2018 BMW 1-Series Facelift revisions are so subtle you might not spot them

Article by Christian A., on July 24, 2017

BMW has given the 2018 1-Series a facelift, and they have just released a ton of new photos and a couple of videos to show us what it’s got. Nevertheless, the people at BMW continue to remind us of the three- and five-door, rear-wheel-drive model from Bavaria that is available in three-, four-, and six-cylinder powertrains if the upgrades do not interest you. Now, going back to the all-new 1 Series, the Mini-like hatchback will have a front-wheel-drive setup this time.

The range-topping trim of the 1 Series will be getting a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine under its hood, where it can bring out 300 horsepower. This is quite a downgrade from the previous model year which has a turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-six, that produces 340 horsepower (250 kilowatts) and 500 Newton-metres (368 pound-feet) of torque like the M140i. Plus, the older model has a sweet-sounding soundtrack, while the facelifted model will be more silent.

The current 1 Series may start to show its age already based on how it physically looks; however, its engine still seems better than that of the facelifted model. A new M140i is on its way, though it might have a smaller engine that will be paired with the xDrive.

For those of you who are still interested in the next generation 1 Series, you might have to wait until the end of 2018 or early 2019. Not only has the model lost some of its assets, it will also lose some of its weight, thanks to the UKL platform. So even though the 2018 1 Series will have a smaller engine, note that it will go on a diet as well, so that will definitely have an impact on its performance. Other than that, it is meant to have more cabin space, as the overall body will get an expected bump in size.

The biggest change is probably the switch to a front-wheel-drive setup, that others would consider a downgrade. However, the market for this segment does not really care what setup the car has got. In fact, there was a study back in 2010 that BMW conducted, and surprisingly, 80 percent of 1 Series owners thought they had a FWD car. Also, if you consider the success of the 2 Series Active Tourer & Gran Tourer MPV, you would think that it is actually not that important for these people. So knowing all that, would you still go for the outgoing RWD or will you wait for the facelifted 2018 FWD that is due next year?

Source: BMW

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