Renault unveils Megane Akaju Limited Edition in France

Article by Christian A., on June 9, 2017

Renault previously did not have a luxury model under its belt and the French automaker kept bustling its releases further up-market especially in its homestead. This hasn't produced an Initiale Paris variant of the brand new Megane. But the new Megane model has finally received its timely new flagship luxury trim called Renault Megane Akaju.

Megane Akaju is set to be the popular hatchback range's most luxurious trim level and is set to be displayed during the sale network's promotional week scheduled on June 15-19.

The most economical version bears a price tag of around €27,600 and rises to about €31,400. Choose the 3 alternative options previously mentioned and the price will increase to €33,000.

As of now, the limited-edition Akaju is possibly an epilogue for a luxurious Initiale Paris permanent trim that is already offered with an array of models including the Clio, Captur, Talisman, Koleos and the newer Scenic and Grand Scenic MPV pair.

As soon as it arrives, the Initiale Paris will not be considered as the range-topping model as that position is already occupied by the Megane RS that will be revealed on September 12 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Power for the Megane RS is estimated to be around 300hp, the estimated output of the turbocharged 1.8 L engine.

Exterior Design

To be released exclusively in France, the Renault Megane Akaju is a new limited edition vehicle that is offered as the Intens trim and will be bestowed with the additional novelties and goodies for its premium trim.

The dapper version will flaunt an 18-inch Grand Tour wheels and will come equipped with an extra-tinted rear glass as well as the required "Akaju" badging to firmly indicate that this is not your ordinary Joe. This limited edition compact hatchback will be sold only for a short time, though.

Interior Design

Inside the cabin is where the magic happens, as the tuxedo-wearing compact hatch has heated front seats, and the driver's seat is installed with a massaging function. In an effort to distinguish the Akaju from ordinary Megane models, the French automaker has fitted the hatch with a luxurious Black and Club Brown leather upholstery paired with matching aluminium door panel trims that is painted in brown.

The list goes on and on, as many novelties found inside the compact hatch also include a color head-up display, Bose sound system and the French company's 8.7-inch R-Link 2 infotainment system that can accommodate both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.

Those who have cash to spare can request additional goodies including electric sunroof that is priced at €800, adaptive cruise control that costs around €300, and Easy Parking Pack that bears a price tag of around €500.


Interested customers who are based in France are in luck, as they can obtain the new Renault Megane Akaju with the distinctive 130 hp TCe gasoline engine with the standard manual transmission or the more economical choice which is the dCi 110 and dC 130 diesels.

Press Release

Renault introduces new high-end limited-edition MEGANE in France

The new limited-edition Mégane AKAJU becomes the popular hatchback range’s most exclusive trim level.
Renault to open order books for the new version in France on June 7.
The new limited-edition Mégane will be on display during the sales network’s promotional week on June 15-19.
In addition to the extensive list of equipment that comes with Mégane INTENS, the limited-edition AKAJU version features elegant 18-inch Grand Tour alloy wheels, lateral AKAJU badging and extra-tinted rear glass.

Inside the cabin, the focus is on refinement, with heated, massaging(1) front seats, Black and Club Brown leather upholstery and matching brown brushed aluminium door panel trims.

The new limited-edition version of Mégane delivers an exclusive driving experience, too, thanks to its premium Bose® sound system and colour head-up display which are both standard fitments.

The Mégane AKAJU is equipped with R-LINK 2 navigation compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for smartphone replication on the system’s 8.7-inch display. The model’s ZEN, BUSINESS, INTENS, LIMITED and GT trim levels also offer this new feature.

(1)Massaging driver’s seat

Prices in France as of June 7, 2017

EDC = Efficient Dual Clutch automatic transmission
Energy TCe 130 €27,600
Energy TCe 130 EDC €29,200
Energy dCi 110 EDC €31,400
Energy dCi 130 €31,000


Easy Parking Pack €500
Adaptive cruise control €300
Electric opening sunroof €800

Source: Renault

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