Rolls-Royce pays homage to South Korea with bespoke Ghost and Wraith special editions

Article by Christian A., on May 23, 2017

In 2004, the British marque Rolls-Royce officially entered South Korea with the opening of their showroom located in Seoul before opening their second showroom last September in Busan. Now RR will have not only one, but two premium cars as a way of expressing thanks to the largest cities in the Asian country, Seoul and Busan, and to celebrate more than 10 years of congenial collaboration.

Giles Taylor, Rolls-Royce design director, said that this bespoke pair that they have created offer personal spaces that represent the vibrant cities that they occupy, showing the possibilities that the world's most famous luxury house can provide.

He added that like an elegant suit, some of the most appealing Bespoke touches found in a Rolls-Royce are invisible to anyone but its owner. Or they may uncover themselves only by chance to the audience, like the colourful lining of a jacket exposed by a gust of wind as these vehicles momentarily come to a halt in the city.

As of now, the British marque is still mum on the real price tag of these 2 bespoke automobiles. If you’re interested, you can go submit your orders at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Studio located in Seoul, Busan and Incheon, South Korea. But if you ask us, chances are high that they already have owners.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Seoul Edition

Rolls-Royce Ghost Seoul Edition features an Andulasian white body that is further enhanced with a twin coachline in Mugello Red and Cobalto Blue, and also features a hand painted motif that displays the silhouette of the notable Namsan Seoul Tower.

Inside of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is where the magic happens as the white finish of the car is contrasted by the black leather of the interior.

Cobalto Blue stitching and Mugello Red piping has been added for a touch of different color. Moreover, additional novelties include an array of items that range from rear seat entertainment system to lambswool floormats.

Rolls-Royce Busan Wraith Edition

For the Busan Wraith Edition, the British marque has been featured with an elegant 2 tone Royal Blue and Jubilee Silver exterior that is mingled with a single coachline polished in Blushing Pink.

The British marque's team found in Goodwood thought of the fancy rear pillar theme that depicts a geometrical design that takes inspiration from the latticework in South Korea's historic hanok screen doors.

This traditional motif was combined with a contemporary take as the lattice effect was created by converging metal beams and glass panels akin to those utilized for the skyscrapers in the Marine City in the Haeundae district.

Interior-wise, the rare Wraith Busan edition is really eye-catching due to its swanky Selby Grey leather upholstery embellished with Cobalto Blue and Navy Blue. The sophisticated coupe is not an ordinary Joe due to its intricate starlight headliner to the 18-channel and 1,300 sound system.

Press Release


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars celebrates over a decade of cordial ties with South Korea with the unveiling of a ‘Bespoke Collection for Korea’ at the British Embassy in Seoul.
The Bespoke Collection, the first of its kind for the marque in the country, embraces the aesthetic heritage of South Korea with a contemporary flare true to the sophistication and dynamism of the country's largest cities of Seoul and Busan, from which the cars take their inspiration.

The two tailor-made cars are as individual as the cities they represent: flying the flag for Seoul in national colours is the world's foremost business sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost, whilst for the southeastern metropolis of Busan the canvas is the ultimate Grand Tourer Rolls-Royce Wraith, playing to the leisure-orientated lifestyle of the coastal city. Seoul has been home to Rolls-Royce since 2004, with the marque’s second showroom in Busan joining the Rolls-Royce family in September last year.

United in their rarity, every car produced by the House of Rolls-Royce constitutes a unique personal item representing the height of creative endeavour. True to this philosophy, both cars are one-off creations from the hands of dedicated designers and craftspeople at the marque’s home in Goodwood, England, crafted through an immersive commissioning process that Korean customers can enjoy at the recently opened Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Studio in Incheon.

“With this pair of Bespoke cars we have created individual, personal spaces that at once embody the vibrant cities that they inhabit, demonstrating with aplomb the possibilities that the world's most celebrated luxury house affords," said Giles Taylor, Director of Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. "Our team of Bespoke designers at the Home of Rolls-Royce relished the opportunity to explore Korean aesthetics and the result is a union of intricate detailing with clean, elegant colour schemes. Like a fine suit, some of the most pleasing Bespoke touches in a Rolls-Royce are hidden to anyone but the owner, or may reveal themselves only by chance to the passer-by. Like the colourful lining of a jacket fleetingly exposed by a gust of breeze, as these cars momentarily come to a stop in the city the lucky bystander can look forward to a glimpse of the hidden depths of the unique design."

