Japan-exclusive Toyota 86 Solar Orange Limited Edition has new brakes, shocks and fiery orange shade

Article by Christian A., on December 4, 2016

In Japan, Toyota stays in the limelight by always cooking up something new for its famous 86 sports car. A colour orange Toyota 86 performance edition is one that’s hard to miss. Apart from the vibrant “Creamsicle” shade of orange, the 86 Solar Orange Edition features Toyota’s High Performance package. This includes Sachs’ Shock Absorbers and Brembo’s high performance brakes with red calipers. The coupe also comes with 17-inch thin spoke wheels and limited edition black mirror casings to complete the fiery look.

Toyota has equipped the 86 Solar Orange cabin with a blend of Alcantara fabric and leather for the upholstery. There are also intricate interior design and orange stitchings all over the dashboard, door cards, gear shifts, handbrake, steering wheel and heated bucket seats to complement the exterior colour motif of the coupe.

The 86 Solar Orange Edition’s Performance Package will be out on sale on the 7th of February 2017. The Automatic comes with a price of $31,360 or equivalent to 3,461,400 Yen while the 6-speed manual is priced at $30,660 or 3,394,440 Yen inclusive of tax.

Meanwhile, the Creamsicle exclusive paint job will cost around $30,000 (3,318,840 Yen) for the Automatic and $29,400 (3,251,880 Yen) for the manual. What’s more, the paint package also comes with supplementary accessories to match the exciting colour of the two-door sports coupe.

The special edition 86 model will only be sold exclusively in Japan within 31st of January until 10th of March starting next year. A special offer for the High Performance package on both variants costs an additional $2,200 (or 243,000 Yen). The rear wing and underbody cover are each sold separately.

If not only for the additional dampers, brakes and alloy wheels, the limited edition Solar Orange 86 basically features the same performance upgrades found in the Subaru BRZ US version. In fact, the Subaru BRZ GT marketed in Japan also has the same type of performance package. Since the new Toyota 86 is based on the GT model, it very much explains the whole cost of the limited edition set-up.

Surely, Toyota wouldn’t let the 86 coupe to be left out just like that after what they did with the Subaru. And so this is why they are building up the 86 with this special deal. If ever that’s the case, we think they did a pretty awesome job. Adding the Brembo brakes and Sachs dampers on the line will significantly improve its handling and braking performance. Not to mention, the refreshing orange that only makes it more exciting.

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