also contributes to this. This serves to rigidify the bodyshell, but also saves weight by carrying the pyrotechnically deployed rollover bars.
Careful attention to detail is also evident in the luggage compartment concept: when the soft top is opened, it folds away into a section of the luggage compartment. The soft top is separated from the remaining luggage compartment space by means of an electrically operated, retractable cover which encloses the soft top. This luggage compartment partition extends automatically when opening of the soft top. This means that the driver no longer needs to stop in order to operate the luggage compartment cover manually. The partition is not activated if the luggage compartment has been so loaded in such a way that there are objects in the area of the partition. When the soft top is closed, the luggage compartment partition can be retracted by pressing a button in the inner panelling of the boot lid, so as to increase the available luggage space. Additional convenience and space benefits include standard-specification electro-hydraulic remote locking for the luggage compartment and a through-loading facility into the interior.

Interior: equipment, quality and ambience of the highest standard

The extraordinarily stylish character of the twelve-cylinder model is also obvious in the interior: The S 65 Cabriolet welcomes its occupants with an incomparably exquisite ambience. The sport seats in designo Exclusive nappa leather are a distinctive highlight with their model-specific diamond-pattern layout. The perforations deliberately avoid the areas where stitching features in the nappa leather. The result is exceptionally neat contrasting seams and an unrivalled impression of quality. Electric adjustment, a memory function and seat climatisation are standard features. More contoured seat cushions and backrests improve lateral support when cornering at speed.

The fabric soft top has an interior lining completely in DINAMICA microfibre. High-grade nappa leather lines the window frame including the A-pillars, the roof claddings and the sun visors.

Outstanding climatic comfort with the roof open or closed

Maximum climatic comfort is assured by the automatic wind protection system AIRCAP, the AIRSCARF neck-level heating system, the heated armrests, the seat heating also in the rear, and the intelligent climate control. In contrast to conventional systems, the climate is controlled fully automatically. This means that the driver does not need to select a mode for closed or open top, nor is it necessary to save a temperature setting for these driving conditions.

Sport steering wheel in a three-spoke design

A perfect feel for the car's behaviour is ensured by the 3-spoke sport steering wheel in nappa leather, which has a flattened lower section. It features shift paddles, a distinctly contoured rim trimmed with perforated leather in the grip area, and a metal insert with AMG lettering.

Another typical AMG speciality is the AMG instrument cluster: information on the engine speed, vehicle speed and much more appears on two animated round dials on the 31.2 centimetre, high-resolution colour TFT display. The typography, the needles in red/silver, the speedometer with its 360 km/h scale and the "V12 BITURBO" lettering in the rev counter all have a specifically AMG look. When the driver's door is opened, an AMG start-up screen appears on the right-hand display, while an animated Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet appears in the instrument cluster.

Lithium-ion battery reduces weight by over 20 kg

The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet is equipped with a lithium-ion battery as standard. This innovative technology offers numerous advantages over a conventional battery concept: with a capacity of 78 Ah, the lithium-ion battery replaces both the starter battery and the backup battery – resulting in a weight saving of over 20 kg.

Sport suspension based on AIRMATIC

The sport suspension based on AIRMATIC provides an incomparable driving experience. It has AMG-specific kinematics, considerably tauter elasto-kinematics and new parameterisation of the variable damping adjustment – the driver benefits from more direct responses, and also faster handling responses with a dynamic driving style. The damping characteristics can be preset in two modes: a high level of long-distance comfort or a sporty, stiff setup.

It is perfectly complemented by the electro-mechanical, speed-sensitive sport steering with a constant, direct steering ratio of 13.5:1: this optimises vehicle handling and agility while maintaining driving safety at high speeds. Depending on the suspension setting, the steering characteristics are adapted for more sporty or comfortable response. In either case the driver feels precise feedback from the road surface, and a high level of steering precision.

Ceramic high-sheen forged wheels with fully integrated wheel bolt cover

The exclusive forged wheels of the V12 Cabriolet appeal with their exceptional design, which represents a contemporary interpretation of classic sports car rims: each of the 16 spokes twists so that the light-catching contours radiate to the centre of the wheel hub. The effect: The wheel appears larger than its actual dimensions of 8.5 J x 20 at the front and 9.5 J x 20 at the rear.
As standard the forged wheels feature a high-quality, screw-on, fully integrated wheel bolt cover in forged aluminium. Its shape is reminiscent of a centre lock as seen in motorsport. The AMG lettering is incorporated into the rim as a design element. Three further forged wheels in the same format are available as optional alternatives – one design variant with a matt black finish and high-sheen rim flange.

Optional ceramic high-performance composite brake system

The high-performance composite brake system features large brake discs and brake callipers with a grey finish – red callipers are available as an optional extra. A ceramic high-performance composite braking system with 420 x 40 mm discs at the front and 360 x 32 mm discs at the rear is optionally available. This is around 40 percent lighter in weight. The lower unsprung masses improve driving dynamics, agility and ride comfort.

Extensive standard equipment with head-up display and touchpad

The extensive range of standard equipment for the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet includes the head-up display and the touchpad. The head-up display projects key information such as the vehicle speed, speed limits, navigation directions, traffic signs and information from DISTRONIC PLUS onto the windscreen. The visualisation of the engine speed and the current gear is exclusive to AMG. In Manual transmission mode, a coloured upshift bar and the possible gears for a manual gear change are also protected onto the windscreen. The virtual colour display measuring 21 x 7 centimetres appears to float on the bonnet at a distance of about two metres from the driver. The innovative touchpad makes it significantly easier to operate the radio, telephone and navigation system. In contrast to conventional systems, the touchpad can be used to operate all of the infotainment functions. The input area is approximately 6.5 x 4.5 centimetres in size and is integrated into the handrest with a cover for the keypad.

Intelligent Drive: new standards in safety

The new S 65 Cabriolet is available with numerous innovative assistance systems that make driving even more comfortable and safe. "Intelligent Drive" systems include PRE-SAFE® Brake with pedestrian detection, DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot, Brake Assist BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus and Night View Assist Plus. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS features distance and collision warning functions with adaptive Brake Assist, offering protection against collisions from just 7 km/h, plus an additional function: when a danger of collision persists and the driver fails to respond, the system is able to carry out autonomous braking at speeds of up to more than 100 km/h, thereby reducing the severity of collisions with slower or stopping vehicles. At speeds of up to around 50 km/h the system also brakes in response to stationary vehicles, and is able to prevent rear-end collisions at up to around 40 km/h.

The preventive occupant protection system PRE-SAFE® has also been extended. As PRE-SAFE® PLUS, it can now also recognise an imminent rear-end collision and warn following traffic by activating the rear hazard warning lights at a high frequency. When a danger of collision persists, the system can "lock" the brakes of the stationary vehicle prior to a rear-end collision and activate the PRE-SAFE® belt tensioners immediately before impact. This action minimises the risk of whiplash injury by reducing the forward jolt caused by the impact, and ensuring that the occupants are in the best possible position.

Standard equipment for the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet includes the following (selection):

  • Exclusive package incl. upholstery in designo Exclusive nappa leather
  • Headliner in nappa leather / DINAMICA microfibre
  • LED Intelligent Light System
  • 360° camera
  • Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC
  • Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system
  • Driving Assistance package Plus, including DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot, PRE-SAFE® Brake, BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist and PRE-SAFE® PLUS
  • Seat Comfort package for driver and front passenger
  • KEYLESS-GO package

The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet can be ordered from 4 April 2016 onwards, and the market launch in Mercedes-Benz own-retail outlets and dealerships will be from May 2016.

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