Insider divulges 2018 BMW M5 (F90) will be offered with All-Wheel Drive

Article by Christian A., on October 26, 2016

We’ve seen quite a lot of intriguing stories in the age of Internet (where the most interesting part was revealed before the story unfolds). Some are from movies and novels where the actor or the author accidentally talks about something they have to save for later. Then it goes viral.

So many of these things are prevalent in the automotive world. Teasers, spoilers, spy shots, scoops or whatever you want to call it; they all mean the same thing. In particular, there have been many rumors that have come out about the 2018 BMW M5 (F90) sedan. With all the hype on whether or not it will come with an all-wheel drive, we think we have the answer or, should we say, scoop to tell.

Only recently, Australian-based automotive journal GoAuto had a talk with BMW’s Sven Arens. This happened during an event held in Melbourne that obviously not everyone knew about. The product expert apparently told them that the upcoming M5 would be featuring AWD. Surprisingly, the same event has the latest 5-Series (G30) on display where some other journalists were able to take pictures of. Hmmm? If only we knew.

Going back to the story, Arens has also sort of “confirmed” that the new all-wheel drive will come with a 20:80 torque split. This was his answer when asked about the AWD’s distribution of torque. Although BMW has not made any official announcements yet, we’ll just have to rely on this for now. If you could recall, the CEO of BMW M Frank van Meel once mentioned to Autocar how AWDs are likely to come with all future M vehicles as they are becoming more powerful.

This basically explains Arens’ statement when he said something about how engines have become quite powerful and that one has to do his own calculations based on a typical saloon (with 2-wheel drive system) having as much as 516 pounds of torque.

If there’s more, Arens openly talked about the M5’s engine (still with GoAuto), saying that it would be a V8 for several obvious reasons. Wow. If you want to know exactly what came out of the horses’ mouth, it goes like this; “double turbo”. Then, he went on to say, “modelled around 600 horsepower”, just like the all-new 2018 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+.

deSo there it is. Fresh, raw and out to become viral. Whether or not it would materialise, that’s for all of us to find out. The rest will inevitably happen anyway. Maybe sometime around its official launch next year. In the meantime, let’s just hope BMW’s product guy isn’t in serious trouble.

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