A Quick Look: Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213) vs. BMW 5-Series (G30)

Article by Christian A., on February 19, 2017

In many industries, it is the rivalries that make things exciting. In basketball for example, there is the well-known rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers against the Boston Celtics. For football, there is Barcelona versus Real Madrid. In the automotive industry, there is the infamous competition between Ferrari and Lamborghini. At present, there is a new rivalry in the making which is the 5-Series (G30) from BMW against the E-Class (W123) of Mercedes-Benz.

What makes the battle between this two exciting is that they both belong to the executive mid-size saloon class. For cars that cost less, what buyers consider are generally related to the value or the added features. Premium models however also take into consideration the design, prestige, and heritage. The choice is made more difficult as both brands have been implementing changes.

For those wanted comfort and be on the more conservative side, the choice was always Mercedes-Benz. BMW meanwhile was all about athletic looks and a thrilling drive. However recently, BMW has been playing it a bit safe with Mercedes becoming more daring. So how do they fare against each other?

When it comes to the engine, there is not much difference considering the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and the 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine, both diesel and petrol. Even the sport variants to be released have more or less the same specifications.

Overall, the new 5-Series reveals an upgrade compared to the previous generation. For the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz went further in order to come up with something a lot more daring. While the two lineups continue to display their respective brands design language, this can be difficult especially for the 5-Series as other brands have become bolder.

Exterior Design

In terms of bodywork, the 5-Series look more vertical while the E-Class appears to show more curves especially with how the unique rear end narrows. For the E-Class, selecting the correct trim is important as those who want to display sportiness would likely want the grille to have the three-pointed star integrated to it.

However for the 5-Series, there seems to be no need for any trim whatsoever. With regards to the design, the 5-Series may have been started from scratch but it does not really move it forward.

While it does look be more collected that the 7-Series, it is difficult to find anything new aside from the lights in the rear. Meanwhile for the E-Class, it is easy to see that it is similar to either the C-Class or S-Class.

Interior Design

If anything, both brands have remained true to their respective heritages when it comes to the cabin. While most features are virtually similar, what differs is the execution.

BMW’s offering makes sure that the center console puts focus on the driver, highlighted by how the center console has been angled. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz emphasizes comfort and luxury.

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