2018 BMW M5 (F90) will be revealed before its supposed Frankfurt debut

Article by Christian A., on August 9, 2017

Anonymous sources have recently spoken to BMW Blog and revealed that the 2018 BMW M5 (F90) will make its debut later this month, just before the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, specifically on the week on August 21.

If the rumours are accurate, the public will know what to expect before the car travels to Frankfurt. The Bavarian company has already shared a couple of teasers of the fifth generation M5. What we currently know is that it will be equipped with a 4.4 liter biturbo V8 under its hood, and according to the same sources, it will be giving out an impressive number of 600 horsepower (or 441 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton metres) of torque. This lets the four-door super sedan sprint from zero to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 3.5 seconds. The M5 will be riding on an xDrive all-wheel-drive system, but can be operated in a rear-drive mode if that is what the driver prefers.

We have seen a number of the M5’s spy shots. And the photos of the camouflaged sedan tell us that it will have bulkier fenders, and a much broader lower fascia. The new carbon fiber roof has a double bubble style, which will help cut down some of its overall weight, while carbon-ceramic brakes haul down the sedan. Looking at the rear end of the car, you’ll notice a pair of circular exhaust tips that come out on both ends.

So far, we have only seen photos of the new M5 from the outside, so the interior still remains a mystery to us. Who knows, maybe all the new upgrades and surprises will be found in the cabin. We can assume that the fifth generation 5 Series will be basing its design on the standard model, but this variant will probably come in heavily bolstered seats and thick-rimming steering wheel. For a sportier model, the digital instrument cluster might include a 205 miles per hour (330 kilometers per hour) speedometer.

It seems like the BMW M5 will be rivaling the all-wheel drive Mercedes-AMG E63 and the Audi RS7.

Yes, the super sedan will make its official debut very soon, but it might take time for the company to deliver production cars to their respective owners. A source from Bimmer post said that when you reserve an M5, the earliest you could get one would be in April 2018. That might sound a while, but it won’t be as long as reserving a Tesla Model 3 where the wait ranges from 12 to 18 months.

Source: BMWblog.com

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