2018 Dascia Duster Fiskal has been modified into a van

Article by Christian A., on May 25, 2018

Not so long ago in the United Kingdom, we witnessed how the Ford Fiesta has been converted into a van, and now, the Dacia Duster seems to be getting the same treatment. The Duster Fiskal has been available in Austria for quite some time now, together with the Sandero Fiskal and Logan MCV Fiskal. And the former, actually has been making the transition towards the SUV’s second generation. The said model caters to small businesses, and the utilitarian vehicle will finally let go of the rear bench to allow for more cargo capacity.

The new flat load compartment features a rubber mat that measures 1.64 meters (64.5 inches) long and contains four lashing points to make sure your cargo is secure. Inside, there is also a good quality steel divider wall that separates the passenger area from the cargo compartment, while the rear side windows have been covered instead to avoid those prying eyes looking inside the van. It may seem like Dacia just added a plastic white panel over the Duster Fiskal’s body but that’s not all they have done. Instead, it had been replaced with metal covered by a nice piece of fabric on the inside.

Even though it had not been mentioned in the press release, its load volume is pretty much identical to that of the regular Duster with the rear seats folded. When the seats are down, the front wheel drive model can accommodate 1,636 liters of space, and the 4x4 version can fit up to 1,604 liters.

Since the 4x4 is already in the picture, the Duster Fiskal’s biggest advantage when being compared to the aforementioned Sandero and Logan MCV Fiskal models is the availability of an optional 4x4 layout, since the other two models are exclusively offered with a front wheel drive arrangement. The SUV turned van by Dacia Austria is being sold with all the equipment and engines available for the regular Duster, with an asking price of 1,730 euros (approximately $2,045) for the conversion excluding VAT and transport costs.

The 2018 Dacia Duster isn’t an entirely new model, but instead builds upon the huge success of its predecessor and brings several improvements across the board while remaining impressively affordable. Renault’s Romanian budget division has already released images of the no frills SUV, together with some additional details about its upgrades.

Despite the Dacia Duster’s affordable price for the facelifted version, the interior has been redesigned and now looks more fancy, though it remains with the same infotainment system from before. You will have to wait until the next generation to get the touchscreen infotainment system.

The Dacia Duster is already available in Europe and its Renault counterpart had already been unveiled for the South American market.

Source: Dacia

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