What if the 2018 BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo (G32) looks this good?

Article by Christian A., on October 28, 2016

We’re all excited as the year comes to an end especially as there are several things we’ve highly anticipated. Like always, the car industry has something new to offer; that’s why we’re looking forward to annual car events from different parts of the world. It’s a never-ending cycle. Behind all these, the car manufacturers feel all the pressure.

Not everyone was impressed when BMW released the not-so-good-looking 5 Series GT. From what we see, it’s going to take years before BMW will come up with a much better version. That is, if you will consider the typical product cycle for each model. The situation would have been totally different if only the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo looked otherwise.

Oh, and speaking of which, X-Tomi Design rendered a much-beautiful version of the 5 Series GT and we think it’s awesome. X-Tomi Design takes its inspirations from the new 5 Series. We hope this is where BMW’s future design would be going as well. We’re also bidding for a 6 Series GT from the M division, but that’s wishful thinking. But in case the current 5 Series look this good, we wouldn’t have to think twice.

The original version is not too horrible. As a matter of fact, it has the best storage and utility features we can find in the segment. The main problem is that the expanded hatchback rear seems to look very out of place. BMW made the hatchback appear like the back of a boxy SUV. Though it didn’t impress the US audience, at least, the new 5 Series GT was well received in China. We wonder if this would change when the 6 Series GT comes out.

In 2017, BMW will be introducing the 5 Series GT into the 6 series. It will feature the same engines and platform as those of the next generation 5 series Saloon. BMW will be releasing the 6 Series GT sometime in 2018 and is likely to have the same aesthetic standards found on the 6 Series Gran Coupe. Similarly, we’re anticipating a more functional and more handsome hatchback that would replace the current 5 Series GT.

Based on the leaked photos, the prototype model for the next generation 5 Series GT (G32) was already revised, particularly its front and rear. Currently being tested for durability, it will also adopt a unique design that’s very different from the saloon and Touring models. Since BMW is positioning the 5 Series GT into the 6 Series GT’s line-up, one thing’s for sure, we need to be ready to pay a much higher price.

Source: XTomi Design

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