Ford C-Max Energi discontinued, C-Max Hybrid to continue assembly until mid-2018

Article by Christian A., on November 13, 2017

Green Car Reports recently reported that Ford North America has just stopped producing its C-Max Energi. While speaking with Dan Jones, Ford North America’s Communications Mgr., it has been confirmed that the electric version of the C-Max has bowed out of the assembly lines while its hybrid version is expected to come next in the following year.

The recent decision could be due to the C-Max series’ unfulfilled sales expectations. Ford has only delivered a total of 40,690 C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids from October 2012 up to the end of October this year. For a while now, it has also been wildly anticipated that Ford will soon be replacing it with some new models. Given that the company has just started testing its new Ford Escape Energi plugins as well as the expected arrival of the new Ford Focus Energi, the C-Max Energi’s production course has inevitably ended.

For one, The C-Max Energi has never been as popular in the US market. Despite selling a total of 2,374 units in 2012 followed by 7,154 in 2013 and 8,433 in 2014, the sales volume never really took off as much as the Tesla Model S or Nissan LEAF or Toyota Prius or even Chevy’s Volt and Bolt EVs. Even so, Ford has sold as many as 7,591 C-Max plugins in 2015, 7,957 in 2016 and 7,181 in 2017 and has stayed consistently among the top ten hybrid models in the country. Ford only has one remaining plug-in hybrid model under its portfolio and that is the Ford Fusion Energi with the same powertrain.

The Ford C-Max was first introduced in the market as a 2013 model bearing the tall 5-door compact hatchback design similar to Prius or Toyota’s popular hybrid range. However, some issues have been raised later on with regards to its claimed EPA ratings that do not match with what its customers have actually been experiencing. Due to this, Ford was impelled to reduce the C-Max Hybrid’s EPA ratings which occurred a couple of times while the electric range and energy efficiency of its C-Max Energi plugin has also been adjusted in the process.

Either way, sales for both C-Max hybrid and C-Max Energi plugin hybrid models have not been so impressive in the last ten months. The non-plugin version has sold just a total of 8,331 while the plugin only has a total of 7,181 examples sold as said earlier. The Prius line has already sold more than 90,000 in the first ten months of 2017 if we have Toyota to compare it with for the same period.

Ford is now rearranging its vehicle lineup for the US and will be shifting more of its attention on SUVs and pickup trucks instead of small vehicles. At any rate, it is good to note that the company is moving this way without having to put aside electro mobility solutions from its priority list.

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