2018 BMW X3 (G01) M40i will arrive on US shores in October

Article by Christian A., on March 31, 2017

BMW Blog recently announced on its site that the new X3 will hopefully be unveiled this year in June, and the next-gen automobiles will be rolling out to the public shortly afterwards. The high-performing 2018 BMW X3 (G01) M40i variant will also be available at U.S. dealerships around October this year.

Cruising on the ever dynamic CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform, the third-gen of the highly popular X3 Sports Activity Vehicle, X3 codenamed "G01" is made bigger, lighter and more solid compared to the recent model. The interior and trunk space are also upgraded with increased capacity and area and 220 lbs (100 kilograms) lesser curb density compared to the current X3. A redesigned seating system is also offered to assure higher variability paired with increased comfort. Although the interior and exterior design will involve a metamorphic approach, under the hood is where the magic happens.

A wide array of diesel and gasoline choices will be made accessible but it depends on the market, not to mention the M40i and M40d options. The gas-fueled automobile will be sold in the United States around the latter part of the year, particularly around October. But so far, BMW hasn’t released pricing details. The BMW X3 M40i will be powered with a tweaked version of BMW's 3.0 liter turbocharged variant.

There have been talks that the BMW X3 M40i will be dominant in a narrow margin compared with the X4 M40i with power nearing the 400 horsepower (298) mark. The spunky SAV is capable of reaching an astounding 62 miles per hour (100 kM per hour) from a stop in an estimated 4.6-4.7 seconds, reaching an electronically- capped top speed of 155 mph (250 kph).

The engine will be paired to an 8 speed automatic gearbox, but sadly a manual option will not be readily offered. XDrive all-wheel drive is also said to be of standard setting. The BMW X3 M40i is easily recognizable through its exhaust system, which is the trapezoidal tailpipes on both left and right sides that clearly differentiate the look of the incoming BMW X3 M with 4 comparatively centrally placed tailpipes. In between both tailpipes, a recognizable diffuser provides an even sleeker look.

If you want a level of awesomeness that will surely get you off your chair, BMW is reportedly offering an even cooler option. The complete package X3 M is said to be equipped with a sports suspension, aerodynamic exterior package, refitted brakes and steering system and if talks were true, a supposedly 500 hp (373 kW) engine. Now that's a whole lot of amazing goodies packed inside an SUV.

This new-gen G01 X3 SAV will be highly imperative for the U.S. market since sales have been exceeding expectations, making it comparable to its very successful premium midsize SUV. BMW X3 M40i will be unveiled to the public eye in June, and the production will follow suit at the Spartanburg factory located in South Carolina, United States, and also at the Roslyn assembly plant located in South Africa.

Source: BMWBlog.com

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