Rendering of VW Golf 7 (VII) Cabriolet Facelift is a real treat

Article by Christian A., on November 18, 2016

Volkswagen has recently disclosed what the redesigned Golf 7 looked like and even said that it had already revealed all possible versions. For car enthusiasts around the world though, they know it is not so as the Alltrack, GTD, Golf R, and even e-Golf, have yet to be shown. With this in mind, what is left to do while waiting for this German automaker to reveal them is to look at potential styles especially when it comes to the body.

A good model to start with is the Golf Cabriolet which was first presented by the brand in 2011. When it came out though, some reviews said that as it relates to the engineering aspect, it would have been better if VW delayed it for at least two years. This was because after it was unveiled, it appeared to become outdated at once.

To Volkswagen’s credit, they did what they could to address this and they came out with exciting versions during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Shows. The brand also unveiled thrilling variants of the GTI. There was even an R that was shown sporting an all-wheel drive powertrain. The downside however was that it appeared that all of these efforts were for naught as just five years after its official production, the brand has said that it will be discontinuing the Golf Cabriolet by December 2016.

As such, it would be a good exercise to imaging what would happen if the brand decided to move this model forward rather than ceasing it. It goes without saying that this would have been its fifth generation. In terms of appearance, fans agree that it would be similar to how X-Tomi Design would depict it. That is, it may have the roof shortened a bit much especially for a production vehicle.

Another good question to answer would be what this fifth generation of the Golf Cabriolet can be when compared to the MX-5 Miata. For starters, there is the possible that it would continue to be heavier, likely by around 300 kilograms. This is true even if VW managed to come up with a convertible with a really solid axle in the rear. While it would not be as much fun to drive, it would clearly be faster, given the German engineering behind it.

If this Cabriolet is possible, then it would likely be powered with the same engine inside the GTI which delivers an output of 245 PS and torque coming in at least 350 Nm. This would mean that it would leave the MX-5 in the dust. Even if the brand decided to put in the 1.8 TSI engine of the Polo GTI inside the Golf Cabriolet, it would still show excellent speed.

For a model that has no roof, the Golf Cabriolet would possibly become the most highly advanced vehicle with such a feature. Still VW knows that this would still not be enough for it to be put under production. This is because it would simply siphon off money and never become the lead model.

Source: X-Tomi Design

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