Rendered Speculation: 2018 BMW M5 (F90) and 5-Series (G30) Touring

Article by Christian A., on October 19, 2016

Almost immediately after its launch, car designers have rendered their own adaptations of the new BMW 5-Series (G30). It’s just how it goes. Most folks with very creative minds couldn’t wait to explore the endless possibilities out there. As far as we can tell, the reimagined luxury sedan could possibly end up with a Touring and the M5’s DNA.

X-Tomi Design rendered a BMW M5 (F90) out of the standard version of the 5 Series model. Think over-the-top and you’ll get a picture of highly aggressive bumpers, powerful rear wing, rear diffuser and side skirts with M-signature set of wheels. We could also visualise the much-hyped BMW M5 to be painted in blue and no other colour because that’s what M Series are known for.

It’s not the first time that speculations like these have surfaced on the Internet. Before the BMW 5 Series made it to its debut in Paris, some other artists have already done the same. One of the versions of the 5 Series is Remco Meulendjik‘s Touring or wagon.

The Dutch artist’s rendering ends up with a somewhat smaller version of the 7 Series. This is mostly due to its “hatchback tailgate” design and longer roof. Then, others have also fancied the sedan’s shape to bear similarities with a “Matryoshka doll” or perhaps a Mercedes Benz E-Class.

Normally, people make wild speculations whenever something as exciting as this comes out. In that case, they couldn’t get enough of the excitement. Other speculations include a new range of engines such as an optional 3-cylinder engine apart from the eight cylinders, 6-cylinder and four-cylinder diesel and turbocharged gasoline.

We have no words yet when it comes to performance but we’re expecting the M5 to at least come with a 600 hp engine.

The Touring on the other hand will probably share the same 462 engine as with the standard M550i xDrive. Since many automobile enthusiasts have been clamouring for a BMW M5 Touring for quite some time, majority of rendering artists have ended up with the same visual inspirations. This is maybe the reason why another artist by the name of Theophilus Chin made his own rendering of the 5 Series.

Chin’s version is more subtle and refined as we can see on the shape of its bumper. The rear section’s subtler exhausts and diffuser are all part of his design strategy for the wagon. Interestingly, he combined the less aggressive BMW 5 Series Touring with some of M’s Sport trims particularly for the brakes and wheel sizes. The result? The closest thing to a BMW M5 Touring ever imagined.

Source: X-Tomi via The Ophiluschin

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