Get your first look at tech-filled 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class!

Article by Christian A., on December 10, 2015

The exterior of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class features new distinct headlamps that come with an intelligent system. The front lights of the new E-Class have been reinterpreted to feature the characteristic double eyebrow. Add that to the fact that its unique headlamps don a clear-lens design.

For a more majestic front appearance, it has LED High Performance headlamps featuring double torch and superb quality modelled details. Intelligence is a feature distinct to the optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, which feature Intelligent Light System (ILS) and Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus.

These optional headlamps follow the inner contour, thereby providing a characteristic note to the direction indicators, side lights, Coming Home lights and daytime running lamps. All these functions render Mercedes models easily recognizable, even among other vehicles. These functions are grouped under a lens of clear polycarbonate, featuring a scratch-resistant coating. Since the lens comes with black edging, there is a perception of both depth and quality.

Each MULTIBEAM LED headlamp is comprised of 84 individually controlled high-power LEDs, providing automatic yet reliable road illumination. These LEDs are precision-controlled, which allows them to distribute without blinding drivers of incoming vehicles. Since the headlamps have more individually controllable LEDs, the distributed road illumination is not only brighter, but also more brilliant and more precise.

This results to enhanced road safety for both the driver of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and drivers of other vehicles using the same road. Thanks to a higher degree of precision in light distribution, drivers of the Mercedes E-Class could now use the partial main-beam lights much longer, which means a safer time during a night trip.

In fact, the partial high-beam light output of these MULTIBEAM LED headlamps is up o 2.5 times greater than conventional headlamp systems. Aside from reliable road illumination, Mercedes' MULTIBEAM LED headlamps give rise to a new visual emphasis, thanks to passively illuminated blue light surfaces that outline the E-Class "torch effect" of the daytime running lamps and side lights.

These blue light surfaces are also illuminated when the driver switches on the low beam or high beam, thereby creating a blue setting that provides the E-Class a distinct character up front. Apart from the more distinctive front lights, the new Mercedes E-Class is now made more unique thanks to its one-part rear lights.

While the torch designed tail lamp follows the contour of the rear light to highlight the distinct form of the rear light, it is also designed to further enhance safety. Thanks to multi-level functionality, the light intensity of the brake lamp differs during daytime or night-time – all within the legally permissible limits.

Additionally, the direction indicator -- which also features multi-level functionality – now covers the entire width of the lower region of the rear light. Customers could also opt for available LED rear lights with a stardust effect for an extensive and consistent dazzling look. This effect is made possible by the minute yet irregular Lambert reflectors located the lens of the tail lamp. These so-called Lambert reflectors ensure an extensive, highly homogeneous and brilliant appearance. The optionally available rear light uses all-LED technology.

Interior Design

Mercedes-Benz is taking the E-Class, particularly its luscious interior, into a whole new level. With a new high-resolution wide dual display, touch-sensitive control buttons on the steering wheel, and a strong chemistry between emotion and intelligence, the interior of the new E-Class is something to reckon with.

Of course, that is not all. This new E-Class boasts of an interior that features a lighting atmosphere with 64 colors, 3D sound with concert hall experience, first class seat design and intelligent material design. When a driver enters an E-Class, one of the most noticeable elements inside is the wide dual display, each having 31.2-cm (12.3-inch) screen with a high resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels.

These two screens merge visually, making it seem like a very wide single screen. Likewise, the two screens are visually placed like a wide-screen cockpit, thereby serving as the central element to highlight the horizontal bias of the interior design of the vehicle. This wide-screen cockpit features a large display with virtual instruments directly in the driver's field of vision.

It also features a central display just above the center console. These displays are covered with common glass, giving it a flat-screen appearance. Moreover, the wide-screen instrument cluster could be specified in any of the three different styles: "Classic", "Sport" and "Progressive."

Customers could avail of the COMAND Online option for the wide-screen instrument cluster. The entry-level E-Class features two tube-type round dials as well as a 17.8 cm color display cluster with a resolution of 1000 x 600 pixels. It also features a central display with a 21.3-cm screen diagonal with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The instrument cluster, round dials and central display are all installed in a single frame that features a high-gloss piano-lacquer appearance.

The content of the central display can be modified according to the driver's personal preferences. Excluding the navigation map that fills the entire display area, the graphic content of the central display of COMAND Online is divided into two.

Covering two-thirds of the display (right side) is the main area for informative graphics and animations while the remaining third (left side) is reserved as a supplementary area. Interestingly, there is an option for the display to be backlit at night with multicolor ambience lighting, thereby making wide-screen cockpit appear like it’s hovering in space. On the other hand, the new Mercedes E-Class takes pride in being the first car to feature touch control buttons on the spokes of the multifunction steering wheel.