“It is with great pride that we introduce these glorious one-off vehicles,” added Paul Harris, Regional Director for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Asia Pacific. “Korea is a passionate and dynamic country with which we share an appreciation for continually moving forward while respecting traditional craftsmanship. Our customers are leaders of industry and entertainment and we hope this will inspire their creativity in rewarding themselves with truly rare and individual vehicles.”

The Bespoke Collection comes at a time of success for Rolls-Royce in Korea. As of the end of April 2017, registrations of Rolls-Royce vehicles were up by 33% compared to the same period last year, demonstrating the popularity of the newly expanded model portfolio – the youthful drophead coup é, Da wn, having joined Phantom, Ghost and Wraith as the fourth model line in summer 2016.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Seoul Edition

Representing the capital city, the Ghost wears white and black set off by red and blue design elements, a colour palette chosen with reverence to the traditional Korean colours that grace the country’s Taegukgi national flag.

The exterior is Andalusian White, a bright white befitting the colour's historical symbolism of purity and hope and aptly representing the element metal. Above a twin coachline in Cobalto Blue and Mugello Red sits a hand-painted motif capturing the silhouette of the iconic Namsan Seoul Tower, the passionate red traditionally balancing the calm blue. In a subtle flourish, these colours also form pinstripes tracing the circumference of the wheel centres.

Inside, the effect is equally dignified. In a dark, brooding ‘Black tie with a twist’ theme, the contours of the Black leather are accentuated by contrasting Arctic White elements along with seat piping in the same Mugello Red and stitching in Cobalto Blue.

Beyond the threshold of the coach doors and Bespoke treadplates, sitting in the privacy of dark tinted rear windows, the patron and their guests enjoy a luxurious environment for either work or pleasure. Massage seats with perforated leather for air ventilation ensure they will arrive relaxed and refreshed, pampered by sumptuous headrest cushions embroidered with 'RR' monograms and hallmark Rolls-Royce lambswool floormats, calmed by the Starlight Headliner, and entertained by the rear-seat theatre and Bespoke Audio system. The increasing number of Korean owners who wish to drive themselves will be met with a sleek Piano Black fascia inlayed in silver with the bespoke Seoul Tower motif, which is also found on the back of the rear seat picnic tables.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Busan Edition

The coastal city of Busan, with its harbours, beaches and rocky coves feels like a world away from the bustle of Seoul. Likewise, the contrasting mood of the Busan Edition demonstrates the breadth of possibilities that Rolls-Royce Bespoke provides.

Like the Seoul Ghost, the rear pillar motif created by the Goodwood design team for the Busan Wraith holds traditional and modern icons as its inspiration. At the same time, it takes a more stylistic artistic direction that speaks of a complementary yet contrasting architectural theme: a geometrical pattern inspired by the delicate latticework seen in traditional Korean hanok screen doors and also reflected in the modern-day architecture of Busan – the lattice effect formed by the intersecting metal beams and glass panels of the skyscrapers of the city’s most sought-after residential area, Marine City in the Haeundae District.

The exterior is a Royal Blue and Jubilee Silver two-tone, conjuring up the shimmer of the surrounding sea and the juxtaposed glass edifices that tower gleaming over the harbourfront.

A single coachline in Blushing Pink darts across the shoulder line of the car and circles the blue wheel centres, drawing the eye to the contours of the vehicle just as the pink of the sky behind the mountain ranges at dusk ripples across the glass of the city’s buildings, or the warm hues of the night-time illuminations of the Gwangandaegyo suspension bridge dance in the waters of the bay. On the prow sits an illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy, adding further radiance.

This lustrous theme continues inside, where seats bound in Selby Grey leather with Cobalto Blue accents are cocooned in a sea of Navy Blue, the Starlight Headliner glimmering above and Blushing Pink touches present in the stitching on the seats, instrument panel and ‘RR’ headrest monograms. The architectural motif features as an inlay in the centre of the Piano Black fascia and is also incorporated as an abstract embroidery on the leather waterfall between the rear seats, creating a perfect environment to enjoy the 1300W, 18-channel Bespoke Audio system.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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