Volvo upgrades safety, powertrain, connectivity features of S90, V90, and XC90

Article by Christian A., on November 29, 2016

Despite the fact that Volvo has just recently launched the 90 Series models, specifically the S90, the V90, and the XC90, the brand is not stopping there as it has revealed that the models will be getting an upgrade.

The first is in terms of connectivity and while the models are already integrated with Apple CarPlay, they are now also compatible with Android Auto. The range will also include an update of the Over-The-Air navigation which allows the vehicle to have access to the latest maps.

Volvo will also be updating the powertrain with new Drive-E units that the brand says will bring in a good mix between drivability and fuel economy. The S90 for example will now have the 4-cylinder D3 diesel engine, allowing it to enjoy fuel economy of 4.3 1/100 km (54.7 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 114 g/km. This is true whether the engine is paired the automatic 6-speed transmission or the new manual 6-speed version. Additionally, the engine will be offered with an all-wheel drive.

Safety systems have been upgraded as well and in addition to the different systems equipped, Volvo is adding the Hazard Light Alert. What this system does is to detect if any vehicles in the front have triggered their hazard lights. If so, the driver is then alerted giving enough time to slow down. A new safety system as well is the Slippery Road Alert which uses data gathered from the cars in front regarding road surface. It can then alert the driver if there is the possibility of encountering a slippery surface.

With all of these changes, Volvo also introduced a small change in the design by adding in a new selection for the color. Known as Maple Brown, this is available though only for the V90 and the S90.

The S90 sedan made its official debut during the 2016 Detroit Motor Show and was created on the notion of having a new offering for a segment that was considered as conservative. Through the S90, the brand wanted to show a vehicle with a luxurious interior that offered control and comfort while delivering an exterior that displayed confidence.

Meanwhile, the 2nd generation of the XC90 had a simple design considering its station-like profile but the enhancements on the interior more than make up for it. An interesting feature for instance is the use of a touchscreen, avoiding the inconvenience of having too many buttons on the dashboard.

Rounding off the 90 Series is the V90 along with its newest variant the V90 Cross Country. While this model does have a rugged characteristic, similar to the XC90, the interior has an air of luxury and reveals a number of entertainment systems and connectivity features.

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