These touch-sensitive buttons are designed to respond precisely to horizontal and vertical finger swipes, allowing the driver to control the functions of the infotainment system just like a smartphone -- without taking their hands off the wheel. A function selected through a swipe would not execute unless the driver selects a corresponding touch control button. Each switch panel features four other touch control buttons for functions like volume and telephone.

Aside from the touch control buttons and the touchpad, the infotainment system could also be controlled through the COMAND controller and LINGUATRONIC. Certain vehicle functions could be controlled directly by the buttons, like operation of the air-conditioning system or activation/deactivation of certain driver assistance systems. These control and display features are designed not only to group related functions in terms of content and form but to also enhance and emphasize them.

Providing high-value effect are metallized switch surfaces as well as genuine-metal controls. Amazingly, the interior of the new Mercedes E-Class is truly an expression of emotion and intelligence – thanks to the dynamic chemistry of strong solid bodies, elegant sculptural surfaces and extensive control and display zones, as well as innovative clarity. This interplay is not surprising, given that the new E-Class boasts of a design biased towards a sense of space, reflecting Mercedes-Benz's design philosophy of "Sensual Purity."

The new E-Class features a number of interior elements typical of Mercedes-Benz saloons from the C-Class to the S-Class. For instance, the horizontal low-lying trim portion of the instrument panel features classy flowing lines and a sweeping form that provides a graphical sense of space and tranquility. The wave motion carries onto the door linings, thereby creating a sense of continuation of the horizontal emphasis on width.

Furthermore, the new Mercedes E-Class features the four circular air vents found in the S-Class. Since the sporty upper part of the instrument panel is installed as a separate solid body, it seems to float. On its front is the free-standing yet integrated ultra-flat glazed wide-screen display. Superior in quality and high in resolution, this wide-screen display provides an aura of innovative excellence that serves as a contrast to the trailblazing design of advanced consumer electronics as well as to the classic yet sophisticated design of the passenger compartment.

Thus, the interior of the new E-Class expresses a clean yet inspiring emotion combined with intelligent interior architecture and cutting-edge control and display elements. Further enhancing the mood of the occupants during a short trip or a long travel is the intelligent yet sensual use of interior lighting.

Lighting up the interior of the new E-Class are energy-saving LED lights. LED technology is also used for the optional personalized ambience lighting that features 64 colors to bring out the right mood inside the cabin of the E-Class. Ambience lighting also provides sensual illumination to vehicle locations like the central display, trim parts, handle recesses, door pockets, front and rear foot wells, front stowage facility on the center console, overhead console and mirror triangle.

Ambience lighting also provides sensual illumination to the tweeters, if the E-Class comes with the available Burmester high-end 3D surround sound system. Installed as standard on the new E-Class is the Frontbass system that takes up the space in the cross-member and side member of the body structure, using them as the resonance chamber for its bass speakers. Customers, however, could opt for the available second-generation Burmester high-end 3D surround sound system, which allows the occupants of the E-Class to enjoy a luxurious audio experience similar to that in a concert hall.

This is thanks to the fact that the second-generation Burmester high-end 3D surround sound system makes use of four roof speakers, two of which are installed in front of the roof while the remaining units are in the rear. Customers could use the VIP setting to optimize the sound experience for every occupant. Seating in the new E-Class can be considered as first class – ergonomic, luxurious, sporty and well-refined – making them suitable for any trip, whether just within the city or to a destination far away from home.

Designs of these first-class seats differ according to the line chosen by customers. The basic line comes in luxurious fabric while the AVANTGARDE line features seats with sporty bias and adapted contours. AVANTGARDE seats have transversely tacked center sections, thus harmoniously combining sportiness with good lateral support and back-ventilation. On the other hand, the AMG line provides sportier seats with sporty backrest and sporty side bolsters.

They also have a wide shoulder section to provide enhanced lateral support. Customers could also avail of the EXCLUSIVE line, which features longitudinally tacked center sections that are color-matched to the overall seat sculpture. These seats come in fabric/leather combination or in nappa leather. As an added option, also available are diamond-patterned designo seats with perforations similar to an S-Class seat. These design seats boast of improved lateral support of the sports seat.

The luxurious, elegant and sporty nature of the interior of the Mercedes E-Class is also attributable to the fact that the German premium carmaker uses only high-grade authentic materials in consonance with intelligent design. These materials include open-pore woods and novel metal fabric as well as wood with a yachting look and flowing lines. Additionally, the interior of the E-Class uses leather as cover for its doors and the beltline for selected lines.

Additionally, the sumptuousness of the interior of the E-Class is also attributable to meticulous detail design and craftsmanship typical of Mercedes vehicles. Customers could also choose from a number of interior color combinations to match the high quality cabin material.

For instance, what’s available are various shades of brown, giving rise to color combos like brown/macchiato and saddle brown/macchiato. While the interior of the new Mercedes E-Class received much attention, its exterior was not neglected.

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