Tesla Model S 60, 60 D will be discontinued starting April 17

Article by Christian A., on March 22, 2017

Tesla confirms that they will be discontinuing the fairly new Model S 60 and 60D sedans as soon as next month. Why, you ask? The company wants to make enough room for the upcoming Model 3. But do not worry, orders of the entry level Model S (at $68,000) will be received until April 16. You should hurry up then if you still want to get any of those models before they’re scrapped.

The 60 line is currently Tesla’s most affordable electric car. It’s much more affordable than the Model S P90 D which starts at $90,700. The base model offers a 210-mile range and a battery pack capable of storing 75kWh. However, it is software limited to 60kWh, unless the buyer decides to pay an extra $6,500 to unlock its full power - increasing the driving range to 249-259 miles. Also, it will cost another $3,000 to enable the AutoPilot semi-autonomous features. Basically, you have to pay more, to get more. But not always, as the Model S 60 buyers can have access Tesla’s Supercharger network free of charge.

For the upcoming Model 3, the company plans to come out with seven options. However, if there would not be a new powertrain introduced soon enough, then they might reduce options to just five. This effort was done by the company to ensure that they have an affordable unit on hand, especially with the interest people are showing in the Model 3.

After announcing last July that the 60D and its software limited feature will be launched, Tesla realised that people were not taking advantage of the cheaper model and were still leaning towards splurging for the 75-kWh unit. So this made them decide quickly to discontinue production even before its launch.

The Model 3, which will then become Tesla’s entry-level electric vehicle, is set to be priced as low as $35,000 when equipped with a small battery pack that can only hold 60kWh. And that’s it, it will not acquire the software that the 60D model had. But of course, buyers can still get their hands on a Model 3 with higher output. It’s rumored to have 70kWh but it’s still being tested. The expected price of the Model 3 will be closer to that of the Model S 75D, but will not be far from the price of the 60D.

Though priced lower than other EVs, a downside for the Model 3 is that owners are expected to pay to use their Supercharger station. Owners can either purchase an unlimited charging package, or pay per charge. The Model S, on the other hand, gets free usage of the Superchargers. In other words, Tesla expects more customers to buy the more affordable car, so a lot more people will be paying at their 632 Supercharger stations.

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