2018 Audi A8 (D5) teasers reveal flagship’s silhouette, more details released

Article by Christian A., on July 7, 2017

Even as the Audi Summit is about to take place in Barcelona next week, the company decided to tease us even more with the upcoming A8 (D5) flagship. But then again, Audi has been very generous with providing hints about what everyone has been eagerly waiting for.

Though they haven’t revealed everything about it yet, it’s quite obvious that the company isn’t trying to hide the A8 from us. Aside from all the official videos the automaker produced, the car is also soon going to be a Hollywood star, alongside Spidey in Marvel’s latest Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.

The company has revealed a backlit photo of the car showing its profile and some exterior details. There are two very visible lines that remind us of the Prologue concept, while the LED lights are looking very sharp. Other than that, it doesn’t really show anything that we don’t know about yet.

Now, let us talk about the highlights. First off, the whole A8 range will be getting a 48-volt mild hybrid powertrain as standard, enabling the car to reduce its fuel consumption by up to 0.7l/100km (0.2 mpg US). This was the first thing that Audi confirmed the A8 will be having.

One of its very practical features is the Audi AI Remote Parking Pilot, which was seen in a video the brand released. With this, the car can be easily parked without much effort. It is so cool as the car does a smooth 180 before reversing into the garage.

But there’s more. Actor Tom Holland and comedian J.B. Smoove took it out for a test drive, showcasing its active safety tech. There will be sensors that can detect a collision around the vehicle, among other useful features. Another video had come out where the A8 featured the automatic suspension, which makes the ride very comfortable as it shifts its suspension when the car detects bumps on the road.

The latest sneak peek, which was only revealed on July 3rd, shows that the rear passengers can get some downtime by activating the relaxation rear seat with foot massager. But then, this might just be an optional feature for the A8.

We’re sure there will be more surprises for us when the Audi A8 finally debuts on July 11th, at the Audi Summit, which starts at 9:30 AM local time (CEST).

The Audi A8 would be mainly going up against the new Mercedes Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-Series.

Source: Audi

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