2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet is priced from €139,051, orders now open

Article by Christian A., on January 4, 2016

It is 2016 and Mercedes-Benz is presenting its new innovation in April. It is a revival of the Mercedes Benz of 1971 with its open top feature and a four-seater drive. It is primarily made to be infamously luxurious and delightful with a veneer of being the ultimate in class which is the Mercedes Benz trademark.

The new S-Class Cabriolet is uniquely designed and features the latest technology also found on in the S-Class sedan. It offers complete and full insulation and draft shield system with a sophisticated air-conditioning system for the whole car.

Mercedes-Benz has reached a milestone on this one having a Cd value of 0.29, reminding us that this is a car with an Aerodynamics World Champion recognition. It does not sit moderately beside the S-class Coupe model from a series in the production line.

It rises remarkably, having the quietest interior. This is all owed to a three tiered acoustic soft top that is standardized. At 139,051.51 euros, the S-500 Cabriolet has a powerfully built in V8 engine that brings out an output of 335 kW or 455 HP.

This engine has a displacement of 4,663 cubic cm, a maximum torque value of 700 Nm at 1,800 rpm. On the NEDC combined consumption side, this beauty consumes a mere 8.5 litres Super/100km with a total eco-friendly carbon emission of 199 g/km.

The S 63 has a rear biased torque distribution in the well-tuned AMG all-wheel performance drive. An upcoming model, the S 65 Cabriolet will be available on April 4, 2016. It is another AMG Mercedes Benz model that has its car gunning down the road as though it were a race track. This is a breakthrough in Mercedes Benz’s history. They are finally presenting a car with an S 63 4MATIC in its long range of models up to date. It costs 187,484.50 euros. It has an amazing, racing acceleration speed of 0 to 100 km/h at 3.9 seconds most certainly due to its twin turbo V8 engines on 5.5-litre pouring out 430 kW or or 585 HP along with a 900 Nm propelling torque.

The S-class Cabriolet is replete with standard notable equipment. Other standardized equipment includes COMAND which allows for online navigation controls for DVD viewing, cool touchpads and a screen set-up with the clearest resolution. It also features Thermotronic which controls the temperature in the car with the top up or down using sensors to distribute evenly the desired climate within the car.

Included in the standard model is an electronic Memory package for the front seats which allow the front seats to be readjusted to the pre-adjusted level the passenger had programmed. Led lighting is also provided for powerful illumination for the car. Options are given for the two-door model, including those from AMG designs and equipment providers. The buyer is treated to an array of add-ons.

At 6,485.50 euros, AMG designs, Benz’s exclusive designer and fine-tuner, will turn the vehicle into a streamlined dream in body styling of front and rear areas of the car with aprons and side-skirt components painted according to the original color of the car. The car is further equipped with a diamond radiator grille with chrome pins and 21-inch wheels with a 5-double-spoke design in light alloy colored titanium grey. In addition, it has perforated front and rear brake discs and its calipers have been marked with Mercedes Benz on them.

Interior Design

Inside the classy vehicle, AMG will provide poplar wood finishing, stainless steel sports pedals and velour rubber mats. The Exclusive Package The primary goal of the Mercedes Benz line of cars is to offer the most elegant, classical, luxurious piece of vehicle imaginable. This is their main theme and it always has been. The exclusive package entices the buyer with seats upholstered in designer Nappa leather. Nappa leather is the ultimate in pleasure for car seats.

Unlike ordinary leather, this type of leather has been smoothened to absolute softness but it is surprisingly strong and can withstand the harsh effects of light that makes ordinary leather fade fast. Cabriolet has Nappa leather seats with distinct topstitching and edging. Almost the whole car is done in Nappa leather including the arms rests, the door panels and back armrests. A diamond design is embossed in graphic patterns in the upholstery.

Metal badges are embedded in the backrests of the seats. Rooflinings and sunblinds are done in designer DINAMICO micorfibre. Map pockets are provided for the driver and the passengers. Door sills as well as stainless boot sills are marked with vibrant lettering of the Mercedes Benz brand. The exclusive package for the S 500 Cabriolet costs 7,925.40 in euros while it costs 5,902.4 euros for the Mercedes S 63 4MATIC.

A draft shielding system called the AIRCAP may be installed as an option for 1,178.10 euros. It is a turbulence reductive system for the interior. At a touch of the button, the passengers are protected from the wind with an extended windscreen with grids. Another button may shield passenger from draught due to the convex contours at the rear seat which includes a stainless steel trim component. Another optional feature is the AIRSCARF which is a novel innovation that enables the passenger to experience heat circulation specially tempered to their necks and heads.

It is a well-patented invention that provides comfort and cosy delight for the passengers. The Warmth Comfort Package For 511.70 euros, the passengers are treated to receive further warmth and cosiness. Everything is warm to the touch: the center console seats, the armrests, even the driver’s steering wheel.

At a touch of the button, the passengers and drivers may control the warm levels within the car. The new Cabriolet represents an advancement in the race for the most luxurious, elegant and comfort- embracing car of the future.

Mercedes Benz has always made a sell-out and has always been sought as the ultimate in class distinction. It has never disappointed us in their long history of quality and elegance in cars. They never did before, they certainly will not now or in the future.

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