Tesla Model S 100D rated by EPA, breaks all records for how far an electric car can go

Article by Christian A., on April 17, 2017

The new Tesla Model S 100D has just broken the record for being the electric car with the longest range ever. A couple of months ago, an online website released an article of top electric cars, which have the longest range. While the list already included the 2017 Tesla Model S, it has only been proven just now.

The top electric vehicles on this list include: 2017 Tesla Model X at 295 miles (474.8 kilometers), 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV at 238 miles (383 kilometers), 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf at 126 miles (202.8 kilometers), and 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric at 124 miles (199.6 kilometers). A few others range from 84 to 114 miles.

The non-performance Model S sedan carries dual motors and the largest battery the company has, at 100kWh. The EPA officially rated the performance of this car and the official numbers are as follows: city range - 331.1 miles (532.9 kilometers), highway range - 337.2 miles (542.7 kilometers) and a combined range of 335 miles (539 kilometers). Take note, we even rounded the number off to just 335.

We can say that Tesla knows their products so well because when the Model S 100D was launched earlier this year, they did announce that this model will have an estimated range of 335 miles.

What is surprising is the fact that the Tesla Model S 100D even beat the performance version of the P100D - which is also a record breaking car for being able to accelerate at an impressive 2.28 seconds, recorded by Motor Trend not so long ago. To be specific, the non performance model is 20 miles ahead of the performance version - which used to be number one on the rankings.

The MPGe ratings are quite impressive too. City - 101 MPGe, Highway 102 MPGe, and combined - 102 MPGe.

Before the EPA released these figures, Tesla has already made the first deliveries of the Model S 100D around three weeks ago. The base model comes with a price tag of $92,500. But if customers opt for the same model with pre-selected upgraded interior, it will cost them $95,800. Both of these include an additional $1,200 destination and documentary fee.

Another good news for everyone is that the 100D costs just $3,000 more than the older 90D, which has a lower range of 294 miles. But then, it can’t accelerate as quickly as its performance version, which holds a record of 2.5 seconds from 0 to 60 miles per hour. It still is pretty fast for an EV, with a speed of 4.2 seconds (just 1.7 seconds slower), considering that the price difference between the two is $30,000. The Tesla Model S 100D definitely seems like a very reasonable choice.

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